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Social media-savvy Scott holds Twitter town hall

by Dara Kam | January 20th, 2011

Now that the Twitter town hall is over, tell us what you thought of the experience in the comments below. We’re especially interested to hear if your tweet was responded to, and if you were satisfied with the response.


Gov. Rick Scott, criticized by the Florida press for being reporter-shy, will show off his social media stuff with a Twitter town hall meeting this evening.

Participants can tweet questions to @FLGovScott followed by the hashtag #Flgov from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. tonight.

The governor will respond in Twitter’s maximum 140 characters or less to as many questions as he can handle within the half-hour time frame, according to a press release issued by his office Wednesday evening.

Follow the governor’s Twitter town hall on the right rail of any page on the postonpolitics blog.

10 Responses to “Social media-savvy Scott holds Twitter town hall”

  1. ozmo Says:

    Scott would be in prison if we had real punishment for white collar crime. This slime was able to pay a fine for a very serious crime. And he is the Tea Party/Republican hero. Stench travels far.

  2. right now Says:

    This guy will end up costing us to much more than money-it will be the absolute degradation of what is left of any good in Fl’s reputation. To say nothing of his stance on social reform and the school system. We will be sorry for our intellectual abscence in voting him in.

  3. Jade Says:

    Since less than 6% of Americans use Twitter and he has approximately 5,000 followers. I have a feeling it will be a one sided conversation.
    As the Governor of Florida he has a responsibility to provide transparency in his dismantling of our state government.
    A half hour on Twitter is hardly acceptable.
    It’s time to start answering some of the tough questions.

  4. unreal Says:

    Look at the bright side. With limited text ability his answers could be relegated to yes or no answers.
    Let’s see what would be some good questions he could simply affirm or deny.

    Does your wife know that your favorite fantasy character is the evil Skeletor?
    Did you tell your mother what you did with all the money you stole?
    Or even
    Do you think it will be less than a month before you are charged with violating the Sunshine Law?

  5. AM Gallagher Says:

    If government officials cannot be held accountable for their actions, why should teachers be asked to be held accountable for the actions of their students. This govenor wants to remove teacher unions from Florida, pay based on test scores, and remove job security in education. I can teach my students but I cannot control what goes on at home. Gov Scott was in control of large business and still has not answered about his mistakes.

  6. pete Says:

    Kind of a weak format with the limitations. Bet its just an aide answering questions. Can’t see Scott really tweeting

  7. Scott Stinks Says:

    Rick Scott is going to put Florida in the ground. So much for descent pensions and retirements via the FRS. He is a criminal and those of you who opted NOT to vote, will be sorry. I am contemplating NEVER having children, because I would never forgive myself for subjecting them to the Florida school systems, and the demise of Florida. Get this joke OUT of the office!!!

  8. jt Says:

    That was awesome. People were just spitting questions rapid fire in Scott’s face and there really wasn’t much he could do.
    Not a bad idea, but if the idea was to actually converse with the people, like a town hall it needed some moderating. If the idea was to let every loon with an internet link to express their criticisms or just take pot shots, then mission accomplished.

  9. Net Lease Properties Says:

    It was a great idea. Finally a Real Businessman to help Florida get moving. We do not want the Commercial Real Estate Market to fall like residential. We need leadership like Gov. Scott and current ideas. Not the old redistribute this and that.

  10. standardbearer Says:

    Please build a wall across the top of Florida so as to keep this loon and the folks that voted from him in your insane asylum.

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