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Senate prez adamant about getting and keeping Rx drug database

by Dara Kam | February 23rd, 2011

Senate President Mike Haridopolos refused to back down from his support of a statewide prescription drug database despite Gov. Rick Scott’s attack on the privately funded program.

“I think this is a good idea,” Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, told reporters at his weekly Q-and-A session this afternoon.

Haridopolos said he “couldn’t be more strong about” the need for the database to curb “doctor-shopping” and help law enforcement officials go after prescription drug abuse.

“The governor has every right to have his opinion and I respect that. My opinion is strong. We will get this funded because it’s a major problem. It is destroying people’s lives. I think we need to take a vigilant stand and lead and make sure that Florida is no longer the pill mill capital of America. This is a real problem,” Haridopolos said. “Yes. I’m passionate about it.”

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“If it takes private money or public money, we should pay for it and we should eradicate this out of Florida. It is a major problem. Yes. I’m passionate about it,” he said.

Haridopolos rejected Scott’s belief that the database, which would collect data from every Schedule II, III or IV prescription – including pain killers like oxycodone and milder drugs like Valium and Xanax – is an invasion of privacy.

“No. Everyone recognizes Florida has a problem. And we either do something about it or we don’t.
Right now, when you swipe your credit card and you purchase anything, there’s plenty of data out there. On our drivers license, there’s plenty of data out there. Your insurance company, plenty of data out there.
I think this would be an effective tool to stop the people who are shopping or using multiple doctors to acquire these narcotics for their personal use or to destroy other peoples’ lives. I think this is something we don’t want to do but is something that is absolutely required,” he said.

On Scott’s accusation that the foundation that supports the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program is wasting donors’ money:

“Of course we’ll look at those concerns. But the goal will be the same – to create a database so that people aren’t doctor-shopping and abusing these pills. It’s been successful in other states. We’re not reinventing the wheel here. This is something that’s been successful. We’re going to do our best.”

Scott has “legitimate concerns and he is an equal partner,” Haridopolos said.

“But I think we feel passionately that we need to get this done,” he said. “These people are preying on people. It is awful and we need to have more tools to aggressively go after them. Couldn’t be more strong about it.”

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5 Responses to “Senate prez adamant about getting and keeping Rx drug database”

  1. Floridian Says:

    I hate to give Hari any credit for anything, but I have to commend him for this. Kids are dieing every day from oxys and we have to stop it. The database should only be for opiates. People with legitimate pain problems should still be able to get their prescriptions.

  2. Ed Zackery Says:

    Hari don’t give a rats butt about kids. If he did he would be standing on his head to bring an honest law enforcement investigation into the rapes of 5 boys at the Green Isle Ranch run by his aid Carey Bakers friend Lake Sheriff Gary Borders. Hey kids are being raped and those rapes are being covered up by an elected Sheriff. Dieing of oxy OD would be a blessing to these victims. If you don’t know what this is just google Gary Borders Green Isle and you will have more truthful stories than you can imagine.

  3. AJ Says:

    As someone with multiple sclerosis, I am prescribed over 100 oxycodone 30′s per month. This is due to tolerance build up an mess becoming ineffective after many years.

    Last month I visited 24 pharmacies before I found one to fill my script. 24, no joke. I had to have an assistant wheel me in to each one.

    The paranoia by the media has made pharmacists unwilling to fill legitimate scripts, they won’t fill for some drs who specifically run pain clinics, and there are shortages due to overbearing regulations trying to limit how many pills any one pharmacy can stock.

    How about allowing doctors and patients decide what’s best for them? I’m sick of people preaching from their high horse. It’s not about the kids it’s about control.

    When you wake up with your legs on fire and each footstep is like walking on serrated daggers then we can have a fair discussion about safely keeping drugs out of the hands of abusers.

    In the meantime if they want to OD, let them!! Why do I have to suffer when I’m doing right!! Enough is enough.

  4. Joe Says:

    @AJ – I certainly feel for your situation. Unfortunately 7 Floridians a day are dying because of the drug that is Oxycontin.
    Usually when one becomes tolerant to a drug it is common to go to another one. Unfortunately those drugs are stronger.
    As Oxy is a relatively new drug, what were you doing for the pain before they came out? maybe something less addictive? While you probably need to treat your pain, it is also possible that you have become addicted as well.
    I have a friend who needed lifelong care. After years of ever increasing drug demands, she found a specialist who started treating her with twice a month injections and iv treatment. This helped out considerably.
    You and others might look to new doctors that might have other remedies than Oxycontin.
    It is a drug that should have never been invented.

  5. Floridian Says:

    AJ, If we get the database, I would think the pharmacies could again stock the drugs you need and should have. That’s because with the database, they could be sure that prescriptions are legal and only going to those that really need them like you. But we have to stop the plague of these pills on the streets. If it was your kid, you’d think differently. Kids don’t have the judgement to avoid these things, then they’re hooked and their life is on the line. I’m seeing it happen.

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