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Poll: Florida voters divided on Obama reelection, not overwhelmed by Nelson, favor health care repeal

by George Bennett | February 3rd, 2011

A new Quinnipiac University poll of Florida voters suggests President Obama, who carried the state in 2008, will have trouble winning it again in 2012. Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson’s numbers are better, but not “terrific.”

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Obama gets favorable job reviews from 47 percent and unfavorable reviews from 49 percent — statistically a dead heat in the poll of 1,160 registered voters with a 2.9 percent margin of error. A generic Republican challenger gets 42 percent to Obama’s 40 percent in a hypothetical 2012 match-up.

Nelson’s job approval/disapproval score is 45/21. In a hypothetical 2012 race, Nelson gets 41 percent support to 36 percent for an unnamed Republican. Says Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown: “Sen. Nelson is not in terrific shape but he is not in terrible shape either. His fate may rest with how President Barack Obama does in 2012 as Florida voters see the two men similarly on the issues.”

The poll shows Floridians favor repealing the health care law by a 50-to-43 percent margin and oppose continued U.S. fighting in Afghanistan by a 54-to-38 percent margin.

4 Responses to “Poll: Florida voters divided on Obama reelection, not overwhelmed by Nelson, favor health care repeal”

  1. Bill Nelson Just Ripped It With This Vote Says:

    I have known Bill Nelson for years! I know for a fact the man is not happy with Obama’s actions concerning the destruction of NASA. This vote was a chance for Bill Nelson to come out and show he’s not the the sack with Obama! Guess what! Willie, you failed! And failed big time. While I have not yet seen an honest Repub come out to run against Nelson, hopefully one will! Haripoulas and McCallister are as crooked as a dogs hind leg! If this is the best the repubs can do Nelson will win again! This mcCallister guy claims he wore a wire and took down Jim Greer. Says he is in cahoots with Gov Scott and he’s out trying to hire someone to do get some Greer records for him. What does all this mean? All I know is it means I don’t want to send him to Washington!

  2. Boot Bill in 2012 Says:

    Bill Nelson has done nothing for the State of Florida. Absolutely, nothing.

    It is disgusting how this senator flew into space, was an astronaut and did NOTHING to keep the space agency IN FLORIDA.


    26,000 GONE. Out with Nelson in 2012.

    Take back the Senate.

  3. Jacko Says:

    He seems like the least engaging politician I’ve ever seen, when it comes to substance.

    How did he get elected as a US Senator?

  4. Rudy Gonzales Says:

    Memo to the GOP: Y’all don’t have a Reagan in your top twelve, So y’all are screaming lies and calling names to sway the mindless public and gullible FOX listeners. The GOP should address the generation of jobs here in America and move on to address the real issues like re-regulation of the banking industry, funding and enforcing the gun laws currently on the books. There has been so much Palinization and Boehnerization mixed in with the McConnellization and Beckization that Brush Himoff has had to go way out side of his normal bad-mouthing to make any new waves. Americans need to wake up and smell the stink emanating from the bigoted rhetoric of the “Wrongs”. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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