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Top Scott advisor joins lobbying firm

by Dara Kam | January 18th, 2011

Lanny Wiles – Gov. Rick Scott’s right-hand-man on the campaign trail – is joining The Advocacy Group at Cardenas Partners lobbying firm headed by former Republican Party of Florida chairman Al Cardenas.

Wiles, who is married to Scott’s campaign manager Susie Wiles, will be “senior counsel” at the lobbying firm, which has offices in Tallahassee, Miami and Washington.

Wiles was a constant presence on Scott’s campaign and in the transition, often whispering into an earpiece to coordinate with Scott’s advance team.

Wiles has a long history of working closely with Republican politicians, beginning with President Reagan’s 1976 presidential bid.
a full range of governmental advocacy services and has built a strong foundation of core budgeting and legislative processing skills that allows successful navigation of issues of interest to their clients.

Wiles will join the firm’s other Tallahassee lobbyists, Slater Bayliss and Stephen Shiver. Bayliss, one of Gov. Jeb Bush’s aides, served as a special advisor on Scott’s inaugural committee. Shiver is a long-time GOP operative with close ties to the Florida legislature.

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4 Responses to “Top Scott advisor joins lobbying firm”

  1. ozmo Says:

    Scott belongs in prison for healthcare fraud. We need to chance punishment for white collar crimes. Look at all the people who were scammed by Scott’s insurance company. Scott bought his way out of prison.

  2. Scott S Says:

    Stop griping about Scott. He’s the Governor. Get over it. It is strange that a logistics/security guy is now lobbying.

  3. marsha Says:

    Geesh, the democrats DO THE SAME THING!

    ain’t no difference. This isn’t a republican thing, it’s political $$$$$$thing.

  4. Eccy Says:

    Why is it called bribery when it’s done outside of the U.S., and lobbying/consulting when it’s done inside the U.S.? Ask any private company with $1M+ contracts over the next 4 years how they got it “past Rick Scott’s desk.” So sad…

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