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Scott names Jax businessman as head of DEP

by Dara Kam | January 3rd, 2011

Gov.-elect Rick Scott has appointed Jacksonville businessman and lawyer Herschel Vinyard as secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection the day before Scott will be sworn in as governor.

Vinyard is currently director of business operations at BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards, the world’s second largest defense contractor according to a press release issued by Scott’s transition team.

Vinyard, who also served on the Jacksonville Port Authority and the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce, received his undergraduate and law degrees from Louisiana State University.

The regulatory agency, last headed by marine biologist Mike Sole, is one of several departments Scott has targeted for reform. The governor-elect has made streamlining permitting and reducing regulations and red tape for businesses a priority.

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5 Responses to “Scott names Jax businessman as head of DEP”

  1. Way to go Rick Says:

    What a great move! Business people running the Florida “EPA.” And coming from the world’s 2nd largest defense contractor! Some of Scott’ts other picks have long military careers! Sounds like he means “lets get to work!”
    And sounds like he’s picks are results oriented! A wonderful re-start for Florida begins tomorrow!

  2. Kevin Says:

    What kind of environmental protection service governance can we expect from a ship yard executive? Other than trying to figure out creative ways to avoid paying fines for polluting our waterways with industrial chemicals what does this guy know about environmental protection? This is a job for a scientist not a business man However this is great news for business people whose businesses tend to pollute. It’s what you would call a free pass to dump as much crap as possible into the environment

  3. Pete Says:

    Well Yeehah!. Just wait till that good ole boy gets in there and shakes things up. Maybe he can show the state one of them there new fangled computer systems to get rid of all them antyquaated burocraty types. Its pretty hitechie gadgets and all, but a bizness man may just be what that broken down, wasteful old agency needs.

  4. Scott is a Crook Says:

    The destruction of the Department of Environmental Protection a year after the worst environmental catastrophe this state has ever seen is appalling. Environmental protections are in place because businesses lack the corporate social responsibility to protect the health and safety of humans and our environment in which we live and depend.
    The Anti-Environmental movement afoot in the Republican Party is the antithesis of what the American people and Floridians want from their government.

  5. Shudder Says:

    Once he named H. Wayne to his economic team, nothing should surprise us. So long, Everglades, we hardly knew ye.

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