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Scott calls halt to federal health care law implementation

by Dara Kam | February 1st, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott, who’s fought against federal health care reform since its inception, said today Florida won’t begin implementation of the federal health care law ruled unconstitutional by a judge yesterday.

“We are not going to spend a lot of time and money with regard to trying to get ready to implement that until we know exactly what is going to happen,” Scott told reporters this morning. “I hope and I believe that either it will be declared unconstitutional or it will be repealed.”

U.S. District Court Judge Roger Vinson ruled yesterday that critical components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are unconstitutional. The Department of Justice indicated it would file an appeal and ask the judge to issue a stay on his order.

Attorney General Pam Bondi, who picked up the challenge after her predecessor Bill McCollum initiated the lawsuit, said she and the 25 other states who’ve joined Florida’s lawsuit are trying to decide whether to by-pass the appellate court and seek resolution directly from the Supreme Court, which both sides agree will ultimately rule on the law.

Scott said he is not concerned about whether a delay in implementing the law in Florida could create problems if the Supreme Court upholds it.

Scott said state officials “will have enough time” to implement the measure before the 2014 deadline.

“The state won’t be caught flat footed,” Scott said. “We’ll be ready.”

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10 Responses to “Scott calls halt to federal health care law implementation”

  1. Educator Says:

    Scott needs to take another look down and see that they’re not as big as he thinks they are. He is not the President, Congress and the Supreme Court. He is the narrowly elected Gov of Floriduh.

  2. JimBob Says:

    Great Comment, Educator.
    Tricky Ricky will go down as the worst Governor ever!!

  3. Max Weinberg Says:

    I agree, Mr. Scott is off to a great start to become the most corrupt governor Florida has ever had.

  4. Mr. Obvious Says:

    Kudos Gov. Scott for being fiscally responsible and holding onto our hard earned tax dollars until this mess is figured out. Big government continues to spend without a conscious, it is nice to see an elected official who understands something as simple as not spending money unless you have to.

    To Educator: It is all of our responsibilities as citizens (to include Mr. Scott) to question those above us in power. The President, Congress, and Supreme Court (which isn’t even involved yet), are all accountable to us as everyday citizens. So you are partly correct in your comment, he is not those people, however, they are accountable to HIM, YOU, and ME. :) Didn’t they teach you anything in school about how our Government runs? LOL.


  5. Look Around Says:

    Very interesting. Let’s see if Mr. Scott supports Mitt Romney in 2012. The Obama health care reform is almost a mirror image of Romney’s plan that was implemented in Massachusetts. That plan by the way has a 97 percent participation rate. Wouldn’t it be something if Obama’s health care was repealed, Romney was elected in 2012, and implemented an almost identical plan to Obama’s to the support of the republican party.

  6. Kevin Says:

    It is very interesting that the state where 80% of all insurance companies have their home office’s located has a form of socialized health care. One would have to consider the possibility that this is because so many people in that state have an inside track on how the insurance industry works. These people know that the companies they work for add no value and are just skimming funds away from actual health care delivery. They want to minimize that situation as much as possible for themselves.

  7. Carol Says:

    What I would like to know is what is going to happen to those parts of the LAW that have already been implemented. Those that cover pre-existing conditions and young adult children still in school covered under their parents policies to name a few? Does he plan on just wiping them off the face of Florida’s map; do you, maybe, think there might be some very unhappy parents out there?

  8. Common sense Says:

    Mr. Obvious: I agree with your applause to Gov. Scott for realizing that we have until Jan. 2013 to declare if we want to set up our own exchange (to HHS standards) or have HHS use their funds and manpower to do it. There are lawsuits and elections that will influence that law in the meantime. Let’s wait.
    Carol: Young adults still in school were allowed to stay on their parents’ health plans before this law in many states. The fact is most young people would be better off getting off their parents’ plan and purchasing a less expensive private, portable, personal policy. My 27-year-old son pays $58 for a full major medical.

  9. Marilyn Brown Says:

    So…does Grandma and Grandpa have to write a $250 check to the USGovernment, or does Gov Scott get the money? Lest you think the donut hole money wasn’t passed out…my mother in llaw got her $250 last month.

  10. mirta Says:

    these republicans can’t come out with the truth about health care.. when one goes to the energency room and gets treated with out ins..they lie lie lie it cost us tax payers lots more ..this is the whole base of the reform and mandate..

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