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Hot ticket: Another Allen West SRO town hall meeting

by George Bennett | February 1st, 2011

West speaks to a packed gym at St. Mark's Catholic School in Boynton Beach.

BOYNTON BEACH — A standing-room-only crowd of 400 or more packed a gym Monday night for a town hall meeting with new U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, a few days after West drew about 400 to a town hall confab in Deerfield Beach.

It was an adoring throng for the most part, with West even getting applause when he announced where his district offices will be and eliciting a “Whoo-hoo!” from the audience when he said he’ll be on the Small Business Committee.

When it was time for Q and A, West said he wanted to hear first from people who didn’t vote for him.

He did. Read about it here.

7 Responses to “Hot ticket: Another Allen West SRO town hall meeting”

  1. rjr Says:

    Just what we need a cocky Congressman.

  2. Nuff said Says:

    I see the Post took yet another opportunity to rehash complaints about Rep West. They may take different guises but I expect it to continue until the Post supports whomever the Democrats run against him and these same comlaints are deemed to be news and published daily. To be viable the Post needs to reflect the positions of it’s readers not try to lead them to the promised land of Liberalism. The NYT, MSNBC, CBS, NBC,ABC, WaPo, etc won’t give up either, much to their financial detriment. The country has changed while the press continues to scream in an empty aiditorium.

  3. Dinah Says:

    So sad, West , Rubio and Scott. Florida has fallen into the hands of corrupt politicians.

    I have been working all my life and expect to get my “entitlements” when I retire. This is not handed to me without hard work on my part.

    Look who should talk, Rick Scott and his company embezzled billions from Medicare. I am puzzled why he would want to end the programs. How will he pay for his opulent life style in Naples?

    West looks,behaves like a thug with cheerleader Joyce Kaufman who is a hater.

  4. Dwane Says:

    When conservatives embrace extreme right wing candidates as they did in a lower turnout midterm election, expect an extreme reaction from more of the voting public in 2012.

  5. Charlie Says:

    West recently took a shot at the “Coexist” bumper sticker and bad mouthed those who carry the sign. Tolerance and acceptance of other people’s ideologies, values and differences are essential if we are to survive as a species. There is no higher moral standard than that. West and his gang of thugs promotes division instead of loving kindness. You can see where his mindset lies when he absolutely refused to sit beside a fellow democrat at the state of the union address.

  6. Steve Says:

    If you want to talk about “corrupt” politicians and thugs you should probably start with the impeached federal judge, who says Congress “makes the rules up as we go”, Alcee Hastings (D) FL-23.

  7. Eric Says:

    Mr. West has demonstrated multiple times that he is narrow minded and has no respect for people who’s views and beliefs differ from his. It’s sad we have people like him in congress who are suppose to represent all, but only act to represent a select few.

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