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Senate budget chief won’t let go of guv’s planes sale

by Dara Kam | February 23rd, 2011

Senate Budget Chairman J.D. Alexander challenged Gov. Rick Scott publicly Wednesday over the way the governor sold the state’s air fleet earlier this month.

Alexander, who supported selling the state’s two airplanes, contends that Scott violated state law in the manner in which he sold the planes without routing the money through the state treasury.

Alexander, R-Lake Wales, last week sent Scott a letter questioning the way the governor’s office sold the planes and used the cash from the deal to pay off a lease on one of the two planes.

Scott insists he had the authority to do the deals.

But on Tuesday, Alexander sent a second letter to Scott disputing that and asking Scott to name the legal authority he had to sell assets and spend the proceeds without an appropriation from the Legislature, which constitutionally has control of the government’s pocketbook.

“The executive branch or anybody else doesn’t have the unilateral authority to direct those funds somewhere else. So that’s the issue,” Alexander told fellow senators on the Senate Budget Committee Wednesday.

“I certainly have been on record for five-years-plus for selling the planes. It’s just not about that, but there is a proper way to do things. And the proper way is to deposit all the receipts into the treasury of the state so that it can be recorded and properly disbursed under budget authority.”

Alexander said the Legislature had offered to help the governor with the sale by amending the budget through its Joint Legislative Budget Commission, but the offer had been rebuffed.

“Unfortunately, they determined they didn’t need to do that,” Alexander said. ”We are very strongly asserting that that is required.”

- Aaron Deslatte of The Orlando Sentinel contributed to this blog.

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6 Responses to “Senate budget chief won’t let go of guv’s planes sale”

  1. MoPea Says:

    Pam Bondi: are you going to investigate this or play politics as usual?

  2. Charles Says:

    Let’s see, it took a little over a month and he is already figuring out ways to illegally get his way.

  3. Terry Hammonds Says:

    He was a criminal when he was elected, a leopard can not change it’s spots. Florida law has provisions for impeachment if a crime is committed. It is time to start the investigation.

  4. Oreally Says:

    So let me see if I understand. Forgetting the issue of not giving the money to the treasury.
    He sold two planes. He used the proceeds to pay off lease on one of the planes. Normally when you sell something the lien holder is paid off and you get the difference.
    Why would you use excess proceeds to pay off another?
    Was the total price of both planes less than what was owed?
    Did he sell them at a loss?
    And even if he spent the test of the money to pay down the lease the would be some money left over. Where did that go? If the pay off matched the excess proceeds then the deal was manufactured and not arms length. Who was the buyer?

  5. be responsible Says:

    So there you go. The stealing continues. The rules do not apply to Mr. Scott. This is the beginning of the end for you. It seems, the “FOX” cannot stay out of the henhouse. NOW WE HAVE SOMETHING CONCRETE TO IMPLEACH HIM ON. LET’S GO FOR IT BEFOR HE RUINS FLORIDA.

  6. jdmann Says:

    I am shocked, SHOCKED, to discover that there’s gambling in this establishment.

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