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Scott, in DC, to attend elite Alfalfa Club dinner

by Dara Kam | January 28th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott will attend the annual Alfalfa Club dinner in Washington tomorrow night after holding a series of meetings and appearing on national television.

The dinner, a black-tie affair highlighted by a light-hearted roast of politicians, is the club’s apparent only purpose for existence and is held each year on the last Saturday in January in honor of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

The Alfalfa Club membership, restricted to about 200, is comprised of the nation’s elite politicians and businessmen.

The name of the club, according to Politico, is “in honor of a plant known to do anything for a drink.”

Scott, a near teetotaler, met with U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Education Secretary Arne Duncan today.

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2 Responses to “Scott, in DC, to attend elite Alfalfa Club dinner”

  1. cincerly Says:

    The outsider wastes no time becoming an insider.

  2. Rick Forthe Riche Says:

    Mr. Richie goes to Washington! Remember: “Fiddling while Rome burns.” Meaning: To occupy oneself with unimportant matters and neglect priorities during a crisis.

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