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Scott to meet with BP claims czar

by Dara Kam | February 17th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott will meet this afternoon with BP claims czar Ken Feinberg the day before the man with the $20 billion checkbook gets what is expected to be a grilling from a House committee.

Feinberg agreed to testify before the House Economic Affairs Committee at 9 a.m. Friday to field questions from disgruntled lawmakers unhappy with his handling of tens of thousands of Florida claims that have languished under his watch.

A federal judge recently ordered Feinberg, whose law firm earns $850,000 a month for administering the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, to quit saying he was independent of BP, the oil giant responsible in part for last year’s Deepwater Horizon massive oil disaster.

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is among those calling for a White House investigation of Feinberg and the claims process after claimants complained that the money is being handed out inconsistently and they are unable to get answers about who got paid how much, if at all, and why.

Anticipating a huge turnout for tomorrow’s two-hour meeting, committee chairwoman Dorothy Hukill ordered members to submit their questions for Feinberg in writing to her by Wednesday.

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3 Responses to “Scott to meet with BP claims czar”

  1. Christopher H. Says:

    Go gett’em Rick!!! Don’t let BP/Ken Feinberg get away with short-changing the people of the great state of Florida!!!

  2. bob Says:

    a defining moment for newbie, rick scott. lets see if he’s a bp buttboy, as his critics say..or if he’s going to bat for floridians.

  3. Oreally Says:

    Scott’s meeting, like the legislative meeting with Lieberg tomorrow, will be something that rhymes with ‘jircle cerk’.

    There is no impetus to resolve anything for the claimants. If they were serious they would arrest Ken Feinberg for fraud, and violations of RICO statutes. He is corrupt and his placement in this BP process is a criminal attempt to defraud eligible claimants.
    Scott should grab him by the ear and have the Sheriff take him into custody.
    Bernie Madoff went to prison for defrauding people out of billions. Ken Feinberg is no different.

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