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Bondi’s move on rights continues to draw pushback

by John Kennedy | February 25th, 2011

Sen. Arthenia Joyner of  Tampa and Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich of Weston on Friday renewed Democratic call for Attorney General Pam Bondi to drop her push to tighten Florida’s standards for restoring civil rights to felons after they completed their sentences.

 ”With a staggering unemployment rate of 12 percent, I’d think the attorney general would want to support any effort to help Floridians who have fully paid their debts to society, to find work,”  Rich said.

In a shocker for civil rights advocates and Democrats, Attorney General Pam Bondi is looking to undo Florida’s limited automatic restoration of rights for felons. Bondi said she was likely to have a proposal to put before Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet next month.

“I don’t believe any felon should have an automatic restoration of rights,” the Republican Cabinet member told reporters Thursday morning. “I believe you should have to ask, and there should be an appropriate waiting period” of three to five years.

Joyner, though, said she felt Bondi’s move was aimed at placating tough-on-crime tea party advocates.

“From fighting Floridians access to family doctors, to withholding civil rights, it seems the Republican politicians are more interestedin hurting Florida than helping her,” Joyner said Friday.

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7 Responses to “Bondi’s move on rights continues to draw pushback”

  1. No more lax ethics!! Says:

    Why should the taxpayers have to pay for a State employee to walk Miss Bondi’s dog during business hours? Her own employee, Jason Gonzalez, has been seen not only walking her dog downtown, but also driving her around. I don’t believe there is a provision for the taxpayers to provide transportation for the Attorney General.

  2. She's Just Sucking Up And Saving Us Money Says:

    Hey, How do you expect her and the dog to travel, the governor sold the planes McCollum use to come home on every weekend right out from under her!

    Walking ain’t crowded and it’s cheaper than flying!

  3. the convicts do the crime they can do the time Says:

    and that includes losing their civil rights! Ole CharLIE Crist demanded enough cabinet support to get this changed so he can get his old boyfriend
    Bruce Carlton Jordan, living in Sumter county and serving out his hard probation his civil right back when he’s done without having to do anything. CharLIE has got a lot of ole friends on hard probation.
    Pam Bondi is right this was BS from the start.Laws are supposed to be a deterant
    to crime! They are supposed to make a person stop and think of the consequences of their actions before they commit a crime! We have no way of knowing the total number of lives that has been saved by “ole sparkey” because of the fear of being strapped in that chair and shocked with electricity until their eyeballs popped out! If the people and the tea party organizations don’t stand behind these new honest office holders we are fortunate to have
    Like Pam Bondi and Rick Scott they will eventually succumb to the pressure of the do gooders who already control all the career politiciians in the country!

    Way to go Bondi! Put them in jail and throw away the keys! No more hard probation, we want hard labor instead!

  4. Max Says:

    Doing the time is exactly what they do agree to do if they commit a crime. What they DO NOT agree to do is spend their entire lives paying for a non-violent crime based on a lack of judgment for the remainder of their lives. It is absurd to think that our tax dollars should be going to keep these reformed criminals from being able to vote. Look up the info on how much it costs our state each year…know the facts!!!!

  5. Kevin Says:

    Sen. Joyner is absolutely correct, Republican Party politicians are involved in a full on assault against the poor and middle class right now. They have a majority based on a pack of lies and deception that they know will crumble before they can finish reshaping our country to serve them and are hell bent on pushing back the hands of time as far and as fast as possible. As they move to further deregulate industries and repeal the hard fought laws put in place to protect our environment and our people so they can pollute and defraud. Those of us not fooled by their rhetoric can only watch with distain and call them out whenever possible in the hope that enough people will realize what’s happening to our country before we loose everything to the wealthy corporate raiders, who measure success by their ability to squash who ever they want, whenever they want to without repercussions. Obama’s support for unions represents the biggest threat to their plans to turn the middle class into a skilled pool of slave labor with little choice other than to press onward making them richer while they press their jack boots against the back of our necks. Mrs. Bondi is not an evil woman. She is however an ignorant woman with no sole who has been blinded by her ambitions within the party of Lincoln who is no doubt turning over in his grave in light of what his party has become. If they continue disrespecting the middle class people who make this country great there will be a revolution in this country much like the rest of the world is experiencing that will lead to blood shed and a loss of innocence not known in our lifetime. That will be a very sad day indeed.

  6. Ed Zackery Says:

    Max, you did not get your name for brains! You have the minimun of gray matter necessary to breathe! When people had brains laws were written to discourage people from violating them!
    This included incarceration, fines, loss of civil liberties and such. You do gooder liberal types too away the discouragement of commiting crimes and now we have a revolving door government income producing probation system. what you friggin numskulls want is every time a criminal serves their time (not very often) clears probation and pays their fines they are reinstated to vote automatically! No matter the crime! That is how your friggin numskulls got your messiah Osama in the tWhiehouse. Criminals and Illegal aliens, because Red blooded Americans with brains didn’t vote for a Muslim!

  7. Cathryn Bottorf Says:

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