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Scott on stagnant double-digit unemployment: ‘Unacceptable’

by Dara Kam | January 21st, 2011

Gov. Rick “Let’s Get to Work” Scott, who pledged to bring 700,000 jobs to Florida in seven years, is not pleased with the state’s most recent unemployment figures showing Florida’s unemployment rate at a stagnant 12 percent.

“Today’s report of a 12 percent unemployment rate for Florida in December means that more than 1.1 million Floridians are jobless. This is not acceptable. The numbers reaffirm my commitment to getting Florida back to work, and prove that we must put job creation first by making Florida the best place to do business,” Scott said in a statement.

In contrast to the statewide average, the employment picture brightened in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast last month.

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4 Responses to “Scott on stagnant double-digit unemployment: ‘Unacceptable’”

  1. Wake up! Says:

    Duh! 700,000 jobs in 7 years will not cut it.

    We need 700,000 real jobs NOW!

  2. The slient ones Says:

    They seem to forget all the ones that are not counted for. Those that don’t recieve FL unemployment. Wakeup Scott and “Get To Work” give our resident the jobs they derserve. We need jobs now.

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  4. Jennifer Says:

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