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Scott hires Tally PR consultant Cynthia O’Connell to head Lottery dept.

by Dara Kam | February 2nd, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott tapped Tallahassee public relations consultant Cindy O’Connell to head the state’s Florida Lottery department.

O’Connell previously served on the start-up team for the Florida Lottery after voters approved the department in 1986.

O’Connell is the widow of the late Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephen O’Connell, who also served as the president of the University of Florida. Cindy O’Connell spent a decade as a UF trustee.

“Cindy brings an impressive record of leadership and brand management to the Florida Lottery and will improve the agency’s important mission of maximizing revenues for the enhancement of public education in Florida,” Scott said in a statement announcing O’Connell’s appointment.

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2 Responses to “Scott hires Tally PR consultant Cynthia O’Connell to head Lottery dept.”

  1. what? Says:

    What part of being a pr consultant board trustee or the ex wife of a judge show she is well qualified to be an agency head? Our illustrious President is fine example of why youdont let someone without executive experience into an executive position.
    I am beginning to think that Scott is just appointing people who will do what he says and like many executives, micromanage the departments. Those 7am meetings sure make it look that way.
    I wonder if he was always like that or just after all the problems at HCA that he knew nothing about.

  2. Get the facts Says:

    She served on the Lottery start-up team and ran one of the key divisions of the Lottery, besides her pr management and Olympic games experience. She is well-qualified.

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