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Supreme Court chief judge orders scrutiny of future district courthouses

by Dara Kam | January 17th, 2011

Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady ordered that all future district court building construction must be scrutinized by the state courts administrator in response to a lavish Tallahassee appeals court dubbed the “Taj Mahal.”

Canady issued the order this morning after state Sen. Mike Fasano pilloried First District Court of Appeals judges Paul Hawkes and Brad Thomas for pushing a new courthouse, accusing them of “the epitome of arrogance.

Thomas and Hawkes apologized to Fasano, chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Appropriations Committee, for their roles in the construction of the $48.8 million courthouse in Tallahassee that is estimated to ultimately cost taxpayers $70 million because of bond payments. Florida has been in a budget crisis for the past three years and lawmakers are now grappling with an anticipated $3.62 billion spending gap.

In November, Hawkes was forced to resign as chief judge but he remains on the court.

The courthouse features such opulent amenities as private soundproof bathrooms and kitchens for each of the 15 judges, miles of African mahogany trim, granite counter and desk tops, etched glass windows, a glass dome and massive columns inside and out.

“To the extent that any expenditures were made on this building and any construction done that exceeds the legislative intent and has offended you and this committee then I sincerely apologize,” Thomas told Fasano at a committee hearing last week.

“Don’t apologize just to us, judge,” Fasano, R-New Port Richey, snapped. “Apologize to every taxpayer in the state.”

Canady today ordered that the state courts administrator must approve any appellate court projects in the future.

“Courthouses should be dignified, durable and functional,” Canady wrote in a statement. “They should not be grandiose, monumental and luxurious.”

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4 Responses to “Supreme Court chief judge orders scrutiny of future district courthouses”

  1. EquiisSavant Says:

    Throughout this time, apparently the FL Courts funds were being misappropriated to that Temple of the Gods Courthouse, State Court Administrator Elisabeth Goodner was whining waa-waa-waa at people with severe non-verbal Autism and objectively paralyzed Cranial Nerves affectinv their hearing and speech/ ability to write without AAC devices, that the FLorida Courts could not meet their Tennessee v. Lane Title II Americans With Disabilities Act duties to give FL. Const. Art. I, Sec. 21 court access to Florida’s Autism people.

    This isn’t just an “accident” and Elisabeth Goodner is as much to blame as Thomas and Hawkes, give her mile piled high roast beef sandwiches guttoned out on at the Florida Supreme Court “Fairness and Diversity” public hearingsin froont of how many diabetics and other food oversensory disabled people ? The three of them have no shame, and the Legislature needs to fire Goodner.

    Goodner made it a habit of making ADA retaliation threats against people with Autism who followed their brain neurologist and other doctor’s medically necessary orders to ask for Autism / brain injury access accommodations in the FL Courts: Goodner to severely non-verbal Autistic FL citizen: “I’ll call the marshall on you and hav you arresed and convene a contempt hearing and have you held in contempt of Court” -

    Really ? Hon. Chief Justice Canady, did YOU give Elisabeth Goodner the power of a judge without being either elected or appointed ? And if you did, did YOU order her to make 42 U.S.C. Sec. 12203 retaliatory bullying threats against some of Florida’s severely non-verbal Autism people in furtherance of misappropriating the funds from Autism ADA access accommodations to pay for that LAVISH Temple of the Gods Courthouse ?

    Did YOU know Hon. CJ Canady that when you were in the 2nd DCA, the 2nd DCA clerks were going around at Florida Supreme Court public hearings BRAGGING how they did not brief Autism ADA access issues for the 2nd DCA judges and the per curiams were robo-stamped “affirmed” without anyone bothering to even read the appeal pleadings ?

    And, like Elisabeth Goodner, those 2nd DCA clersk still have their jobs. WHEN will all responsible for this debacle be FIRED ?

  2. EquiisSavant Says:

    affectinv = affecting
    guttoned = gluttoned
    hav you arresed = hav you arrested
    clersk = clerks

    Autism bullying threats and crimes against people with Autism of all ages is more epidemic in ALL states of the U.S. than the rising Autism numbers – Elisabeth Goodner’s ADA retaliation threats against my extremely vulnerable non-verbal paralysis Autism is NO DIFFERENT THAN THE COMMON THUGS HERE:

    And the FL Courts LET her along with the Temple of the Gods Courthouse builders misappropriate Autism ADA training and access funds needed by Florida’s most vulnerable people to build that monstrosity to the egoes of a few.

  3. Randy Johnson Says:

    Where is all the African Mahogany and granite in our Tavares, Lake County 50 million courthouse addition? these Judges wanted it to cast 95 million with 1600 square foot suites including baths and kitchens with “judicial assistant” servicing rooms available! Thank God the Tea Party people got involved and made them promise to cut the cost back to just 50 million! They are still building it so who knows they will probably still spend the 95 million on it! A politicians promised is not good! But the state attorney did threaten them if they didn’t build it he would make his customers driver to his Ocala office for his services!

  4. DesertCactus Says:

    One day Government is going to put their big toe over the line and on that day the people will rise up with rage and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in elite-high places. That day is closer than the fools in Government realize. All it takes is a spark and politicians today are throwing flames like there is no tomorrow.

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