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Man accused of Snyder threat preferred Massachusetts jail to Martin County ‘slum’

by George Bennett | February 18th, 2011


Manuel Pintado, charged with threatening the life of state Rep. William Snyder, R-Stuart, over Snyder’s immigration bill, is back in Massachusetts after his sister posted a $40,000 bond to free him from the Martin County Jail while he awaits trial, reports.

Pintado’s minister told the publication that the 47-year-old University of Massachusetts student didn’t care for the accommodations in Martin County.

“He said the Hampshire County jail is like the Hilton compared to the slum they had for a jail in Florida,” Rev. Mark Seifried said in the article.

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5 Responses to “Man accused of Snyder threat preferred Massachusetts jail to Martin County ‘slum’”

  1. No mo' blacks Says:

    I must agree. Martin county jail is a ghetto slum. Its like being in Riv Beach and surrounded by steel bars on all sides. It is packed with black criminals.

  2. Jerry P. Says:

    I am so glad to hear that this guy has so much experience in jails that he knows a good one from a bad one. Maybe the one he is sentenced to will be to his liking.

  3. Eekabug Says:

    Are we suppose to say, “OMG, are you kidding? We need to do something about this.” NO! Good, it’s not suppose to be nice. By the way, the last time I stayed at a Hilton, it never crossed my mind that I was being held against my wishes

  4. barb Says:

    He is a perfect example of why we need a policy to protect us from all of the illegals

  5. Dirk Says:

    Sorry the accomadations weren’t up to your standards Amigo.

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