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Tearful tribute to Ann Scott from daughters, friends and guv hubby Rick

by Dara Kam | January 3rd, 2011

First lady-to-be Ann Scott received tearful accolades from her friends, daughters and husband this afternoon at a luncheon honoring the petite Naples homemaker.

The Scott’s daughter Allison Guimard broke down in tears while trying to deliver prepared remarks praising her mother during the hour-long event at the downtown Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science.

“I could always count on a sweet little note in my lunchbox telling me how much she loves me,” Guimard said in between sobs, recollecting how the new first lady served as her daughter’s class mother and stayed home with her when she was sick.

“My mom was an amzing mom…but was also our comrade in arms, our confidante and our friend who’ll be the same thing…,” Guimard said, unable to continue, standing side-by-side with her mother with their arms wrapped around each other. “This is so embarrassing.”

Even the governor-elect, who will be sworn in tomorrow, got choked up before introducing his wife of 28 years.

Candidates often get accolades, Scott said, “but your wife never does,” he said, turning to embrace Mrs. Scott.

Ann Scott’s friends described her as well-organized, efficient, charming and fun.

After more tearful praise from her friends, Ann Scott, wearing a gray and pink lace suit, cracked up the crowd with a hastily retracted invite to the governor’s mansion.

“Our home is your home so stop by any time,” she said before catching herself. “Okay, I didn’t’ really mean that.”

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6 Responses to “Tearful tribute to Ann Scott from daughters, friends and guv hubby Rick”

  1. bs Says:

    What a stupid article, if one could call it that!!!!

  2. Carol L. Says:

    Oh Lord — sounds like it’s going to be the Reagans all over again …. BLECHH!!

  3. Blackman Says:

    A luncheon honoring Ann Scott? For what?

  4. mark d Says:

    Oh my gosh why is this rich eletist woman being sanctified. What has she done to improve any ones life in our state. Her husband is a criminal as are most politicians so those of you who voted for him get ready and BOHICA. If you dont know what that means too bad for you

  5. Kevin Says:

    To read that article you would think she was dead.

  6. Blackman Says:

    BOHICA? It never stopped. We are stuck in this pretzel position.

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