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Scott hires cost-cutter to head state procurement agency

by Dara Kam | January 21st, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott brought on fellow health care executive Jack Miles to head the Department of Management Services, an agency the governor has blasted for wasting taxpayer money.

Miles oversaw contract management and purchasing at CIGNA, one of the nation’s biggest health insurers. Scott founded and was formerly CEO of the Columbia/HCA hospital chain and owns Solantic, a chain of health care centers.

Miles slashed spending at CIGNA by $80 million in less than two years, according to a press release issued by the governor’s office announcing the appointment.

“State government has to learn to live within its means, and Jack Miles will make sure that our state spends taxpayer dollars more wisely as we tighten the belt across the entire government,” Scott said in a statement.

Scott will put Miles to work reviewing contracts to see where the state can “reduce costs and increase efficiency,” the release reads.

Scott’s office is now analyzing every state agency contract worth more than $1 million. He said earlier this week he’s looking at saving money on state purchases as a way to plug a $3.62 billion budget deficit.

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7 Responses to “Scott hires cost-cutter to head state procurement agency”

  1. Stickler Says:

    Paragraphs 1 & 2 could use an extra proofread, please.

  2. Wondering Says:

    I wonder if Mr. Miles knows Wendell Potter. Wendell has been on many news shows revealing how evil and deceptive CIGNA was when he worked there. Get ready for the disease plagues and “death panels” FLORIDIANS!!!

  3. again Says:

    crooks hiring crooks. good job t-baggers

  4. ifi Says:

    wondering and again must be people who were selling stuff to the state/taxpayers at inflated prices. too bad for them.

  5. ozmo Says:

    Another health care industry crook. This is already the most corrupt state administration in Florida history. Let the pillage of our state begin. If we had honest white collar penalties, Scott would be in prison for healthcare and securities fraud. He was allowed to pay a huge fine instead of prison.

  6. Ryan Says:

    This is a great hire by the Governor. Cut and Cut and Cut some more. Cut state worker jobs too. Lazy slug state workers are bleeding the system dry.

  7. Fed Up Says:

    There are good and bad employees in both private and public sectors. This governor is still a criminal; hopefully our great state survives.

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