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Scott taps former Accenture exec to head DCF

by Dara Kam | January 18th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott appointed retired Accenture executive David Wilkins as secretary of the Department of Children and Families.

Wilkins, who also served on Scott’s transition team, recently retired as Accenture’s Health and Public Service’s global managing director of sales according to a press release issued by Scott’s office announcing Wilkins’ appointment.

Wilkins is currently finance chairman of the Florida Baptist Children’s Home. The agency provides a variety of services, including adoption assistance and foster care, to families throughout the state.

“David’s passion for child care issues and the human services business, along with his decades of management experience in business and charities, will serve this agency well as it protects Florida’s families,” Scott said in a press release announcing the appointment.

Wilkins replaces George Sheldon, a former lawmaker and a Democrat who also served under the previous secretary, Bob Butterworth.

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8 Responses to “Scott taps former Accenture exec to head DCF”

  1. how bout that Says:

    so, george,how does it feel. Who did you let get fired before they entered drop? You deserve it my friend. Go Scott!!!!! Get them to work. Shame on you George

  2. Ed Zackery Says:

    what goes round comes round! hope this one cares about the bigshots molesting the kids

  3. Mark Says:

    Scott’s vision of running this agency and any other human service agency as a business is doomed to failure. That is not to say that there cant be some streamlining, but even Scotts OWN people stated that DCF is one of the most effeicient programs Florida has going. This is why the planned merger with DJJ was put on hold. Scott’s team did not want DCF’s productivity and funcionality to decline. I am not an advocate for Sheldon, but he ran the agency well, he tried to put the power back into the families where it belongs. I can only hope that with Scott’s new appointment to the office, those most needing of services will still have a chance to be helped.

  4. mike adams Says:

    Sheldon really cares about kids and did a great job! This is a loss for the children. Hopefully the new guy will do as good of a job as Sheldon!

  5. Rocketman Says:

    Its funny how the transition team is now finding jobs for themselves and their friends.

  6. SickNTired Says:

    Great , google Accenture and you see how they are all about outsourcing jobs. Hang on to your hats, Gov Scott apparently will create 700,000 jobs overseas!

  7. Isabelle Castillo Says:

    I have had the privilege of working for both the private sector and with the government and from my own professional experience government doesn’t know how to manage their money correctly! I personally have to work with 2 government agencies for my business to survive and if there’s one thing I have learned in the last 6 years is that any time govt takes over something things get worse and to be even more honest the way CDS (child development services) way is being handled is negligent and of poor quality and by the way I have been working with CDS for 6 years.

  8. Cory Says:

    First of all, “SickNTired”, your comment is irrelevant because it’s not the Government’s job to create jobs. In fact, I HOPE they cut government jobs because studies show that for every government job created, over 2 private sector jobs are taken away. We can’t all work for the government and we can’t all be on welfare.

    Second of all, I couldn’t care less if they got rid of the DCF. I understand there is child abuse out there and it should be dealt with local police or, if jurisdiction permits, state law enforcement. It’s not efficient just because they take away children from their families over their own utopian view of what a family is supposed to be. They are paid to LOOK for things that are “wrong” in their minds. When my good friends who are amazing parents have to live through being harrassed, insulted, and accused of child abuse with 0 evidence then I could care less if they get rid of the department.

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