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Senate prez wants everyone to act like grown-ups about state planes

by Dara Kam | February 23rd, 2011

Senate President Mike Haridopolos said he’s confident Scott will comply with Senate budget chief J.D. Alexander‘s request of Gov. Rick Scott for info regarding the sale of the two state planes. Alexander, R-Lake Wales, contends Scott may have broken state law with the way the planes were sold.

Haridopolos suggested Scott may have made a mistake because he’s so new on the job.

“He’s only been working a month…I’m sure the governor will get back to me…That’s how adults handle problems,” Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, told reporters at a weekly roundtable this afternoon. “We all make mistakes…No one thinks the governor tried to pull a fast one.”

Scott spokesman Brian Hughes gave no indication Scott would give Alexander or Haridopolos anything more but insisted the governor acted within his purview.

“He promised the people of Florida he would sell the planes. The sale has returned money to the state and removed the burden facing taxpayers to operate and maintain the aircraft. Governor Scott is certain that he complied with the law,” Hughes said in an e-mail.

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6 Responses to “Senate prez wants everyone to act like grown-ups about state planes”

  1. jj Says:

    What a shock. This governor is going to ruin this state….

  2. Kevin Says:

    If he broke the law he should pay for his crime. Where’s that republican intolerance for breaking the law now? Being new on the job is no excuse because all he had to do is ask for assistance and he would have gotten it. Let me guess, he sold both planes to a buddy of his for pennies on the dollar right? I certainly think he is very possible of pulling a fast one. He does it all the time. He did it to get elected and he did it to Medicare

  3. Rob Says:

    @jj How can cutting the budget ruin the state? @Kevin he didnt break the law before, he didnt break it now….. The Dems in this country are on their way out, along with their spending nonsense, their socialist agendas, their anti-Christian rederick, abortion funding, hand outs to the lazy and most of all The Unions! Sing with me.. ..Sha na na na.. Hey ,hey, hey, Good Bye!!! Wis. voted in Republicans and now the remaining ‘MINORITY’ (Dems) say if we cant have our way, no one gets anything.. .we’ll screw the people of our state to save the Union thugs!!! Being Liberal is punishment enough!! :-)

  4. iLiveThere Says:

    So, ignorance of the law is now a defence in Florida?

  5. Joe Says:

    @Rob the word is “rhetoric” not rederick. You don’t do yourself any good by being uneducated and ranting about tea party talking points.

    Some of you seem to misunderstand the story behind the sale of the planes. In essence Scott used proceeds from the sale of one plane to pay down the debt on the other.

    While the details of the transaction are not being reported, it is most likely that both planes were sold at the same time to potentially the same buy, with one being sold at a deficit to the debt owed. That would require that funds from the other plane would be needed to satisfy the full amount of the debt on the first plane in order to effectuate a clear title sale.
    This wouldn’t be a misappropriation of funds, and the remaining balance should have gone to the treasury.
    Sounds more like a power play than he committed a crime.
    Before you fanatic Scott haters start popping off about crimes, at least try to get all the facts. I am shocked some of you are jumping on the back of a Republican when it is only political posturing. In normal circumstances most of you would be vilifying Alexander also.

  6. da_truth Says:

    Haridopolos = Rick Scott’s lap dog. Or better yet, his “mini-me”

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