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West dismisses 2012 presidential talk; tells CAIR exec not to ‘blow sunshine’

by George Bennett | February 21st, 2011

West addresses crowd of about 250 in Pompano Beach tonight. People in the center aisle are lined up to ask questions.

POMPANO BEACH — In his seventh week as a member of Congress, U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, dismissed suggestions he run for president in 2012 at a town hall meeting tonight that drew about 250 people.

West, who has often had harsh words for Islam, also got into a heated exchange with Council on American-Islamic Relations South Florida Executive Director Nezar Hamze. Hamze held a copy of the Koran and asked West to “show me one verse in this Koran where it says to attack America, attack Americans, or attack innocent people.”

Hamze also attended West’s Jan. 31 town hall in Boynton Beach, where he said West had “consistently demonized and insulted my religion.”

West will hold a town hall meeting for Palm Beach County constituents Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in Jupiter at 5353 Parkside Drive on Florida Atlantic University’s north campus.

At tonight’s meeting, West updated the crowd on goings-on in Washington, then spent more than hour fielding questions.

Diane Sori of Cooper City urged West to run for president in 2012 and said she’s involved in an Internet campaign to get him to do so.

Said West: “We can’t have leadership by a cult of personality. I have to prove myself. I have to prove myself as an American statesman, a capable legislator. Everyone knows how I feel about this country. But there are some things that I have to learn about the inner workings and machinations of Washington, D.C. so that I can be an effective leader.”

When Hamze issued his Koran challenge, West replied, “You do have the Verse of the Sword that is in there and there is talk about killing infidels.”

West appears to have been referring to verse 9:5 of the Koran, frequently cited by critics of Islam, which says: “Fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them: seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war).”

Defenders of Islam say the verse, in context, is one of self-defense and not a license to kill infidels.

West began listing violent episodes in Islamic history and said that Maj. Nidal Hassan, the Muslim charged with killing 13 in Fort Hood, Tex., in 2009, shouted “Allahu Akbar” before the shootings and that the 9/11 terrorists shouted the same phrase, which means “God is great,” before crashing planes into the World Trade Center.

“I’ve been on the battlefield, my friend. OK? Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt,” said West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who fought in Iraq and was a private military adviser in Afghanistan.

Hamze continued: “I am ashamed to be here with all of these people, when you attack Islam, you attack –”

West cut him off.

“You attacked us. You attacked us,” West responded. “I went to Muslim countries to try to defend the freedom of Muslim people. Don’t come up here to try to criticize me. Put the microphone down and go home.”

The conservative Shark Tank blog has posted video of the West-Hamze exchange.


96 Responses to “West dismisses 2012 presidential talk; tells CAIR exec not to ‘blow sunshine’”

  1. Tom B Says:

    This man is pure awsomeness! I think I might have a man crush.

  2. Nutty Says:

    This man is a nutbag and should be locked up.

  3. constitution 101 Says:


  4. tari Says:

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!

  5. t Says:

    A CAIR terrorism-supporting Islamofascist trys to intimidate an American who knows all about fascist Islam with a grade school stunt. Pure Gold.

  6. Question ALL Says:

    Perhaps, Council on American-Islamic Relations South Florida Executive Director, Nezar Hamze will attend Ted Deutch’s town hall meeting next.

  7. Complainers Says:

    Dear Nutty– Don’t be intimidated by the Truth.

  8. Robert Goldsmith Says:

    Thank you Congressman West. Thank you.

  9. COEXISTER Says:

    West is a disgrace to this country and his Congressional office as he was to his military uniform. The military kicked him out and so will we. Must be nice for all these rich white bigots to have an African American to spread their hatred for them.

  10. Tom B Says:

    The race card has been maxed out, quit trying to use it.

  11. Scott Says:

    Thank god for Allan West. A man who has risked his life and continues to do so to try and keep us safe.

  12. Thomas Semesky Says:

    Allen West, a leader that this country needs.

  13. steve roberts Says:

    Allen West can’t answer basic questions and then whines when confronted with the truth. Too bad for Florida you elected a man child.

    Maybe he will pay his bills this time around?

  14. Dorothy Says:

    He’s a stout-hearted man as in the lyrics of that song. It’s people like Allen West who make me happy that not all men have dumbed down into little leftist noodniks who have forgotten how testosterone makes men different than women. Intelligence, courage and character in one person. Wow!!!

  15. steve roberts Says:

    So let me get this straight, since he couldn’t answer a question correctly he is a manly man? I’d hate to see how he treats constituents who disagree with him.

  16. Ellen Virginia Poynter Says:

    To Nutty: Allen West is a great blessing to Florida District 22 constituents. By your own screen name, you appear to be the nut job.

  17. Lemon Drop Says:

    Steve Roberts: Dist. 22 should appreciate that Allen West won the election. Finally, someone to stand up and be proud of his country, contrary to our current President and his wife, who feel it necessary to apologize for America. I understand that Lt. Col. Allen West’s family fell behind with their bills while he was serving our military. These debts were paid in full as soon as they could do so. Why doesn’t that fact make a headline, instead of a smear campaign? He didn’t stutter when he addressed this misguided protestor and understands what deception CAIR is giving the American people. Theirs is not a religion of peace as they would have us believe. Allen West gave great examples of this from history which are undeniable and undefendable. He is knowlegable, brave and an American hero. If you can’t see that, you’re representing the wrong side.

  18. Caroline Says:

    Understand that Islam is NOT merely a religion. It is a comprehensive socio-economic, military, legal and political system, which believers take to be ordained by Allah. To be sure, its elements include tenets we in the West would regard as religious creed… such as praying 5 times daily (prayers which include inciting death to the unbelievers) Such tenets, however, constitute only a fraction of the overarching Islamic project.

    What the West thoughtlessly call the ‘religion’ of Islam also includes an all-encompassing corpus of law: not just religious canons but civil and criminal rules and procedures. Moreover, Islam entails voluminous guidelines for social interaction, including sexual conduct, toileting and hygeine, other relations between men and women, and relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

    It prescribes guidelines for the foundation of Islamic government; for property ownership use, development, and inheritance; for the conduct of commercial transactions; and for the use of force, the striking of treaties, and the circumstances under which seemingly solemn agreements may be abrogated.

    If Islam is not a religion, or “not merely a religion, but rather a comprehensive socio-economic and political system,” then large elements of Islam must NOT BE PROTECTED by the USA’a First Amendment. There’s no First Amendment protection, after all, for the abrogation of treaties!

  19. Ask Not Says:

    West is definitely an old school patriotic American. I don’t think he will be as popular as Obama if he ran for President. The 80% of the voters with less than a High School education will not vote for him as they did for Obama. West is not going to pay for their gasoline or mortgage. The pioneer spirit that was once part of the American males has now been replaced mostly by the metro sexual wuss.

  20. Darlene Johnson Says:

    God bless you, Allen West. It is so refreshing to see someone talk tough against a CAIR member. We need a tough talking POTUS. Please consider.

  21. steve roberts Says:

    It’s cute that you believe the lies that Allen West spread. He could never prove that his bills were paid and he had new liens up until 2009. Then he talks about personal responsibility.

    A very tea party backed mantra, do as I say not as I do. It’s amazing too that all comments on this board say the same thing. Probably the same intern from FAU posting pro West all the time.

    But again, notice he didn’t actually answer the question just blustered a lot about how he knows. Just like Allen West can’t answer tough questions and just whines when he is caught.

    I wonder what would happen if we confronted West with the violence that Christianity has propagated. Or does that not count? How about the violent men of the biker gangs he hung out with that called women nothing more than sex objects? Violence is only ok if Allen West supports it.

    You voted a fraud and a psychopath, sorry to tell you.

  22. Caroline Says:

    “I wonder what would happen if we confronted West with the violence that Christianity has propagated”

    That is rot!

    Christians, if they are REAL Christians, follow the teachings of Christ. Muslims, if they are REAL Muslims, follow the Qu’ran, and the commands of Allah’s messenger, Mohammed.

    Jesus preached love and peace. Mohammed subjugated, raped, tortured, looted, burned, massacred, invaded, beheaded.. Mohammed was a murderer and also a paedophile AND necrophiliac, MOST Muslims know this, but they hide it from the unbelievers until it is too late. That is how they conquer entire civilisations.. they lie.. it is called “al taquiyya” and is allowed by Islam to further the jihad as Mohammed approved of it. A mosque is a vanguard.. a sign of victory in conquered lands, and they are conquering The West piece by piece..VIOLENT jihad is a DUTY for Muslims, not an abherration of teaching! When someone professes to be a Christian and rapes a child for example, they NOT doing as Christ would have done, but sex with children IS allowed.. but of course not always practiced.. within Islam. Google the sacred practice of “Mufa Khathat” as carried out by Mohammed, Islam’s “prophet”.. the same Mohammed who despaired becuase he never prophesised anything.. and as recorded in the hadith by the child herself and others as proof.

  23. steve roberts Says:

    I’ll ask the same question that Allen West failed to answer. Please show where the Koran or the prophet Mohammed said that. Or will you walk away like your coward congressman?

    But while we are at it..

    Matthew 5:39
    “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

    Maybe you should read this too:

    [Jesus] said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one…” The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.” “That is enough,” he replied.

    Luke 22:36,38

    This is before we talk about the crusades or modernly about hoping god kills all the gays.

  24. Jack777 Says:

    That was awesome. The man knows his history and isn’t intimidated by these propaganda-spewing Islamic radicals.

    Maybe muslims can explains how their holy prophet married a nine year old girl, and the wife of his son.

  25. Pete Says:

    So wait a minute…Mr. Nezar Hamze, an American Citizen who is also a Muslim, is responsible for September 11th apparently because….umm….he….umm…is a Muslim.

    In other words, he’s the “you” in the “You attacked us!” claim by Mr. West.

    And “us” is of course all American Non-Muslims, apparently.

    Such high, logical reasoning by this statesman, Mr. West. “Us” versus “them.” And then he accuses liberals of class warfare.

    But what should I expect from Mr. “Higher Security Clearance than the President/I got Keith Olbermann Fired.”? The man is a treasure trove of unbridled outrageousness and inbalance.

  26. Jack777 Says:

    The question was obviously asked in bad faith. And he got what he deserved. It was a stupid question and West spanked him for it. As to where the Koran says anything against Christians and Jews, here you go:

    “O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.” Qur’an 5:51

  27. Lea O'Connor Says:

    To the author of this piece, George Bennett…
    If you “quote” someone you really should make the effort to quote him accurately.

    LTC did not say “I went to Muslim countries TO TRY to defend the freedom of Muslim people.”
    What he said was “I went to muslim countries to defend the freedom of muslim people.”

    If you were at this meeting perhaps you could tell us what LTC West said after …
    “Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt and tell me…” There is simply no way to hear what he said with the cheering.

  28. Lea O'Connor Says:

    @ Nutty

    You are the one that sounds like a nutbag here.

  29. Lea O'Connor Says:

    And you lie! >> “The military kicked him out and so will we.”

    The military DID NOT kick him out…he chose to retire. Hope that “we” of yours includes an army, because LTC West is going nowhere but up!

  30. steve roberts Says:

    Here is another great quote about tolerence in the bible…

    Deuteronomy 7:3-4
    You shall not intermarry with them, giving your daughters to their sons or taking their daughters for your sons, for they would turn away your sons from following me, to serve other gods. Then the anger of the Lord would be kindled against you, and he would destroy you quickly.

    Also, you should probably check about what you actually quote:

    It’s ok, being ignorant is a proud tradition that Allen West and his followers preach.

  31. Lea O'Connor Says:

    @ steve Roberts who said:
    “Allen West can’t answer basic questions and then whines when confronted with the truth.”
    Exactly what basic questions and what truth are you talking about?

    The CAIR guy said:
    Can you show me one verse in this Koran where it says to attack America, attack Americans, or attack innocent people?
    LTC West: Well, of course it doesn’t say attack American or Americans … the book was written back you know sometime around the 8th or 9th century so America wasn’t even around, but you do have a Verse of the Sword in there and there is talk about killing infidels.

    Again, where is it that LTC West “can’t answer basic questions” and exactly where is it that he whines?
    The LTC is most definitely not a whiner.

    BTW, he did answer the question correctly. Read, listen, learn…

  32. Pete Says:


    Mr. West only “chose to retire” because the other option would be a court martial and dishonorable discharge. He violated the UCMJ–take the Army’s word for it, not mine.

    The man is very lucky he’s not sitting in Fort Leathenworth right now.

  33. David Elliott Says:

    Muslim treatment of women is dark ages.
    Also biggest legal to have slaves country is Muslim. The words are there to justify all Muslim nut jobs. Cannot erase the words of the Koran.

  34. Ask Not Says:

    LTC West’s actions during the interrogation should be commendable not condemned. UCMJ proceedings are not a civilian trial. I doubt if he would have remained in custody very long in Leavenworth. Even Calley was pardoned.

    West stuck his neck out for his men. So he pulled a psychological stunt that has been used for years. It wasn’t like he used an electric drill and a propane torch like the enemy does. As a former trooper, I would have done the same to protect my men and prevent them from being sent home in a body bag. Its easy to cry foul when you do the talk and not the walk.

  35. Jen Says:

    Hey Pete and Roberts, if you hate this country and everything it stands for, why don’t you leave and join your beloved terrorists? Go join the “religion of peace”. This country will be better off after you leave.

  36. steve roberts Says:

    When did we say what we hate what this country stands for, seems like you are seeing ghosts that aren’t there.

    My country, believes in equality, freedom of expression, thought, and religion. Allen West’s America, only conservative Christians are worth it. He routinely mocks other people for not believing what he believes in and when he is challenged huffs and puffs. The man can’t handle criticism or negative press about himself.

    Remember when he had the Democratic tracker attacked by his biker thugs? How is that American? How about saying we need to support Mubarak? How about saying his opponents need to be afraid to leave their houses? Whoops, it’s ok cause he wears a uniform.

    Also, biggest support of Slavery was the United States. I know revisionist history is cool within the Tea Party and with Allen West but it’s time to get out of your bubble.

    It’s ok, the world is scary and he is offering you easy answers.

  37. Joan Says:

    Mr West your a breath of fresh air….Finally an honest person telling it like it is!!! Mr West should think about running for President of our great nation!!!!Three cheers for Allen West—Rah-Rah-Rah!!!!!!

  38. Jen Says:

    No you never said that, but your vitriolic rants show it. All you leftists are full of hatred and you all defend the terrorists with so much passion… “9/11 was an inside job, global warming is coming!” and other mindless mantras that you all repeat over and over.

  39. steve roberts Says:

    Joan, Allen West is far from honest. He lied about his finances and obfuscates his military history. He routinely lies about history and can’t answer tough questions.

    Again Jen, no one is saying any of that here. Please stick to the facts. Seems the only one spouting out mindless thoughts is you. Please stick to the issues at hand if you could instead of attacking people because you think being liberal is bad.

  40. Jen Says:

    You are just bitter and angry because he rightfully became a congressman. You don’t have a good argument. He gave a correct and great answer. Like Joan says, we finally got an honest man, surely a breath of fresh air. Yes!!! West for president!!!

    You are still living in the 50′s, we are in 2010. Like I said all you leftists know what to say is racist, racist racist. That’s all the argument you have. Following your same logic and the warped logic your fellow leftists, you are racist because you don’t like congressman West.

  41. Dan Says:

    Roberts, You try to prove the Bible is as violent as the koran and YOU FAILED! You took these biblical quotes out of context and YOU FAILED! like that idiot from CAIR. There is no denying that Islamic countries are inherently violent. Everybody over there seems to be armed with assault rifles,grenade launchers, suicide vests and are well trained in making IEDS. They are the ones that commit honor killings, abuse their wives and daughters and treat them like property instead of human beings. They will kill anyone who slanders Islam or their prophet and they are ready and willing to die for Islam. Their Leaders have killed thousands of their own people to stay in power and now everyone of their countries are seemingly breaking into civil wars. They don’t tolerate other religions or people of other religions. By implying the Bible is as violent as the koran; you are implying that there is no difference between Christianity and Islam. You couldn’t be any more hopelessly wrong.

  42. Jen Says:

    Dan, you are correct but leftist don’t understand logical arguments. They hear reasonable arguments, but they don’t listen, they come back with things like: “biggest support of slavery was the United States…”

    That is why I don’t waste my good arguments. What I don’t understand is why they hang around in the “biggest support of slavery” country. They should go live in China or Cuba.

  43. steve roberts Says:

    When you have no arguments, you start attacking people personally. I provide you with actual evidence and you run away and hide.

    Allen West couldn’t provide a single quote. He couldn’t back up your arguments (much like you two) and threw a hissy fit (like you two) when he got called on his bull.

    When I told you what i believe America to be you flipped out and called me a terrorist because you can’t handle the fact that Allen West doesn’t represent anything that America stands for.

    You haven’t been able to back up your assertions. And you just repeat lies hoping they will be true.

  44. steve roberts Says:

    also, do we really wan’t to go into violence in America?

    Should we start with abortion killings or the KKK?

  45. Pete Says:


    Since when does bringing up the truth regarding Mr. West constitute “hating my country”?

  46. steve roberts Says:

    Also, no one has brought up race. You are again arguing the actual argument and spewing up talking points. Please state where Allen West answered the question.

  47. Pete Says:

    Ask Not–

    In finding Mr. West had engaged in criminal conduct and fining him and forcing his resignation, the Army stated that Mr. West “disobeyed laws, ignored orders . . . and mortgaged future discipline in his unit. Without discipline, there is no trust, no cohesion, and no higher purpose for which we fight.”

    Hardly “commendable” behavior in the eyes of the Army. Just the cold, hard and inconvenient facts.

  48. Dave Says:

    This guy Roberts seems to be a drive by mud slinger. He accuses West repeatedly of not answering questions, obfuscating his military records, etc!
    Put up or shut up! His military record speaks for itself. Many good men like him put his own neck on the line and paid the politically correct price to satisfy the drive by mud slinger like Roberts who are not happy till both hands are tied behind our soldiers backs when fighting a dirtbag enemy who hides behind civilians and takes advantage of our new rules of engagement which are also a result of the drive by mud slingers like Roberts living in a fantasy world. If someone denies history and refuses to learn, you are all wasting time debating someone who is not able to debate.
    Which color do you like best, the red car or the black car> Roberts answers he likes the yellow car. But there is no yellow car Steve. So which do you like better, the red car or the black car? Again Steve answers he likes the yellow car. It is pathetic a man like West puts his life on the line so people like Steve Roberts can continue to answer with smoke and mirrors.
    America the biggest supporter of slavery…HMMMMM. Repeatedly accuses West of not answering tough questions, and tells folks here not to attack others for simply being a big bad liberal.

    Hey Stevo, You are the one attacking West with generalities but so far have not come up with a specific. Again, tell us all what question WEST DID NOT ANSWER! Can you read? Did you read? Have you listened to West’s answers?

    Did you read about his military history?

    Were you aware the leftists idiots went public with his social security number? Were you aware he willingly put his career on the line to save his men? Were you aware that becuase no PAPER trail was found to substantiate what his insurgent civilian police officer revealed when interrogated by WEST that that is the reason West was placed in the position he was placed in?

    Only a nutcase like yourself would expect insurgent snipers to leave a paper trail revealing their plans laying around for us to pick up! Maybe you think everyone is as stupid as we are in revealing and telegraphing all our attack plans publically like we do. We probably do this becuase of leftist politically correct nut jobs like yourself Steve.

    As for revisionist history, it is the left that has been the primary culprit in such a deed.

    American had slavery and we got rid of it faster than virtually every other nation that engaged in it. The Spaniards and yes the MUSLIMS were also primary participants. Muslims and many African nations STILL have slavery. DO WE STEVE???? What the hell revisionist history are you spouting off about man?

    All you have is blind ignorance and generalities for arguments. You have been the least specific of everone on this forum.

  49. Dan Says:

    You keep bringing up race. Yes , America has its problems but its still a better place to live than any of those “peaceful” Islamic countries. When Allen West answered the question, the cheering and applauding of the patriotic Americans of various races drowned out his answer.

  50. steve roberts Says:

    I never brought up race. You don’t know what you are arguing anymore. I am saying he can’t back up his own statements. Please prove where he backed up his statements about Islam.

  51. Jen Says:

    Dan, at this point just ignore these two. Like I said they don’t have an argument and it is futile to waste your words on people who keep on fabricating lies and smearing people they disagree with. They think that by kissing up to the terrorists they will be spared if the they take over.

    The muslims are already taking over some small cities like Dearborne, MI where christians are forbidden to hand out christian literature. They were handcuffed and arrested. The police chief is a muslim.

    I also don’t know what these two are talking about, so I’m out and not coming back to this thread.

    Roberts made my argument that leftist are overly obsessed with race and have no argument.

  52. steve roberts Says:

    Jen, no one brought race into it. You did. You are just making stuff up at this point to fit your narrative.

  53. Dan Says:

    He really didn’t have to prove or back up anything. The fact that Islamic Terrorists flew two planes into the WTC and killed 3000 innocent people in the name of Allah …so they can have 72 virgins to play with… is all the proof he needed to back himself up

  54. steve roberts Says:

    And the were also Muslim victims on the 9/11 attacks. Are they less a victim of someone perverting religious texts?

    Again, Allen West’s assertion was that the Quran commands people to kill innocents and when he was asked to back up the question, he could not back it up.

  55. Dave Says:

    Jen is correct….IGNORE STEVE!

    Islam and the Free World are at odds over semantics and deception. The Koran does not say to kill innocent people, but the problem is that those who are non-believers are infidels and as such are not innocent. Thus they are prime target for killing. In addition, if you believe in any God other than Allah, you are also a non-believer and thus an infidel.

    Steve asks for proof to questions he is to lazy to look up for himself.

    All he has is accusations but Steve has not yet provided proof or backed up ANY of his own positions! He will not do so either!

  56. steve roberts Says:

    You all are the ones supporting Allen West’s position that Islam calls for the killing of Americans and innocents in their holy texts. Allen West did not prove it, instead he told the guy to get out. So, it is on you or Allen West to prove it.

  57. steve roberts Says:

    Oh by the way:

    Say ye: ‘We believe in God and the revelation given to us and to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) Prophets from their Lord. We make no difference between one and another of them, and we bow to God.’ ” Chapter 2, Verse 136, from the Quran.

  58. steve roberts Says:

    And one more:

    Honor each other: “O mankind! We created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that you may know and honor each other (not that you should despise one another). Indeed the most honorable of you in the sight of God is the most righteous.” Chapter 49, Verse 13

  59. kevinbgoode Says:

    Another day, another conservative boogieman.

    The sky is always falling for the Republicans.

  60. Ask Not Says:


    Sometimes events call for immediate decision (right or wrong is better than none). We can’t always wait for approval from higher up when the people in your command are facing immediate danger. I guess we should wait for a delayed response from higher up so we can prepare the condolence letters to the relatives of forth coming KIAs. Mission 1 accomplish the mission, mission 2 look out for the welfare of your troops. Its not easy being a commander of a line unit.

    I noticed someone commented about West’s association with the “Biker” gangs. Really? Who were they? Hells Angels? the Pagans? Mongols? Outlaws? Or were they your typical MC Harley riders in South Florida, the age 55+ gang of gray haired, 250+ lb retired folks on their Harley Goldwings? Its just more minor crap blown totally out of proportion to make the opposition look bad.

  61. steve roberts Says:

    It was the outlaws, he wrote articles for them and he had them attack a tracker.

    Also, he says he said lives in that attack but there was never an ambush and there was never any evidence of an ambush.

  62. Sam Says:

    Those who want to know who Muslims really are – just take a look at what just happened in egypt. The MUSLIMS just overthrew a tyrant who had oppressed them for 30 years, and they did it without any bombs or grenades that some of the wackos on this thread claimed that all of them seem to be armed with. They did it by PEACEFUL demonstrations with FAITH in their God and the teachings of their Prophet. YOUNG AND OLD, RICH and POOR, MUSLIMS and CHRISTIANS, all stood side by side for a just cause and they were victorious. I know this drives all you hatebags bonkers because this goes against all the stereotypes you want to believe about Islam and Muslims. Sorry, but the 80 million people over their just spoke loud and clear, along with all the well-wishers here in America and around the world.

  63. Pete Says:

    Ask Not–

    The problem is this is reality and not an episode of “24″. Mr. West shot a gun by the head of an unarmed man in an attempt to make the man fear for his own life. As a result, he blurted out whatever he thought Mr. West wanted to hear to make it stop.

    Here’s the problem–what he blurted out wasn’t actionable. The man gave him no real evidence of an actual attack. Mr. West, for all intents and purposes, tortured an innocent man. Mr. West didn’t save any of his men’s lives by doing what he did.

    The Army doesn’t view such behavior as becoming of a United States officer, and thus took action against Mr. West. I concur. I don’t want the thousands of decent men and women in our military being jaded and put in unnecessary dangers due to the actions of a few bad apples like Mr. West.

    Perhaps if this was 24, Mr. West would have gotten his intelligence and saved the day. But this ain’t no TV show.

  64. Ask Not Says:

    Yeah, we don’t need a guy like West in our Government. He really is unbecoming of an officer. In his Army career, Col. West has been honored many times, including a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award. He received his valor award as a Captain in Desert Shield/Storm, was the US Army ROTC Instructor of the Year in 1993, and was a Distinguished Honor Graduate III Corps Assault School. He proudly wears the Army Master parachutist badge, Air Assault badge, Navy/Marine Corps parachutist insignia, Italian parachutist wings, and German proficiency badge (Bronze award).

    Allen West received his Bachelors degree from University of Tennessee and Masters degree from Kansas State University, both in political science. He also holds a Master of Military Arts and Sciences from the US Army Command and General Staff Officer College in political theory and military operations.

    Too bad he never was a mediocre lawyer or community organizer, he could really be up there. He is new to Congress, to say he’s crazy or stupid at this time is premature. Lets see what he can do and accomplish while he is there. I will judge him on his future actions, and his accomplishments not on the basis of blown out of proportion accusations from past events.

  65. Travis Says:

    Barack Obama is the disease. Allen West is the cure.

  66. steve roberts Says:

    Ok. What has Allen west done then in the House? I thought the first thing he would do would get jobs back to Florida. He hasn’t introduced a single jobs bill.

  67. Dan Says:

    Hey Steve, What has Obama done the last two years? What did he do when he was a senator?

  68. Dan Says:

    Pete, You seem to know alot about Allen West and the shooting incident. You say the “victim” was an innocent man. How do you know were you there? From what I heard; The evidence West got from this “innocent” prevented his men from walking into an ambush and prevented the loss of many American soldiers lives. How do you know this “innocent” was unarmed? He must have been the only one in Iraq without a weapon!

  69. Soothsayer Says:

    West “chose” to retire from the military the same way Rick Scott “chose” to resign from Columbia HCA. Both men quit to avoid further penalties and possible prison sentences.

    Luckily for West the military disgrace and Scott the crook, they had a new career waiting that’s PERFECT for them -GOP politics.

  70. Soothsayer Says:

    Allen West and Oliver North should be breaking rocks at Leavenworth.

  71. Sam Says:

    Dan – I like your methodology – “From what I heard…”, very impressive and well researched. In fact this seems to be the standard GOP/Tea party approach. Of course, can’t argue with your sourcing from what you “heard”, definitely not compared to actual news coverage, including statements by West himself that there was no ambush:

  72. Pete Says:

    Ask Not–

    And Milli Vanilli was once a Grammy Award winning duo whose debut album went sextuple-platinum.

    In other words, if your career (be it military or musical) ends up in shame and disgrace, it doesn’t really matter what happened before that.

    And let’s not kid ourselves–Mr. West’s military career ended in shame and disgrace. He did not leave on his own terms.

    Mediocre lawyer or community organizer, Mr. West is not. Rather, he is a man whose military career ended in shame and under threat of court martial, and whose next job was to suckle off the government dime as a “defense contractor.”

  73. Pete Says:


    Facts say otherwise. A good read:

    * Mr. West admitted the ambush threat didn’t sound serious when he first heard it.

    * Mr. West allowed Mr. Hamoodi to be beaten.

    * Mr. West expressly told Mr. Hamoodi he was going to kill him before he fired his weapon.

    * Mr. Hamoodi’s home was subsequently searched, and no weapons or ambush plans were found.

    * Mr. Hamoodi was subsequently released without ever having been charged.

    And–as has been widely reported–even Mr. West himself admits he wasn’t sure if any actionable intellgence was ever gained from the incident.

    So of course there was no ambush after the incident with Mr. Hamoodi. There was no ambush because in all likelihood there was never any ambush planned–it was all a figment of Mr. West’s paranoid imagination. That there was no ambush against Mr. West or his men had absolutely nothing to do with anything Mr. West did.

  74. Idiocy Illustrated Says:

    Allen West reveals here the total ignorance and idiocy with which he views the world and the situation and then pedals this on to other people willing to get snookered into believed this idiotic fantasy.

    Note how West says “You attacked us.” Actually Islam as a faith and Muslims are not a monolith. Among them there is alot of diversity and sectarian differences. We’re talking about over 1 billion people here. However, Al-Qaida did attack the US and claimed responsibility for it, in the name of Osama’s take on Islam. But West seems content to give Osama the final authority on what Islam is. Also West fails to comprehend, or ignores, the fact that the U.S. helped develop Osama and Al-Qaida into what it is now in a sick game of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Also, the U.S. aided Saddam Hussein when it served Reagan’s interests. This is why West had to go to Iraq and Afghanistan, not to defend anyone’s freedom, but to continue an agenda that benefits the few pulling the strings behind an imperialist agenda cloaked in “freedom”.

  75. Ask Not Says:

    Considering it was the New York Times article, it was pretty good. So West never actually had a court martial, it was like an article 15 for an officer? The victim could understand why West did what he did, and West’s men supported him. Hmmmm, he’s not such a bad guy after all. It appears he was well liked by all (with the exception of one NCO?)including the Iraqis.

    I’ll judge him by his performance in Congress, his present job, not his past. He put in 22 years, had his ticket punched and retired with full benefits. He did the walk, and one incident does not make him a bad officer. His 22 yr. record outside of the one incident appears to be commendable. You don’t send an officer with that kind of record to Leavenworth. I’m sure that was in the minds of those who did the walk and sat in judgment. Non judicial punishment would have been my recommendation had I been on the review board. What goes through my mind is, what would I had done in his place? I’m sure those of us who served in a similar position would ask that same question of themselves.

  76. Dan Says:

    Sam, Is your methodology to label something you don’t like a GOP/Tea party approach? I read it in a newspaper printed by the liberal biased media. I also read in the same newspapers how the muslims treated the Americans they captured. I don’t hear any of you Libs complaining about that. That poor innocent Iraqi is still alive and well after his “torturous” treatment not so for the Americans that were captured. I will always give an American Soldier on the battlefield the
    benefit of doubt before any supposed enemy. I don’t condemn my country or its military when I enjoy the benefits of living here.

  77. Dan Says:

    Pete, I saw the article you called “a good read”. Nothing in the NY Times is a good read as far as I’m concerned. That paper isn’t good enough for my dog to piss on. That paper has destroyed the once fine reputation it had with its unreliable liberal biased leanings. You don’t have to take my word for it, just look at how its sales are shrinking.

  78. Pete Says:


    Are you saying that the Times made up the fact that no evidence of any ambush was found? You do know the article was based on official Army reports. You might not like the New York Times, fine; but the truth is the truth. Any attempt to hide from the truth simply by attacking the forum it is reported only serves as a matter of deflection on your part.

    As for your previous comment about soldiers being captured and tortured by Al Qaeda terrorists–so what you are saying is that so long as the behavior of an individual in our military (representative of a soveriegn nation with laws) is not AS BAD as the behavior of terrorists (who represent no country and no laws), it is somehow excusable? Americans shouldn’t be forced to settle for “not being as bad as the terrorists”. We should be the total antithesis of what the terrorists do. They torture horribly; we shouldn’t torture in any way, shape or form.

    And dare I ask how’d you feel if you are pulled out, beaten, then have your head shoved into a bucket and told that you are going to be killed, then have a gun fired right next to your ear, then held 45 days without being charged with any crime. How’d you feel? Answer honestly now.

  79. Dan Says:

    I always answer honestly, sometimes I get a little annoyed at the way liberals spew off their worn out talking points without responding honestly to all my comments.
    The Times may have gotten their information from reliable sources but they definitely put a liberal spin to it. Most of the article was testimony from the “innocent” Hamoody who apparently never told a lie in his life. I’m not saying the whole testimony was all lies but I wouldn’t doubt for a second that he took liberties by excessively embellishing it. After all the doctor could only find a few bruises after examining Hamoody. He still had his head attached, he wasn’t forced to convert to christianity and his body wasn’t hung from a bridge burned to a crisp. The only problem is that he shivers when a Hummer rides by …give me a break! If what West did was so bad he would have been court martialed and locked up like Lt.Calley
    but he wasn’t. If Hamoody was treated the same way the American POWS were treated he wouldn’t be alive to testify. Why don’t you and your NY Times ever bitch about the way the Islamists treat the American POWS or the mass graves of innocent Iraqis that Saddam buried?

  80. Pete Says:


    The answer is simple.

    Because America is expected to be held to a higher standard than a terrorist organization or a dictatorial regime. Comes with the territory of being America.

  81. Dan Says:

    The point I’m trying to make is that the “innocent” Hamoody was treated better …much better than any American POW was treated. Hamoody is alive and well and all you libs are still complaining. I expect American soldiers to treat their prisoners humanely but they are still prisoners. You libs, on the other hand think that they should be incarcerated in the Waldorf- Astoria, with three squares a day served on sterling silver platters!
    What I don’t understand is how you libs are so quick to condemn one of your own. The mere fact that Hamoody is alive and well with only a few bruises is proof enough that he was treated better than American POWS. Its too bad they had to wake him in the middle of the night but you know how it is,
    war is hell, and things just couldn’t wait till morning after he had his breakfast with the family. He should be much better off now that we liberated Iraq from Saddam and they have somewhat of a democracy. Thankfully the surge worked but that arrogant A–hole in the Whitehouse is too stubborn to admit it.

  82. Pete Says:


    Strawman much?

    So what you are saying is that because Mr. West didn’t kill Mr. Hamoodi and because Mr. Hamoodi’s injuries healed, it is excusable behavior on Mr. West’s part? Really? Seizing someone, beating them, telling them they are going to die, and then shooting a gun right next to their head?

    Like I said before, don’t take my word for it, take the U.S Army’s. They knew they had a problem with Mr. West, hence why he was charged with UCMJ violations, fined and showed the door early.

  83. Dan Says:

    That Army report was mostly Hamoody testimony. Why should I believe him? Is he like George Washington and never told a lie? Why the hell are you so ready to condemn West? Do you have a personal vendetta with him or what? If the Army had so much on West then why didn’t they just court martial him? What are you trying to do Pete? Blow sunshine up my butt?

  84. Sam Says:

    Dan you’re as crude as Mr. West. And the Army knows this, that’s why they gave West the boot. Next thing we’ll hear from you is the army is overrun by liberal radicals :) . I stand with our US Army and support it’s decision to remove Mr. West for dishonorable behavior unbecoming of a US officer.

  85. Pete Says:

    Even discounting what Mr. Hamoodi said, the facts remain the same: no evidence of any ambush was ever found. And Mr. West’s actions of firing a gun next to an unarmed man’s head is undisputed.

    The Army did have sufficient evidence against Mr. West, and they were prepared to court martial him. Criminal charges were already filed against him. What Mr. West took amounted to the military counterpart of a plea bargain–resign and be fined, and avoid a court martial by doing so. One could just as well ask the question that if Mr. West felt so justified in what he did, then why did he cop-out–why didn’t he try to defend himself at a court martial? But I guess that’s all pure speculation at this point.

    As to the question as to what I have against Mr. West, my main problem with him isn’t his political philosophy. I have no problem with him being a far right-conservative; that’s within his right to believe what he believes in politics. (In terms of how far being a far right conservative in a swing district will get him, that’s a different question, but I digress) Rather, my issue with him is how he conducts himself and his apparent ignorance of the fact he’s been elected to represent everyone in his district, not just far right conservatives. When his first course of action as an elected official is to attempt to hire Joyce Kauffman as a chief of staff, there’s a disconnect. When he calls liberals “vile” and “disgusting” when he should know that he represents not just conservatives but liberals too, there’s a problem. When he attacks Representative Ellison for no real reason, there’s a problem. And when he makes small-minded, broadbrushed statements such as “You (read:Muslims who might also be Americans) attacked us (read:all Americans except American Muslims)”, there’s a problem.”

    Mr. West needs to learn he’s a representative of a people, and that the people he represents are citizens who run the spectrum from left to right. They are his constituents only by virtue of where they happen to live. They are not listeners on a talk radio show who can turn him on or off at their own choosing. If he bothers to realize this, then perhaps he may succeed in politics. If he continues to play ignorant, he may continue to be beloved by the far right, but that won’t get him far from the majority of people who are not in the far right.

  86. Ask Not Says:

    Its amazing how much can be found on the internet.

    “LTC West was my Battalion Commander in Iraq in 2003. Never in my military career have I ever served under a greater leader. His actions in Iraq may very well have saved my life and and the lives of some of my buddies. I will never be able to thank him enough for the leadership and compassion he showed for us. He really cared about us, and his actions proved it. He was willing to lay everything on the line to ensure that we came home safe, and not a day goes by that I don’t remember what he did for me and my buddies. He promised our families he would do everything he could to bring us home…and he did.

    LTC West said if it meant saving the lives of his soldiers, he’d “go to hell with a gasoline can in his hand”….

    He was a man of his word and he truly cared about those of us, even lowly privates like me (at the time), who were under him.

    When LTC West was in command, attacks on us while on patrol remained relatively low. Shortly after his departure from our unit, attacks significantly increased eventually culminating in the loss of two close friends January 17, 2004.

    I still live in Texas, but would follow this man to h*ll and back. ANYONE who ever served under him would tell you the same thing. He is a true American hero and the epitome of a true leader.

    Our country needs more men like Allen West.

    LTC Wests actions on August 20th, 2003 may have directly saved my life and lives of some of my buddies that served under him. The information was in regards to a possible ambush that was being planned on us in the very area that my unit and I personally operated in everyday. Nothing irritates me more than people who criticize from their couch the incredibly intense life and death decisions commanders are faced with in combat.

    How would you feel if it’s YOUR SON, or YOUR FATHER, or YOU who may die if information is not obtained.

    I’m not saying a decision to do that is easy.

    I AM saying I may be here today because LTC Allen West had the courage to do what he felt was right at the time.

    SGT Ryan Smith
    US ARMY 2002-2007
    B BTRY, 2/20FA, 4th ID
    Taji, Iraq 2003-04
    Q-West/Baghdad, Iraq 2005-06″

    What gets me is that this one incident makes him a major villain and yet in my time, we had an officer who literally gave aid and comfort to the enemy in Viet Nam and yet they ran him for President? He didn’t seem too concerned that it was our guys who were being tortured as POWs. The major problem with West is he is Black, a Conservative Republican and he is getting a lot of press coverage. Its not really about his behavior in the Army, its that he just doesn’t fit the profile of the average black Democrat Representative to Congress. I’ll judge him on his actual performance in Congress, not his one mishap in the Army. Get use to West, I think he’ll be around for a long while.

  87. Big Johnson Says:

    Mr. West fired a pistol next to a man’s head to get information. I pushed a knife into a man’s leg to get information. Happens all the time, deal with it civillians! The difference is I was a sergeant and Mr. West was a LTC. I could get away with it in my situation, he could not. War is a terrible thing. It is brutal and horrific. You do what is necessary to complete the mission and bring everyone home alive. Get over it!! If the United States Army is satisfied with Mr. West retiring as a result of his actions, then so am I. Let’s see how he does at his current job and stop sitting in your ivory towers and pontificating.

  88. Max Weinbeg Says:

    What a way to end a very interesting and opinionated thread. I look forward to the continuation.

  89. Dan Says:

    Just as I thought, you had other issues with Mr. West.
    Its amazing, when a Republican gets elected He has to represent ALL the people. HA! Somebody should have told that to Pelosi,Reed and Obama two years ago. Mr. West is entitled to say whatever he wants, he fought for that right. Would you believe him if he had said something nice about liberals? You would’ve known he was lying and held that against him. You should appreciate that he spoke honestly about his thoughts. He was elected because he is a conservative and opposes the socialist agenda of the Democrats.
    My thanks and gratitude to SGT Ryan Smith and Big Johnson for their military service in defense of our country. They know what kind of man Allen West is and what war is like. If they don’t have a problem with West’s conduct in the Army… than why the hell should we?

  90. Big Johnson Says:

    Dan – When anyone is elected it is their responsibility to represent ALL the people in their district, not just their party. This has been lost on many elected officials from County Commissioners to members of Congress. Of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE, not special intrests or corporations.

  91. Pete Says:

    Ask Not–

    You do raise a fair point, requesting that Mr. West be judged as a politician for things he did after being elected, not things he did prior to being elected. And that’s quite understandable. The problem is that subsequent to being elected, Allen West has done very little to indicate he is representative to anyone except the far right.

    Case in point–his very first order of business after being elected was hiring a chief of staff, someone who would help guide legislation. Who did he pick? Joyce Kauffman, a local talk radio show host notoriously known for suggesting “If ballots don’t work, bullets will” (and I’ve seen the entire video, and no, Ms. Kaufmann, you weren’t taken out of context), as well as suggesting certain illegal immigrants should be hanged. After the public uproar over Kaufmann’s hire, Mr. West then said he learned nothing from the incident.

    Mr. West then went on to attack Representive Keith Ellison, a Muslim, stating that Representative Ellison represented the “antithesis upon which this country was founded.” This entirely gratitious verbal attack by Mr. West was made without any provocation or reason whatsoever from Representative Ellison, who chose to take the high road rather than to play dirty with Mr. West.

    Mr. West then chose to attack President Obama for traveling to Afghanistan during the night and not going into active combat operation zones, seemingly oblivious to the logistical and security nightmare this would create.

    He then suggested that media outlets reporting on the Wikileaks story should be “censored”, and then sheepishly backed down and claimed what he actually said was “censured”. (Again, I saw the tapes–he said “cenSORed”.)

    And now, during a townhall meeting, he decides to tell a man who happens to be not only a Muslim but also an American that “You attacked us.” Which is classic guilt by association, whether you are conservative or liberal (and yes, liberals play the same trick too.)

    Really, the only thing that Mr. West has done notable so far has been to headline CPAC, which is partisan and philosophical. And all we got out of that was a truly ridiculous claim that supposedly he was responsible for Keith Olbermann’s firing (which goes down with the security clearance claim in terms of ridiculous untruths from Mr. West.)

    Who knows, maybe in the next year or two, Mr. West will prove me wrong. Maybe he’ll make the shift from far right ideologue (fine for a talk radio show host, not so much for elected officials) to a true statesman capable of conducting himself in a professional and responsible manner. But from what I’ve seen over the past few months, I seriously doubt that.

    And one more comment on Mr. West’s service and the manner in which it ended. What Mr. West did to Mr. Hamoodi (although our dear friend Dan will point out it pales in comparision to what terrorists–who unlike our servicemen represent no state–have done to others) was truly horrific. But beyond the simple human rights issue, you have to understand that Mr. West imagined a specific threat that didn’t actually exist. And by his actions towards Mr. Hamoodi, Mr. West only re-enforced the notion that many Iraqis (righfully or wrongly) had that the Americans were not liberators but oppressors, thus only creating more danger towards American troops. So having someone in a command position who is unable to discern between real and imagined threats (as Mr. West apparently was) created a legitimate safety issue for the men under him. Now, perhaps General Custer’s men under his command had great respect and admiration for him, but that respect and admiration wouldn’t protect them from his lack of judgment and personality flaws in the end. It’s the job of the Army to recognize these problems before things become irreperable.

  92. Pete Says:


    Yes, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, an individual elected to public office is expected to represent his or her entire constituency, and not just his or her base.

    Does that mean he or she has abandon his or her principals? Of course not. If honest with themselves, conservatives will continue to be conservative and liberals will continue to be liberal.

    But it does mean by virtue of their representative position, they are expected to act respectfully towards those of opposing viewpoints, since not all in the district shares the same political philosophy, but all benefit from good representation.

    By calling liberals “vile” and “disgusting”, West fails miserably on all counts in being a true statesman.

  93. Dan Says:

    Yes , I agree ,when elected to a public office the individual is supposed to represent ALL the people. I have no problem with that. I am not from Florida so I am not familiar with any of his appointees. I never even heard of Allen West before until his court martial hearing made headline news. It was reported initially that he did what he did to to protect the lives of the soldiers under his command. The next thing I heard was that he was allowed to retire from the Army. I didn’t follow his case and did not know about hie testimony or that of Hamoody’s – which I still take with a grain of salt.
    As far as his opinions of liberals are concerned, he could have been a bit more tactful. Lets face it, for two years or so republicans have been called just about every name in the book by democrats elected to serve All the people along with the liberal media. We have been called Teabaggers,Racists,Nazis etc. We were put on terrorist watch lists by the Justice Dept. if we had certain bumper stickers on our vehicles. We had no voice in congress for two years even though those elected were supposed to represent ALL the people. We saw a terrible healthcare bill passed through congress against the will of the majority of the people by representatives of ALL the people, who allowed themselves to be bribed ,bought off,maybe even blackmailed by other reps.and perhaps the president himself.
    Yes, the republicans may be a frustrated bunch and sometimes one may say something he shouldn’t have. Liberals one the other hand never criticize one of their own for saying offensive or outlandish remarks. They all tend to be silent as though they agree with what was said. How many of you spoke out against the NY Times ad about Gen. Petraus, depicting his photo with the words GEN BETRAY US? Even the anointed one, was silent.

  94. Pete Says:

    “Being a little more tactful” is putting it mildy. But Mr. West himself has said he has no intention of toning down his rhetoric.

    I think you exaggerate numerous of your claims–the only people put on terrorist watch lists were super-extreme militia types along the lines of Timothy McVeigh, who was indeed an anti-government terrorist responsible for killing dozens of people. I’ve looked and found no factual corroboration as to the Justice Department putting conservatives on terrorist watch lists for bumper stickers. But while we are on the subject of profiling people by their bumper stickers, maybe you should take that issue up with Mr. West himself, who once infamously proclaimed that people who have the seemingly innocous “Co-Exist” bumper stickers on their cars “want to give away our country.”

    But I’ll agree to you to a point that the heated rhetoric isn’t necessarily one sided. Some liberals did make Hitler comparisons to George W. Bush when he was president, something that I bristled at. And yes, there have been some who might be overeager to brand all tea-partiers as racists based on the signs and quotes of a few.

    But staying on that last thought for a moment, and bringing this back to the original topic of this article. I don’t know if you are an actual tea party member, or simply tea party sympathetic, but I think we’ve all seen some of the signs at tea party rallies. Obama is a “Lyin’ African”; Obama as an African Witchdoctor; “Obama’s Plan: White Slavery”, Send Obama “Back to Kenya”, and sadly quite a few more (and even uglier) examples. And it might be easy and tempting to say that “You (Tea Partiers) are racists”, just as it might be easy for, say, a standing Congressman to say, “You (Muslims) attacked us.” And in either instance, it’s an attempt to install collective guilt due to the actions of a fringe element within, and in either case it’s wrong. There may be racists within the tea party, but not all tea partiers are racist. There may be Muslim terrorists, but not all Muslims are terrorists. It’s the cheap way to try to win an argument, but it serves no one in the end.

    In other words, it might be wise to go against the advice of Mr. West and “Co-Exist”.

  95. Dan Says:

    There was a Sean Hannity radio broadcast a year or so ago where he stated that Janet Neopolitano issued a warning or was going to issue a warning to FBI offices to beware of vehicles with right wing bumper stickers whose occupants could be considered a threat to the Government. I can’t recall exactly what kind of right wing stickers she was referring to. I remember Hannity being irate because many former servicemen likely had these stickers on their vehicles and there was no way they should be considered a threat to their country.
    I don’t consider myself a Tea Partier, but I must admit I am sympathetic to their point of view on many issues. I have never been to any of their rallies but I have supported some of their candidates in the elections. I don’t doubt that there were signs of questionable nature in some of these rallies. I heard on Fox News that left wing groups were attempting to infiltrate Tea Party rallies in an effort to discredit them by pretending to be Tea Partiers and shouting obscene and/or racist comments. I don’t know how true any of this is but in today’s political climate, anything is possible. Fox News reported recently that Tea Party members are making an effort to remove any racist signs at their rally in Wisconsin and elsewhere.
    While Mr. West may be more outspoken than your typical conservative; We must remember that as a black conservative, Mr. West must face a lot of antagonism from members of his own race on a daily basis. Being outspoken could be a defense mechanism or a reaction to the hostility he frequently faces.
    I didn’t want to make any excuses for Mr. West but I ended up doing that anyway. In any event I wish him and you the best.

  96. Jim Says:

    Speaking as retired military, I would follow Allen West into battle anytime. I would also vote for him for any office except President. We have already seen what happens when we elect someone with out enough experience and West needs more time in public office before I could give him my vote for president.

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