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UPDATE: Scott may have broken law with state planes sale

by Dara Kam | February 17th, 2011

UPDATE: Gov. Rick Scott says he did not violate state laws with his sale of the state’s air fleet.

“We did it absolutely in compliance with the law. We reviewed it with our general counsel,” Scott told reporters after visiting the Florida Lottery this afternoon. “It was something that the taxpayers of this state wanted and it was one of the campaign promises that I followed up on.”

Gov. Rick Scott may have broken state law with his sale of the state’s two airplanes, according to Senate budget chief J.D. Alexander.

Scott used the sale of one state plane to pay off the lease on the second.

But in a letter to Scott sent today, Alexander says the governor needed the legislature’s approval to do that.

Using the money from the sale of the first plane to pay off the second plane “appears to be an expenditure of state funds not made in pursuance of an appropriation made by law,” Alexander wrote.

“My concern, of course, is that these actions may have violated the law and as such fail to recognize the Legislature by not respecting the Legislature’s constitutional duty to appropriate funds and your duty to spend appropriated funds in accordance with the law,” Alexander, R-Lake Wales, wrote.

The state planes are at the bottom of the heap of items the legislature and Scott are at odds over.

Yesterday, he sent Democrats and fellow GOP leaders in Tallahassee and Washington into a tizzy over his rejection of a sought-after $2.4 billion federal grant for high-speed rail.

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11 Responses to “UPDATE: Scott may have broken law with state planes sale”

  1. Haroldhrbrt Says:

    What other elected leaders fail to appreciate is that Scott bought the governor’s office, takes no salary, and thinks that he gets to make all the rules.

  2. Jamie Says:

    And by taking his own plane around the state he “FEELS” he doesn’t have to let anyone know where he’s going or what he’s doing. After all it is his PRIVATE plane.

  3. Ken Albin Says:

    Do you all think this is the first law that Scott has broken?

  4. same ol same ol Says:

    If Scott saved we Florida tax payers money by selling these personal “executive” aircraft in favor of using regular commercial airlines, more power to him!

    In this economy I suspect few financially strapped private companies would not do the same.

  5. Oreally Says:

    And so the legislature knew he was doing this all along, it wasn’t a secret, and they decide to say something about it AFTER it is done? Come on. If they had a problem with it, they should have spoken up right after he announced it. It would have been nothing for them to put a bureaucratic lien against the property to stifle the sale, if they were really interested in preserving their rights, rather than making a political issue out of it.

  6. Rick Scott is a CROOK!! Says:

    Since when did following the law matter to Rick Scott? He is a crook, always has been, always will be. He does whatever he wants in complete disregard for the law, and of the people. This guy needs to be in JAIL, not in the governor’s mansion.

  7. CW Says:

    Give him enough rope – aw, you know the rest.

  8. Eric Says:

    So far Scott’s doing EXACTLY what we elected him to do. How refreshing!

    It appears that we’ll need another election to convince the career politicians of both parties that this is their new reality.

    Hopefully Scott can keep the state from going broke until we can vote out the pro’s and elect folks who understand balance sheets.

  9. PaulW Says:

    I keep seeing the pro-Scott people using these phrases – “How refreshing”, “…we’ll need another election to convince the career politicians of both parties…” (THAT one I saw in FB. Twice.), and “more power to him!” – across the social networks and blog comments. They keep parroting talking points off a script. I’m not impressed.

    This is the second time in a week that I’ve witnessed Scott blow off the state legislature (the first was failing to consult them about his design to kill the high speed rail). I don’t think Scott’s figured out that one of the top rules of politics is that you NEED ALLIES. He’s stepping on the toes of the state reps and senators including his fellow Republicans, and they’re gonna start refusing to play ball with him regardless of how that will affect party unity. Partisanship may work for elections and it may work when the opposing party has some pull, but being partisan AGAINST people in YOUR OWN PARTY doesn’t work all that well.

    Scott may be used to doing things his way as a CEO, but politics requires more teamwork and coordination. It also requires more savvy and a better understanding of the law. And Scott is showing this state NONE of that.

  10. Big Johnson Says:

    Mr. Scott has no respect for the law, that has been proven. You want to know where he’s going? Just put his plane’s tail number into any number of flight trackers.

  11. Flightstar Says:

    He sold these aircraft with very little advertising and marketing time, and at a price that was about 50% of the noraml market price (1/2 price)!.




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