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Aaronson to Dems: ‘Being a Democrat, I don’t think taxes are a dirty word’

by George Bennett | February 3rd, 2011


Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson told a county Democratic Executive Committee meeting tonight that people need to speak up about the county budget as commissioners decide what level of taxes to levy and services to provide.

“I know what I want to do, I want to give you the services,” Aaronson told the audience of about 100 Democratic activists west of Delray Beach.

“But if you tell me that you don’t want the services, you’re willing to cut back, and you don’t want to go to the library seven days a week — cut it down to two days — and if you don’t want the children to have the lights in the park, and you don’t want to have as many sheriff’s deputies on the road, you tell me, then I’ll know what to do.

“But I think, being a Democrat, I don’t think taxes are a dirty word. Taxes are what makes the world go ’round. And we are not Republicans, so we have to think a little differently. And if we have to take another buck out of our pocket, we want the people to have, we want the children to have,” the five-term incumbent said.


7 Responses to “Aaronson to Dems: ‘Being a Democrat, I don’t think taxes are a dirty word’”

  1. michele@Lower TaxesNow Says:

    If the County didn’t spend 50 cents of that dollar on non essential services, pet projects,bloated salaries and pensions to unions (like the FF, in exchange for votes and campaigning),handouts to large numbers of non profits,and most of all wasteful, indulgent spending,we would never have to scare people with this cutting services talk. Services come first. Cut the rest of it , Burt!

  2. Burt is a jerk Says:

    See all this man wants is YOUR money.

    Burt and the democrats think they know how to spend YOUR money better than you do.

    Give your money to Burt…he needs the revenue.

    Burt and his democrat buddies screwed Kendrick Meek.

    Burt apparently took tickets from lobbyist, but the ‘ETHICs?’ committee went behind CLOSED DOORS and decided Burt should just get a letter of reprimand.

    Burt has no ethics. He’s from NY an invading FL.

    Thank GOD, for term limits. Break up the South County district

  3. Robert Goldsmith Says:

    Wow what a great idea, raise taxes. Is that the best this long term commissioner can come up, other than cut essential services. If the commissioners didn’t spend like they were on a drunken binge during the boom times, we would not have this problem. Stop overpaying for now worthless land?. Stop spending on useless and duplicative personnel, employee pay phones, outrageous pensions. Cut taxes, more businesses can grow and the county gets more money.

  4. ghinhee Says:

    Just what we need, someone who is leaving the budget up to us. Do you need this service? No? I’ll cut the service. Do you need that service? Yes? Then I’ll raise taxes. It is very simple, AAronson does not know how to do it. None of the Commissioners seems to know how to save money. Cut management. How many managers does it take to screw in a light bulb? One worker.

  5. Oscar Says:

    Lock them up and throw away the key.
    It would be great to get Burt out of office…let him retire with Robert.

  6. Out with them Says:

    Have you seen the salary of top administrators and the perks they get. Free parking, no detailed mileage forms, they cheat their constituents.

    Watch out for Shelly Vana, she’s a real taxer and spender.

  7. Simon Jester Says:

    Burt Aaronson aka Burt “Arrogant-Sonofa*****” loves to spend other peoples money for things for which he has no Constitutional authority to use. He loves to claim that the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights should only authorize muzzle loading guns circa 1776. I wonder how he would feel about that era’s proclivity to tar and feather politicians who overstep their authority and are enemies of the Republic. (no, this is not a democracy!)
    This carpetbagger should resign immediately.

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