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UPDATE: White House drug czar snubs Florida’s bath salt attack

by Dara Kam | February 1st, 2011

UPDATE: After we posted our blog, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy issued a revised press release including Florida in the states addressing the dangerous bath salts. The drug czar’s staff said the oversight wasn’t intentional – they were simply unaware of Bondi’s efforts.

White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske issued a bath salt alarm, warning about a dangerous drug combo that’s got poison control centers working overtime.

Kerlikowske issued a statement about the synthetic stimulants, including MDPV, marketed as “bath salts” under names such as “Ivory Wave” or “Purple Wave.”

The drug czar gave a shout-out to states, including Hawaii, Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky and North Dakota considering legislation to ban the drugs. In his statement, he also pointed out that “several counties, cities, and local municipalities have also taken action to ban these products.”

Maybe he didn’t know, or just forgot to mention, that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi last week issued an emergency order banning the sale or possession of the drugs. Bondi said she acted quickly after learning about the “bath salts” to prevent a rash of overdoses or other dangerous behavior during the Panhandle’s upcoming Spring Break.

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16 Responses to “UPDATE: White House drug czar snubs Florida’s bath salt attack”

  1. GeorgeL Says:

    He didn’t “snub” Bondi—-all of the states he mentioned were leaders in taking action….she came in at the 11th hour acting like she was leading on this issue—when she was really following.

  2. Look Around Says:

    Agreed. Another republican jumping in on a moving effort once it received a positive reception and claiming to be a leader.

  3. Realist Says:

    Or she has been on the job for a month. I bet you guys did’nt get to use the fry machine at your job until after a month.

  4. Big Daddy Says:

    I find one major issue with banning all these drugs and chemicals. By trying too guide morality through legislation, it forces the people that are prone to or are addicted to, to look for another source to feed their addictions. When does the downward spiral stop?

  5. Kim Says:

    @George L.. The others are “considering” taking action… Bondi TOOK action..
    @Big Daddy.. so we should just legalize all drugs then.. crack, heroine, meth… what the heck we don’t want a police state.. until one of them kills your loved one driving a car to get their fix.. oh lets lift the drinking age while were at it too???????

  6. GeorgeL Says:

    Realist—so you are admitting she wasn’t prepared for the job when she took it.

  7. Neale Says:

    George L. It is easy to be a Monday morning QB! You have made it abundantly clear that you are not a member of the Bar so why don’t you keep your uninformed comments to yourself.

  8. mdpv Says:

    Not only is MDPV in these bathsalts, but research chemicals such as mephedrone, methylone, flephedrone, and naphryone. All of these chemicals are extremely harmful when taken at even light doses. What the government should do is focus on the people supplying these bathsalts to the united states, not the convenience and head shop owners who are simply following the trends to stay in business in these harsh economical times.

  9. Kim Says:

    @mdpv Honestly, ins’t that like saying don’t arrest the little drug dealers selling the stuff bec everyone needs to make a living. Yes they need to follow the supply and cut it off there too, but they can’t just allow it to be sold bec it is the trend and we are in tough times.

  10. Omnis Says:

    You might find this interesting. Combined spending by the U.S. government and the State governments on the war on drugs in 2010 was about 40 billion dollars. The first piece of legislation that can be identified as the start of the war on drugs was the Harrison tax act of 1914. Over 1.6 million people were arrested for violating drug laws in 2009. Someone in this “land of the free” is arrested for cannabis every 30 seconds. This war on drugs has been going on almost 100 years. Are we more secure with drug cartels and street gangs controlling the recreational drug industry?

    Thomas Jefferson once said (paraphrasing) that ‘a government given power will, in small steps, over time, transition into tyranny’. When the government controls us, controls what we do as individuals, for our own good and under the presumption of providing protection from ourselves, are we not living in tyranny? I do not advocate anarchy but I do support freedom. I believe that I should have the right to do whatever I want to as long as it does not harm others or infringe on their rights. I believe I was born with these rights, god gave me free will, my government takes it away and that is so very far from the principles this country was founded on.

    Aluminum cookware has been linked to alzheimer’s disease…wanna ban your pots and pans too?

  11. afrojack Says:

    TONS of states are starting to propose bans. I think it is good, this stuff needs to be researched first before it is sold over the counter.

    Give the FDA 12 months with it to see REALLY how bad it is, then decide.

  12. Omnis Says:

    The pharmacology is known..
    It has not been FDA approved as a medicine. It’s not sold as medicine or as a drug. It’s misuse of the product that seems to be a “problem”. It’s a personal responsibility issue in my opinion. Do we not bear responsibility for our own actions? I doubt very much when used for the purpose it was intended, mixing with bath water, it poses any risk at all. Maybe, it’s not effective as a bath salt but many products sold as insect repellent don’t work either. Maybe some people do misuse a product, I know I’m guilty of removing screws with a butter knife.

  13. Omnis Says:

    Do we really need the government to protect us from ourselves?

  14. Kim Says:

    @Omnis.. it is not a bath salt, that is a slang term for it.. it was never intended to be put in a bath tub. It is a drug, just like crack cocaine, so should we legalize all drugs?

  15. Omnis Says:

    Check out what L.E.A.P.(law enforcement against prohibition) says about it. Google it. You’ll find, among other things, they believe that whatever substance is made illegal is the substance that will be sold on the street corner. The war on drugs is a failure. Putting people in prison for a victim less crime is wrong. Stupid people do stupid stuff. I just don’t want to pay for it anymore.

  16. what tha Says:

    Has anyone read what Bondi said about these drugs, she likened all of tyhem to halucinogens. MDPV is closest in lamens terms to crystal meth, it seems it only causes halucinations from paranoia, and lack of sleep. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve always looked at psychedelics as a lil softer drugs than meth. Putting this false information out only makes this dangerous drug more appealing to different crowds. It seems that many of you have also grouped all of these differant drugs contained in these bath salt mixtures as the same group. I will tell you that the different drugs contained in these mixtures are totally different from one another. While MDPV and mephadrone seem to be the dangerous, methylone, and fhlephadrone actualy have a pretty good safety profile, considering they were both used very heavily in europe over the past 4 years and no deaths and few medical visits have been reported from there use. Even mephedrone, which is supposedly very dangerous has been reported to have decreased hospital visits in europe, apparently the stuff was so available people all but stopped using cocaine there and cocaine related emergencies dropped so much the total emergencies reported from both mephedrone and cocaine was less than it probably would have been with cocaine on its on if there wasn’;t mephedrone there. Another thing to consider is that in europe mephedrone has been banned for about a year now and yet statistics say that since the ban mephadrone use there has not signifigantly declined, and use of many new and even more dangerous chemicals has shot up. Every day in our clubs and on our streets young people are sold ecstacy pills that have more dangerous easier to obtain chemicals in them, things they wouldn’t be doing if the laws on mdma weren’t so severe. Did you know most ecstacy deaths are actualy caused by adulterants in the pills. This methylone seems to be a preety safe alternative to ectasy, seems if it were not outlawed and was just kinda looked over it might replace these dangerous street pills and actualy save lives. If these substances are banned more WILL spring up to take there place the demand is there someone will fill it. What takes its place will probably be more dangerous. People want to do drugs some for fun once in a while some as part of there self destructive behavior, prohibition will not work. Educate the people and let them decide for themselves.

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