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Scott puts developer in charge of growth management

by Dara Kam | January 5th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott has appointed St. Joe Co. executive Billy Buzzett as secretary of the Department of Community Affairs, the agency that oversees growth management.

Buzzett is a lawyer, developer and engineer who helped smooth the way for St. Joe’s massive expansion in the Panhandle.

Buzzett served on Scott’s transition team, which recommended doing away with the agency, something Scott has said he would consider.

Buzzett’s role would be to “better align Department of Community Affairs functions with other functions across state government,” Scott said in a press release.

Scott also reinstated former Secretary of State Kurt Browning, who quit after Gov. Charlie Crist jumped the GOP and became an independent.

And Scott said former Washington DC public schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, who served on his transition team, would remain as his education advisor. He and Rhee will visit a charter school in Opalocka Thursday morning.

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12 Responses to “Scott puts developer in charge of growth management”

  1. Died laughing Says:

    Put a developer in charge of growth management?

    This is even better than a comedy act on SNL or at the Improv!

    Let me guess. His recommendation for managing growth in FL will be to just bulldoze everything and build condos.

    The sooner that gets done, the sooner we won’t need that dept anymore and viola we just save a bunch of money!

    Well, whoever voted for Scott the Clown, congratulations! Now bend over and take it like a man!

  2. Julius Says:

    same old same old

  3. JustMeee Says:

    Yeah, let Michelle Rhee send Florida schools sinking deeper and deeper…this is the only sort of place she’d be allowed to practice her voodoo.

  4. comb over Says:

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Sink!

  5. Frank Says:

    Florida is not a highly industral state. Our economy is based on #1.Construction, 2.Agriculture, and 3.Tourism.
    Righfully so,Florida has recently bought THOUSANDS of acres for state parks! I am happy about this for my children and grandchildren. But we can’t all draw state unemployment checks and live in tents in those parks! Florida needs JOBS!! We need construction to provide those jobs! Or we become homeless and stand in soup lines for our food!! You pick!

  6. Peanut Says:

    Rhee is very smart but Florida teachers don’t have any real power anyway. They are not teachers up north with education degrees and the power to strike, but I welcome her.
    The developer in charge of growth management is typical bottom feeder type stuff we expect from this medicare crook.
    I suppose if confronted he’ll say “I’ can’t recall”.
    What an embarrassment to elect this clown

  7. Let Locals decide Says:

    Is there overdevelopment in FL? Sure! But we need someone with expertise to cut the ridiculous tangle of requirements.

    Let LOCAL entities decide the tangle of requirements, not the State!

    It’s PROPERTY OWNERS, who by the law, have a RIGHT, to develop their own property.

    No one wants overdevelopment, but the environmental whackos go too far. We need a balance.

    NO to overdevelopment and NO to the enviroNUTS.

    This guy seems to have the background to fully understand and reduce problems, but the LOCAL entities need jurisdiction rather than the State.

  8. For Parental Choice Says:

    Welcome any change to the schools in FL.

    Look forward to having ALL parents be able to choose what school they want their children attend.

    This will strengthen the good schools (influx of students) and identify bad schools (reduction of students).

    Let parents decide if they want their children in public, charter (Obama’s children attended a charter school in Chicago, not the nearby troubled neighborhood school), private (Obama’s children now attend a private $chool-they have the money to send them there, we don’t; let’s get some equity for ALL parents, not just well off, or powerful)virtual school (better be self motivated).

    Too long this country has focused and changed laws for those with ‘problems’. It’s now time for the focus to be brought back to the middle. The bottom will be taken care of, but don’t continue to bring the middle DOWN while concentrating on the bottom.

    That’s why education has deteriorated. The concentration has been on the bottom group instead of the middle.

    Graduation is a JOKE. Too many of FL’s high school ‘graduates’ need REMEDIATION in ‘college’.

    And why is that? Because schools systems have DILUTED the educational system. LOWERED STANDARDS to get the bottom up and added more mandates to take care of societal issues that should have been managed in homes.

    We need to bring back a balance with continued help for the bottom. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A BOTTOM, ALWAYS!

  9. da_truth Says:

    We have a huge glut of unsold and unoccupied housing units on the market, yet Scott has hired a developer to gut growth management rules so they can build more. Flori-DUH at its finest!

  10. restaurant marketing Says:

    WordPress is a real good system – I’m having a great deal of pleasure running a blog.

  11. unreal Says:

    People needn’t worry so much. While we have a glut of housing developers will be looking to commercial construction in the near term. Tourism based and hopefully facilities for new business. Overshadowing everything is that banks aren’t lending money particularly on resi stuff in florida. This will continue for a while. Remember the dca is a 4th line of defense after the county dep and dot on almost every project. That doesn’t count the rigorous review the banks are doing now.

  12. Eric Says:

    It’s unlikely that Florida will see much new development in the next ten years. We already have approval for more than a million new housing units and 2.7 billion square feet of nonresidential construction. Unfortunately, banks won’t be funding any of this until the existing inventory burns off. Without jobs and buyers, that’s not going to happen anytime soon!

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