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Scott puts state plane on the bidding block

by Dara Kam | January 5th, 2011

State officials’ high-flying days are over.

Gov. Rick Scott is selling the state’s two airplanes, saying the $2.4 million a year to operate the aircraft is a waste.

Scott’s offering the 10-year-old Beech King Air 350 and 2003 Cessna Citation Bravo on the Aircraft Shopper Online website. Bids will open at 2 p.m. on Feb. 9.

“The privilege of using a state-owned aircraft is an unnecessary burden to taxpayers, especially when lower-cost travel options exist,” Scott said in a press release. “As elected officials it is our responsibility to utilize the most affordable options for official business, and I do not believe state-owned airplanes are the best option.”

State lawmakers, Florida Supreme Court judges, Cabinet officials and, of course, the governor, have used the plane to travel around the state and, in some cases, run into trouble for cruising back and forth between Tallahassee and their hometowns or elsewhere on the taxpayer dime.

Former Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp and former Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Frank Peterman both got into trouble for allegedly misusing the plane.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin tried to sell one of her state’s planes on eBay, but she wound up selling it through a jet broker.

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6 Responses to “Scott puts state plane on the bidding block”

  1. cj Says:

    This sounds like a good start–his accepting the resignation of the DJJ head who used the plane was a good move too.

  2. Nice try Says:

    Sweet! Now we can only elect rich people who own their own plane! So who’s the next CEO who defrauded the taxpayers of hundreds of millions going to be?

  3. Keep Up Ure BS Nice Try Says:

    It would not matter if Rick Scott had two nickels to rub together or millions! This is about waste and corruption of the tax dollars. Jeb was crooked and took care of his crooked brother for their crooked father who now wants the people to annoint Jeb as their next GOP candideate for president!

    Thank God Rick Scott can travel without succumbing to the Bush corruption!

  4. Whatever Says:

    All he is doing is using smoke and mirrors. He has already proven he is a crook!!!! And now he says he wants to sell the states planes to save you money. WHATEVER…… If he was soo concerned about saving money or wastefull spending than why didnt he cancel he swearing in party in Tahallassee, how many millions did that cost the tax payers?????? Now just watch a see how much money (or scams) his Solantic company makes in the next 4 years.

  5. Atum Ouroboros Says:

    The Legislature enacted a law in s. 287.161, Florida Statutes, that says: “There is created within the Department of Management Services an executive aircraft pool consisting of state-owned aircraft for the purpose of furnishing executive air travel.” The Governor, without getting a bill sponsored in the Legislature to repeal this statute, put the aircraft up for sale, fired all the staff and closed down a program that the Legislature has created IN LAW. Whether it is a good idea to sell the aircraft or not, the Governor has no constitutional authority to do the opposite of what the Legislature has put in LAW. One has to wonder if the legislative leadership understands this afront to the legislative power under the constitution and whether they will respond appropriately to defend the legislative power. If they don’t, they might find that the Governor starts ignoring all the other statutes that the Legislature has passed as well.

  6. Alli Niks Says:

    While I am a huge aviation fan I think that any state government probably can overspend in anything “extracurricular”. I’d like to buy the lear if I can get a good price and free matrini glasses!

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