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Blacks and the tea party…

by George Bennett | February 8th, 2011

Lloyd Marcus (right) with former U.S. Rep. Dick Armey at a 2009 event in Palm Beach Gardens.

EUSTIS — Artist, entertainer and conservative activist Lloyd Marcus of Deltona regularly sings at tea party events and is often one of the few black people in the crowd.

Marcus, author of Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has Shattered the Dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America, raised the race issue at Monday’s Rick Scott budget rollout rally shortly after finishing a tribute to Sarah Palin and other conservative women to the tune of the Motown classic My Girl.

“I have been to well over 200 tea parties around this country, including Alaska….I have a major revelation for the media: It ain’t about race,” Marcus said to loud applause.

Marcus told the crowd he’s often asked “Where are the black people?” His response: “I don’t know. They’re still hung up on that Barack Obama-is-black thing…I got over it.”


4 Responses to “Blacks and the tea party…”

  1. ray Says:


  2. One more thing Says:

    True, but Obama is not black he’s mixed. He is no more black than white. He never knew a black parent or black sibling.
    And….its not the core TEA party but the party’s refusal to discipline and denounce extremists in its own ranks that makes many uncomfortable.
    The fact that when the trillion dollar medicare Part D was passed under Bush and a GOP-led Congress these later to be TEA party folks were quiet as church mice makes me suspicious of motives not their message.

  3. Miss Ice Says:

    This proves that the Willie Lynch theory is still affecting some black people.

  4. Lazy "Journalism" Says:

    Take a ride to the Broward Tea Party on any Saturday afternoon and you’ll see people of every color protesting, George. Don’t be lazy and echo the standard left-wing line. You haven’t been to enough tea party rallies to make a blanket statement like that.

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