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‘Experienced citizen’ Gingrich: Power to the people in 2012

by George Bennett | February 25th, 2011

Gingrich in West Palm Beach Thursday night

If he runs for president, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told reporters Thursday night it’ll be a “citizen-led and citizen-focused effort.”

Gingrich, 67, was a Republican congressman for 20 years and House speaker for four, but he bristled at the suggestion he might be viewed as an inside-the-Beltway establishmentarian.

“I don’t know of anybody who thinks the Contract With America was inside-the-Beltway,” Gingrich said before his Palm Beach County GOP Lincoln Day speech at the Kravis Center.

“I think you’re allowed to be an experienced citizen. You don’t have to be a permanent amateur. Incompetence and lack of knowledge is not necessarily a good base for the presidency,” Gingrich said.

In his speech, Gingrich hinted at an unconventional, outside-the-Beltway campaign.

“If…I end up running we will create a channel called Learning From America and everyday, with volunteers carrying cameras, we will try to find at least three places where everyday Americans are doing smart things,” Gingrich said.

“And every night we will file on the Internet three more examples of why every American should be an optimist, every American should be hopeful and every American can believe there’s a better future. I have no interest in running a 30-second attack ad that is petty, trivial, negative and destructive. I have every interest in a national dialogue.”

Later, he added: “Any person who runs for president in this cycle and offers that they will change things fundamentally misunderstands America. The presidency’s not big enough, it’s not powerful enough….We’re the most decentralized country in the history of the world and that is a good thing because it disperses power closer to the people.”

He also offered this tea partyish take on the upcoming election:

“We should pick up the presidency as part of a wave of change in which the American people decide that we the people are going to re-center our country, we the people are going to end 80 years of the New Deal majority, we are going to create a center-right governing majority for a generation or more and we’re going to fundamentally change the values, the principles and the institutions which have governed us for the last 80 years. And to do that we the people have to be active citizens from your local neighborhood to your voluntary organization to your city and state and county government. And finally the federal government should know its appropriate role.

“But this election should be about we the people, not just about the presidency.”


10 Responses to “‘Experienced citizen’ Gingrich: Power to the people in 2012”

  1. Biill Neubauer Says:

    Gingrichh is just like the rest of them. He tells people in the Midwest that he favors the ethanol subsidy boondoggle just to get the farm votes. But it takes more energy to create ethanol than it gives in motor fuel. And it uses up all the corn, raising the price for cereal.

  2. AFV Says:

    Gingrich couldn’t balance his own checkbook much less our nations debt. He is no more savvy at monetary policy than he is at divorcing wives with cancer. This old fogey needs to just come to terms with the fact that he’ll never be an American president, won’t have his a statue in his honor on the mall and school textbooks will only have short mentions of him (most of which will be failings). He will be forgotten shortly after his passing. He has himself to thank for his legacy.

  3. DJ Says:

    Gingrich is the supreme hypocrite. His “citizen-led” campaign would stop in Wisconsin where he is supporting Governor Walker against the citizens of the state and where he wants to bust the union. Gingrich is as honest with us as he was with his ex-wives.

  4. Tom Says:

    Do you suppose that his “Family Values” experiences will include instructions on how to cheat on your wife?

  5. Amused Says:

    Corn is the worst thing to make ethanol from. It’s only used because it’s heavily subsidized by the taxpayer. As speaker, Gingrich delivered a balanced fed budget. Something rarely seen. Governor Walker is doing what the WI state residents want him to do. He was elected on that platform. That’s called “democracy”. If Phil was a drunk, lying about his birthplace, and having extramarital sex in the oval office, he would only be following suit. You folks crack me up.

  6. DJ Says:

    Amused, I am sorry you’re not up to date. The unions have already made very kind of concession governor asked for…except for busting the union. Governor Walker was decidedly NOT elected to bust unions.

  7. alaskan1st Says:

    The same Newt that was cheating on his dying wife while going after Clinton for a B J ?? The hypocritical one. Can’t vote for a hypocrite.

  8. Jim Says:

    Mr. Gingrich speks and says whatever he does for the sole purpose of serving himself and his access to power without any attachement to truth or integerity. I find him to be a self-righteous ideological bigot.

  9. Lou Sarah Says:

    Newt’s “experience” while House Speaker (besides cheating on his cancer-stricken wife) includes losing a battle of wits with Bill Clinton over the 1995 government shutdown, and allowing the GOP to be left holding the bag. Now, how did that work out for Bob Dole the following year?

    How would President Gingrich make out in a battle of wits with the bosses of Iran and North Korea?

  10. jim Says:

    Anyone who can rationalize cheating on their wife while trying to impeach another cheater for the same stunt has no business running for any of office of trust. Only a a person with the soul of a larcenist would even try to pull off such a hypocritical endeavor, and try to sell it as Power to the People. IIt has always been about Newt and only about Newt, who should be selling snake oil. He resigned the speakership under an ethical cloud and should stick to selling his wares on Fox News and the other class acts they employ.

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