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Snyder running for sheriff in Martin County

by Dara Kam | January 18th, 2011

Rep. William Snyder filed his qualification papers to run for Martin County Sheriff this morning.

Snyder, a Stuart Republican, could have run for another two years in the state House before term limits kicked in but the former police officer says he wants to go back to the job he loves.

Snyder is drawing heat for sponsoring an Arizona-style immigration law and last week held a crowded town hall meeting in Palm City on the contentious issue.

Martin County Sheriff Bob Crowder apparently is not seeking reelection, Snyder said.

Snyder started his career at age 20 as a Metro-Dade police officer, where he worked for two decades before going to work at the Martin County Sheriff’s department. He spent another 13 years there, Snyder said.

“My whole background in adult life has been in law enforcement,” Snyder said shortly after filing his papers this morning. “Law enforcement’s my first love. I love it. I think for me to be the sheriff in my community would give me more ability to have a real impact on people in my community.”

Snyder said he wants to cut costs at the sheriff’s office by using civilians to handle preliminary reports on non-violent crimes and complaints. He also wants to continue Crowder’s modernization efforts.

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4 Responses to “Snyder running for sheriff in Martin County”

  1. OBIWAN== Says:

    Rep William Snyder was selected by the state law enforcement group as Top Legislator.

    Hopefully, the lovefest will not change Snyder’s conservative credentials to enforce Immigration and Employment Laws…something state law enforcement has turned a blind eye to this decade!

    Also, Snyder needs to realistically shepard in the changeover to:

    Defined Contribution Pensions.

    Cut all existing and future retiress to 2% formula.

    Eliminate 3% annual increases – SS has a COLA.

    Increase retirment age to 60 immediately.

    Can he??

  2. Sheriff Crowder Stepped on His Tallywacker on political ads Says:

    Crowder violated the federal law called the hatch act by politicing for Alex Sink! Period! Martin county SO takes federal funds! He should be prosecuted, fined and suspended by the man he called a crook! It is Crowder and the crooked unions that are the crooks! Good Riddance of this POS!

  3. hookedonphonics Says:

    Nothing here we didn’t expect several years ago- and this is Snyder’s third term, I thought State reps were limited to three terms?

  4. Dirk Says:

    Best of Luck Mr Synder.Hopefully you’ll be manning the sheriff departments when immigration laws are enforced.

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