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Rep. Allen West decries ‘opportunism’ in wake of Arizona shooting; has no plans to change rhetoric

by George Bennett | January 11th, 2011


U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, this morning criticized “political opportunism” in the wake of Saturday’s shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., and said he has no plans to tone down his own “stronger language.”

Within hours of the shooting that killed six and critically injured Giffords, some commentators placed the massacre in the context of the nation’s heated political climate and blamed the tea party movement, Sarah Palin and other conservatives although no public evidence has suggested accused gunman Jared Lee Loughner was associated with or sympathetic to any of them. Some critics pointed to West’s own words — such as saying citizens must be “well-informed and well-armed because this government that we have now is a tyrannical government” — as contributing to that climate.

West has rejected such criticism and accused those making it of trying to score political points.

“One of the concerns I do have is the political opportunism that has come out of this. That’s kind of deplorable and unconscionable what some people are doing. This is not the time to start looking for grandstanding and things of that nature,” West said on his way into a West Boca Chamber of Commerce breakfast at Boca Lago Country Club.

Asked if he had any regrets about his choice of words in the past, West said, “No I don’t, because I think when you look at the president saying don’t bring a knife to a gun fight and the fact that the president talked about if the Republicans were to win in the midterms we’re going to have hand-to-hand combat.”

He also said a blogger in Broward County had once said West should be skinned alive, so “I think there are some things that both sides need to be concerned about.”

West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, has said his references to “bayonets” and military imagery are metaphorical — and he has no plans to stop using them.

“Now that I’ve been sworn into Congress I’m still the type of person that, if there are means by which I can inspire people, I will use historical references and metaphors, which is what I have done. But my background is, I am a tough guy and in tough times we have to use a little bit of stronger language when you start talking about the future legacy of my country,” West said.

“Look, I’m not anyone that anyone should be concerned about. I’m just an everyday guy.”

West told the breakfast that he’ll consider greater security at meetings with constituents, but “we cannot allow those events (in Arizona) to separate us from our constituents…..It’s not so much about my protection. It’s about your protection. I want to make sure that you can come out in a free and safe environment.”

West told reporters that he has a concealed weapons permit “and so when it’s appropriate I make sure that I take the necessary precautions. I’m not so much worried about my own protection, I’m worried about the protection of the constituents.”

West said he wasn’t armed at today’s event. At least two of West’s colleagues — Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Heath Shuler, D-N.C. — have said they’ll consider arming themselves at constituent events.

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106 Responses to “Rep. Allen West decries ‘opportunism’ in wake of Arizona shooting; has no plans to change rhetoric”

  1. be responsible Says:

    Mr. West and all other politicians and talk show hosts have a responsibility to convey their messages in a civil tone being sure not to insite “tyranical” behavior by those that may be a bit unstable. You can still get your point across by stating the facts correctly and by respecting people of all points of view. If you are unable to do this you should not be in office. As a country we all need to cool down a lot and to work together to get things done.

  2. Nadine Says:

    Agree with West!

  3. of course Says:

    of course he won’t change his rhetoric. He wants to make sure he is on the crazy side of politics so that he isn’t in any danger. It’s to bad t-baggers aren’t like lemmings.

  4. Barry Doyle Says:


    Is this meant to be a slur, from the left-wing media? Most reps are listed with their state, which is the case for Giffords in the same article, same paragraph.

    What’s up with that?

  5. Absolutely Correct Says:

    West is 100 percent correct. There’s inciteful political rhetoric on both sides. Until it ALL stops, the atmosphere in the country will not change.

  6. Joe Says:

    Allen West is the worst nightmare of the incoherent left.

    West is a black man who has understood that the slavedriving Democratic party (having destroyed the black family in America) and its socialist ideology is the biggest threat to freedom.

    West has the kind of intellect (and courage) that can discern that in a purely political context, the U.S. Constitution is our best hope for continued liberty. West understands the truth of the Constitution, just as Frederick Douglass understood it:

    “‘Take the Constitution according to its plain reading,’ he challenged the Rochester Ladies Anti-Slavery Society on July 5, 1852, in Rochester, New York. ‘I defy the presentation of a single proslavery clause in it.’ In fact, Douglass told the crowd gathered to hear his Independence Day address, ‘Interpreted as it ought to be interpreted, the Constitution is a glorious liberty document.’”

    And Allen West threatens the slavedriving political power of the Democratic party. Start paying closer attention, people.

    Like Frederick Douglass did.

  7. gommygoomy Says:

    You want proof? Is that what you’re saying? Then, why don’t you do some REPORTING? Do ya still do any REPORTING? Or do ya get the day’s template from the NYT and the WAPO?
    All one needs to do, is to read his Blog. There, you can “Find Out” who he is, what he thinks, and if he’s a Conservative or whacked out, no brained, Dumb as Dog***t, Liberal.
    Let’s look, shall we?
    It seems that our boy was a wee bit upset at the fact that “My Representative voted against NANCY PELOSI.”
    Okay. Let’s take a minute to reflect.
    He’s ANGRY, because his Representative – Gabrielle Giffords – voted against NANCY PELOSI. The most LIBERAL Speaker of the House we’ve ever had. Hmmmm.
    Let’s look further on.
    Then he says: “All of the hard work we’ve done was for nothing!”
    Okay. He’s really upset that Giffords voted against NANCY PELOSI. (Remember. She’s the most LIBERAL Speaker we’ve ever had.)
    What else does he say?
    “She’s DEAD TO ME, now.”
    Wow. That could mean anything. Right? I mean, he writes all of this stuff on his blog. And then he goes and shoots everyone, because Ms. Giffords voted AGAINST Nancy Pelosi.
    So, OBVIOUSLY, it’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault.
    These LIBS make me wanna PUKE.

  8. mike Says:

    You have got to be kidding me? West will not tone it down. What a self-serving moron. Everyone who disagrees with his sentiments should pass this article along to their friends so everyone can see what a jacka$$ he really is. If there were ever a time to use the dumb n word, this is it.

  9. Jodi Says:

    Allen West is the only one who knows what is like to put a gun up to the head of an innocent man and threaten to kill him.
    He will say anything for attention.

  10. 2CENTS Says:


  11. jennifer t Says:

    Typical. When liberals *attempt* to add to the debate, they resort to name calling and derisive comments. See posts #3 and #8, who are both amping up political rhetoric.

  12. Linda Lee Says:

    Please check the map of the Florida Congressional Districts. Plantation, FL, is NOT in Allen West’s District. Plantation is in Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) district. Quite gerrymandered they are down there. I would expect the local paper to fact check, but that’s just me.

  13. Mister T Says:

    I pity the fool that tries to attack Allen West!

  14. rjr Says:

    That a boy Joe bring in card you imbecile.
    West is no big deal, he’s just a gun toking cowboy who still thinks he’s in Vietnam. Arrogance brings fear and fear brings violence, that’s what West is all about.

  15. Joe Says:

    West is a breath of fresh air. The Democrats have been running major cities in America for a hundred years. How’s that working out?

  16. Go Rick Says:

    FROM BERNARD GOLDBERG COLUMN — It’s interesting, and not in a good way, that the same liberals who are so concerned about supposedly hateful conservative speech polluting our national conversation never seemed especially bothered by all the talk about President Bush being a “war criminal” and a “Nazi.”
    Nor were they especially outraged over the movie “Death of a President” which was about the assassination — not of some fictional generic president — but of President George W. Bush specifically.
    And were my sensitive liberal friends thrown into a tizzy when in June of 2008, during the presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama said, “If they [Republicans] bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”?

  17. End Violent Speech Says:

    Public officials need to be held to a higher standard.

  18. Crazy Allen West Says:

    Ha! They need Police there to protect the constituents from the Crazy Rep.

  19. Rob Says:

    It’s definitely a racist attack. In the same article Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz, Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, Heath Shuler, D-N.C…but he’s from the plantation. Racist jerk.

  20. Biill Neubauer Says:

    The evolution of the Tea Party is fascinating. The Beltway Clique at first denied that it existed. Then Pelosi did her “astroturf” prediction, that it wouldn’t last long, then they invaded the rallies with violent signs to make it like the Tea Party was violent. Then they sent hordes to Alaska to “dig up dirt’ on Palin. The beat goes on. Now they hasten to link this grass-roots movement of American voters to a tragedy in Arizona.
    They will obviously do anything and everything to protect their cozy little congressional clique, including just plain denial of the Nov. 2 election results.
    They aren’t really dumb. They know that this group of American citizen voters wants to get rid of the entrenched political class and replace them with honest, straightforward people. That’s why instead of “going honest,” they try to demolish those who are threats to them.
    These attacks on what are the real Americans aren’t just self-serving. They are downright disgusting examples of exactly why the new grass-roots movement aims to replace them.

  21. Kazooskibum Says:

    The Democrats target Palin and the Tea-Partiers like the Germans targeted the Jews in the 30′s. Same game plan by the same mindset.

  22. The Mega Indepedent Says:

    At, we want to avoid comments that are obscene, hateful, racist or otherwise inappropriate

    Just not articles that are such, huh?


  23. High Desert Says:

    Thats Plantation Fl. It’s the district he represents. It’s not a racial slur.

  24. Look Around Says:

    A Senator represents a state as one of two members of the Senate from that state. A Representative represents a geographic area of a state as one of several representatives for that state, based on the population. It is not at all out of order to designate the geographic area Mr. West represents.

  25. tarheel3 Says:

    Finally, someone with the guts to not worry about being politically correct no matter the circumstances!! Allen West for President 2012!!!

  26. Michael Dean Says:

    U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation?

    I agree #22. Disgraceful!


    Taking guns, knives away from all citizens is not the answer to stop crime. GUNS AND WEAPONS DO NOT KILL the innocent—- BAD PEOPLE OR CRAZIES DO…

    IF someone has a conceal permit they have passed thru all checks and should be able to carry it. A cwp holder may have stopped severeal deranged shooters before they got so many.

    Crime will always be in this world and if not a gun there are many other ways to hurt someone. THERE IS NO WAY TO TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING HARMFUL THE BAD WILL FIND A WAY TO DO WHAT THEY WANT.


    Check UK, Chicago and any other place that has banned guns. CRIME WENT UP IT DID NOT STOP.



  28. American Patriot Says:

    When your Government and Law Makers use and hide behind Security and Law Enforcement to protect them while they Vote against the American people.

    It leaves the American Public in the position to be totally ruled over and ignored with no options for change. Sure we elect new members, and when they get in they realize the only way to keep their job is to play the corruption game.

    All the while Poloticians pass laws against the public in favor of Campaign Cash.

    It leaves people with no hope and no change.

    Sound Familiar.

    Hope and Change you can believe in.

    The American Public voted for Change and instead got Obama and his collection of crooks.

    Obama will forever be known as the single largest let down to the American People in the Hostory of America.

    Even the African American people now resint him.

    Your Congress is CORRUPT, Your Senate is and the White house is.

    Obam holds a job sumitt with CEO’s.

    You mean the same CEO’s that OUTSOURCED tens of thousands of U.S. Jobs.
    That is just one example.

    The Banks got bailed, did Home Owners that were given Predatory Loans, of course not. Another example.

    The list goes on and on.

    Obama is heading to Arizona to try and stop the Revolution and Civil unrest from starting.

    Everyone knows it’s coming, just l;ike in Europe.

    Maybe Obama can stop and talk to all the Illegal Aliens he will see while there.

    He sure never went out there to inspect what is going on with the MASSIVE INVASION of Ilegal Aliens.

    But he sure sued to have the new bill stopped.

    The Revolution is coming, the Middle Class is being wiped out and Obama knows it and does nothing.

    Has he stopped Outsourcing while his Country BEGS FOR JOBS, NO.

    The anti government rage has grown so huge.

    A Revolution is coming

  29. Jen06 Says:

    LTC West is just the man to be the real first black President of the US. Did anyone else notice that on the right leaning blogs, prayers and condolences to the families involved were offered and on the left, not so much? The left started pointing fingers almost immediately and tried to blame anyone and everyone that they are terrified of.

  30. JustMeee Says:

    Just listen to this West whack-a-doodle…is there any congressman less articulate and more crazy-thinking than this nut-case? How embarrassing for Florida!

  31. JadedByPolitics Says:

    R-Plantation? wow your bigotry is alive and well isn’t it?

  32. Jen06 Says:

    “R-Plantation”? It’s customary to write “R-Florida”.

    How did they refer to Giffords – D-Tucson?

  33. Kevin Says:

    The Right wing Tea baggers have taken a page from the political strife of the 60′s and are acting like the Black Panther party did back then but with a twist. They do intend to take power by any means, and if that requires a violent uprising so be it. But instead of fighting for social justice, racial equality and programs that help feed and clothe the poor, they are fighting for corporate profits, deregulation of markets and repeal of any program that allows poor people to have food and a roof over their head. Furthermore if you have been unemployed for more than 6 months the Tea party knows you are not trying hard enough. They know you are just a lazy bum milking the system and want you to know that you are not welcome here anymore. Our new conservative congress will see to it that you either leave the state of Florida or go back to the country you came from, unless of course that country happens to be Cuba because only the Cubans know how to vote correctly. They also know that speaking in apocalyptic terms or using military language gets a large segment of their base all excited, motivated and ready to fight. There’s no way they would ever give up that kind of advantage. If a few children happen to get in the way and die in the process, that’s just fine with them.

  34. He lives in Plantation, Right? Says:

    Typical T-Bag Ready-Fire-Aim RANTING without ANY factual knowledge.

    R-Plantation is not racist… says on WIKI he LIVES in PLANTATION FL!

    Political party Republican
    Spouse(s) Angela West, MBA, PhD
    Residence Plantation, Florida, U.S.

  35. Mike Says:

    First, Allen West lives in Plantation, Ron Klein was always listed as Ron Klein, Boca Raton.
    Nothing sinister.

    Second, Allen West will be the person he is and in 2012 he will be fired or rehired his constituents will see to that task.

  36. HM Says:

    Allen West is a fraud. And so are the rest of you.

    If liberals are ‘the enemy’, which has been his battle plan for his entire political career, then he can only be grateful one is lying in an Arizona hospital with a bullet hole in her head….far removed from the levers of power where she could do real damage to the conservative utopia that all ‘right thinking’ Americans dream of.


    When did this guy ever respect opposing opnions? Never. He just hopped on the air with his DEEPLY distrurbed little buddy Joyce Kaufman and insulted, demeaned and threatened anyone who didn’t kiss their a–.

    Bullies are bullies. Whether its’ Allen West or anonymous trolls on message boards clearly unhappy with what hangs..sorry, barely dangles… between their legs. Stop with the silly ‘reflection’ and commentary. Say what you really mean. America is a better place with one less liberal leader.

  37. Tater Says:

    I guarantee you if Fox News ever have a super that said R-Plantation for West the left and libs would be in an uproar saying the right/Fox News is racist through “coded language”.

    So don’t act like this is just something that can be passed off if a left rag does the same thing.

  38. PFM Says:

    Should we tone all this hate talk down? Yes! But to do that would set back the Republicans, becuase they can only win an election usinf FEAR. When was the last time they won without using FEAR?

  39. JOE Says:

    Hey you that are using my name.
    change your name or add an asterisk or something.
    While I agree with the statement made,”that those pushing an agenda are using this tragedy as a stepping stone I don’t necessarily agree with West entirely. …… I haven’t the time to get into it at present.

    Thank you and good day
    kind regards
    etc etc.


  40. George Bennett Says:

    For the record, The Palm Beach Post has consistently listed Florida members of Congress with their party affiliation and city of residence. For members of Congress from other states, we list party affiliation and state. It’s been that way for years. West is a Republican who lives in Plantation. Note that we also refer to Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar; Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Tequesta; and Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton.

  41. Michael-David Says:

    I was at the brekfast with Col. West this morning..He was very calm, and composed,patriotic and very PRO-Business, as opposed to how the Post Reporter made him out to be..PS::.He was protected by some five (5) sherriff’s officers…

  42. KeniRee Says:

    @ Kevin Says:
    January 11th, 2011 at 11:29 am

    First, I’d like to convey my heartfelt sympathy to the family of those who were lost in AZ this weekend. Although I can’t imagine the pain of your loss, I can definitely empathasize and pray for you all. Your in my heart and prayers and may God bless you all in your time of need!


    If even a 1/3 of what you posted above was true, people would be leaving the conservative party but the droves!Are you that wrapped up in your political ideology that you can’t see that? I’m a former (born / raised) Democrat! During the last 2 elections I changed my political views. I am a Constitutionalist with Conservative leanings but I am here to tell you that what happened in AZ this past weekend as no one’s fault EXCEPT that delusional lunatics! (who happened to be a campaigner for Giffords 2007 campaign btw — ie a Democrat, eh???). He also also had a far left political leaning with many jumbled psychotic youtubes and ramblings on his own pages. So before you spew dribble that you know nothing about, I would suggest you fact check yourself first please.

    Also, Conservatives are not more concerned with protectin their own pockets than helping the poor. If anything, they’ve don MORE than their fair share to help the poor. Instead of helping them, the Libs have softened the way to poverty for them, giving them more reason NOT to seek employment. You can lead a horse t a trow but you can’t force it to drink — therefore, when are the poor going to become independent of the fed govt / and the rich? At some point, enough is enough and they have to take accountability for themselves and their own actions!

    In summary —- Instead of making this a political issue, why not make it what is really is? A man who had a mental problem who fell through the cracks of the system, opened fire on dozens of people, injuring 14 and killing 6, one of which was God’s precious child. The man shot the Congresswoman first —- someone he knew. Who knows why? Most likely, we never will. So instead of making this about the political parties, lets make it about those who died or were injured— they should be of the utmost concern of both parties. Not this name calling and laying blame game that I’ve seen everyday since it happened!

  43. Frankie Says:

    The nation has gone crazy with this shooting. It was the act of a lunatic, NOT the responsibility of anyone else. There was no talk radio in Lincoln’s time, no “tea party” in JFK’s. What makes the US great is our freedom to express our opinions. If Allen West wants to express his opinions, he has the right to do it the way he chooses. FYI, I didn’t vote for him, and I oppose his views, but I’ll let him talk, and I’ll listen to him…

  44. KeniRee Says:

    Sorry for the typo’s in my previous post. My keyboard sticks and I thought I had made correctons, but obviously I missed several. : )

  45. Paul Says:

    When was the last time they won without using FEAR?

  46. gommygoomy Says:

    You want proof? Is that what you’re saying? Then, why don’t you do some REPORTING? Do ya still do any REPORTING? Or do ya get the day’s template from the NYT and the WAPO?
    All one needs to do, is to read his Blog. There, you can “Find Out” who he is, what he thinks, and if he’s a Conservative or whacked out, no brained, Dumb as Dog***t, Liberal.
    Let’s look, shall we?
    It seems that our boy was a wee bit upset at the fact that “My Representative voted against NANCY PELOSI.”
    Okay. Let’s take a minute to reflect.
    He’s ANGRY, because his Representative – Gabrielle Giffords – voted against NANCY PELOSI. The most LIBERAL Speaker of the House we’ve ever had. Hmmmm.
    Let’s look further on.
    Then he says: “All of the hard work we’ve done was for nothing!”
    Okay. He’s really upset that Giffords voted against NANCY PELOSI. (Remember. She’s the most LIBERAL Speaker we’ve ever had.)
    What else does he say?
    “She’s DEAD TO ME, now.”
    Wow. That could mean anything. Right? I mean, he writes all of this stuff on his blog. And then he goes and shoots everyone, because Ms. Giffords voted AGAINST Nancy Pelosi.
    So, OBVIOUSLY, it’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault.
    These LIBS make me wanna PUKE.

  47. Tara LoCastro Says:

    This is a direct result of the Tea Party and their “Lock and Load” mentality. You have the nut case Sarah Palin telling everyone to “take back government by any and all means possible”. Right to arms..yeah. A congresswoman critically wounded; a judge, a nine year old girl and many others killed. Numerous others wounded. FOR WHAT?? Because the Tea Party preaching hate against liberals and moderate Republicans?? Just remember how this country got into this mess-BUSH!! When Clinton left office we had the largest budget surplus in history…Bush not only SPENT the surplus, but created the largest budget deficit in the history of our country. People have selective memories. We voted the Republicans into power..what are they concentrating on doing? Repealing health care, not CREATING JOBS!!! Good job America, and truth be told, I’m embarrassed, to say I’m from Florida. Rick Scott (Medicare thief) Alan West (psychotic radical) Marco Rubio (Tea Party puppet) What a joke.

  48. PBC Resident Says:

    There has been words on both sides, but alas it’s JUST WORDS! Our language is full of overused cliches like “on target”, “best shot”, “fired up”, etc. Politicians know to use these words in populations with gun owners. In areas with nascar they say “revved up” and “green light”. Audience likes sports? Then “slam dunk” or “kick their @ss”….I could tell you to murder all day for years and would you do it? No.

    Now, the problem is not words but actions. The only ones with power are the politicians. When they pass a law someone is being oppressed. Of course that oppressed person is going to be angry and may react. Most of us will use harsh words back hoping in vain the politicians will listen and slow down the tyranny. Others feel they must physically defend their liberty….We DON’T need less freedom but more politicians to fear the people enough to stop what tehy are doing.

    I’m glad republicans are sticking up for freedom right now. Where were you after 9-11 or when Bush wanted war with Iraq? You were the ones telling us to “watch what we say”. Which is why so many of us belong to neither of the hypocritical parties…

  49. PBC Resident Says:

    Tara LoCastro: Just remember how passive our citizens have become to having their liberty abolished. The stuff government has done,..What reaction would our founders have to current times? They would be doing a whole new revolution. Our oppression is way worse that what they were angry about. Be lucky most of us are too complacent to care about freedom.

    By the way, was it not Obama who started his campaign with a gun slogan “All fired up”?

  50. PFM Says:

    Paul, I hade to tell you but that’s all they used in 2010. FEAR of the Health Care with Death Panels, which was a made up one by Palin.

  51. rocksolidmodcon Says:

    Democrats won in Colorado in 2010 by fearmongering over social issues. Dems fearmonger too.

  52. For the record Says:

    Everything that gommygoomy wrote is a lie. They just made things up and attributed it to the shooter to place blame on liberals.

    If you read the guy’s actual writing, it’s clear he was a straight-up nutjob, whose insane rants didn’t really portray any political philosophy (or knowledge of grammar as we know it).

    That being said, I don’t think that it’s responsible for politicians and pundits to encourage violence against their political opponents, as West’s choice for Chief of Staff did during the campaign.

  53. A true independent Says:

    You libs and the PBP really are obsessed with Congressman West aren’t you. Your bozo lost, now get over it and move on. There’s nobody spews more hate on national television than the uber-liberal Bill Maher, except maybe Olbermann. Another lefty-loonie.

  54. For the record Says:


    PBC Resident – do you really not see a difference between Obama saying “fired up” and Sharon Angle talking about “2nd amendment solutions”? Are you so partisan that you can’t admit that some – not all, but some – members of the right went far beyond the realm of reasonable public discourse with their rhetoric?

  55. Chrissy Says:

    Congressmen West, is just using his right to free speech if anyone has earned that right to free speech that would be Congressmen West due to the fact he is an Retired LTC with the US Army. He fought for this county and he has the right to free speech.

  56. Joe Says:

    The Democratic party has destroyed the American black family through moral and economic means.

    Moral relativism teaches people they can make up their own rules. Premarital sex and pregnancy are then seen as okay. Fathers abandoning their family is condoned.

    Economically, blacks have been fooled by democrats to become dependent. “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life” goes the Chinese proverb.

    The Democratic party gives blacks just barely enough fish to survive, while making sure they never learn to fish for themselves.

  57. Linda Says:

    Does everyones memory fail them? Wasn’t it West’s friend Joyce Kaufman who said if ballots don’t work bullets will. I’m thinking.

  58. Joe Says:

    The violent rhetoric comes almost exclusively from the progressive (democrat) side of the aisle:

  59. PBC Resident Says:

    Loughner does seem to hate politics from all sides, but profiling him suggests more liberal views. After all, how many in the Tea Party movement smoke illegal drugs every day. How many attend Mayhem Fest concerts featuring Slayer and Korn? How many burn the American flag and have candlelight vigils to skulls?

    “2nd amendment remedies”. I think politicians need to hear that more. If it keeps both sides of the aisle from taking more of our liberties, I am all for it. The sole intent of the 2nd amendment is a reminder to government to stay limited. If they take our rights, and due process fails to revert it, and checks and balances like the supreme court also do nothing, that’s when the people are to take up any and all arms and defend their liberty….Now in the case of Angle, she was forcasting what “could” happen if we continue down this road of tyranny, a reference from what history showed our founders did. You enslave and the slaves will rebel. Angle didn’t say “go and shoot all the politicians”, she said this is history repeating and we need to think about how to stop it from happening again. The best way through our original limited gov….

  60. start thinking Says:

    the good news is that by 2012, the t-baggers will have screwed everything up so badly that President Obama will win in a landslide.

  61. Mary Says:

    This morning, I was able to pick up a 100 bet I made with a friend yesterday. I bet him that by the end of the week, the Palm Beach Post would find a way to blame the Arizona tradedy on Congressman West. The editorial in the Post this morning won the bet. This article will make me a guru about the PB Post…thank you,

  62. lakshmi Says:

    Actually there is plenty of reason to think that the killer was influenced by right wing rhetoric. His own words indicated that he was angry that we are no longer on the gold standard- a Glen Beck rave. Also, that he was tired of big government telling him what to do – another Fox right wing rave.
    He told y’all what he’s about. Don’t bury your head in the sand.

  63. Zed Says:

    West is sick in the head. Just like the Tea Party. This kind of rhetoric is only used for manipulation and they know it. They are as extreme as Al-Quaeda. In fact, the Tea Party is the American Al-Quaeda. Loughner was not a Liberal, but sadly the Tea Party are desperately trying their best to make him out to be one. Loughner is a registered Republican. Go ahead and own that. To PBC Resident: By the way, some Republicans listen to slipknot, got to concerts and smoke pot too. Hello, Its a party, not a political party.

  64. Rob Says:

    West should just shut his yap and pay his bills

  65. Pam Says:

    Allen West is a thoughtful, well-spoken and educated man that served his country. “Rhetoric” did not kill those people in Arizona. A deranged man with a gun killed them. Do not let the government hide behind the lie that they are protecting you. Where is the condemnation for all the attacks carried out by muslims in the name of their religion? I have only seen apologist for them making excuses. Get it straight. Washington DC is the enemy of the people of this country. Obama is the biggest power grabber in that corrupt city. Wake up! and fight back!

  66. David W Says:

    this nutcase West is gonna embarrass us over and over and over

  67. JupiterVoter Says:

    “If they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun.”

    -Barack Obama, 2008 , referring to his political opponents in a speech at a Philadelphia political fundraiser as reported in the Wall Street Journal

  68. RICH Says:

    Having read the first 50 responses to Representative West’s statement, I’ve come to the conclusion that the left is suffering from a type of mental illness that has been named Liberal Psychopathology. Yes, it is a mental condition. It leads to the situation that took place in Tucson this week. Read the purpetrator’s own words in his blog.

  69. Kevin Says:

    @ KeniRee
    There is no doubt that the shooter was a deranged psychopath, no argument there. The problem is there are plenty of deranged psychopaths’s walking the street right now just waiting for someone to light their fuse. Many of them are packing heat and harbor allot of hate in their hearts for people who are not like them. Vitriolic political hate speech is the ultimate motivator for these types. They empathies with the speaker and want to act out in some way to show their support.
    Please site your source of information regarding the shooter having worked for Gifford’s Campaign in 2007 and that he was a Democrat. I have not seen that anywhere but refuse to accept Fox news as a trust worthy source of information (sorry if you can’t understand that). I saw an interview with one of his teachers in which she said that he made a scene in class that caused her to call 911 in which he wanted to turn in an assignment late and receive full credit for it regardless of the schools policy. Because the teacher would not allow that he ranted that his constitutional rights were being violated. That certainly sounds like tea party rhetoric to me. Your second paragraph is a joke right? You say “conservatives are not more concerned with protecting own pockets than helping the poor”. Are you kidding me? Tell me one thing that a Republican or Tea party member has ever done that was intended to actually help somebody who is down on their luck, out of work and cannot afford to feed their family that wasn’t part of a negotiated deal with Democrats where there was not a carrot for big business included. As far as not making this a political issue I’m afraid it’s too late for that. What blog did you think you were posting to anyway?

  70. let God sort them out Says:

    Allen West is a closet liberal who pretends to be pro second amendment. If he were a real conservative, he would sponsor the Nuclear Rights Association bill. Who cares about a little machine gun?
    When are we going to be allowed to have a personal nuclear weapon, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” That means NUCLEAR!!! Until we can buy Plutonium at Wal-Mart this country will never be free, just one big Socialist hippie commune controlled by big government. Real patriots demand our Nuclear rights!

  71. Reality Says:

    Are you effing kidding me?? “R-Plantation” is seen as an insult to his blackness?? Plantation is a CITY IN BROWARD COUNTY YOU IDIOTS! If there’s a mistake about it being in West’s district, that’s one thing, but its not a racial insult. Message to Republicans: stop trying to act like you care about racism when it suits your political needs. Its an extremely poor attempt and very transparent to the point that its pathetic.

  72. Debbie Says:

    I like a Rubio/West or West/Rubio ticket

  73. PBC Resident Says:

    How many voters are in this nation? Every one of them has their own opinion. Politics causes much debate. HOWEVER, out of the 100 million voters JUST ONE killed. You dummies blame the speech, but if that was the cause why don’t we get thousands of incidents like this every year?

    Loughner is a registered voter but his current party affliation is none. Rumor is he was a democrat and fan of Giffords, and changed his party to none due to resentment he grew after she smugly blew him off at a rally where he asked her a question.

    KEVIN: Regarding helping the “poor”. Most Tea Party members, and Americans in general are self made. Once we are kicked out of the nest we work for what we have. We educate ourselves. We realize that it’s only I who am responsible for my life. The only reason why they are not poor is because they did something about it. A lesson that many need to learn. With a fair and limited government, liberty provides for those who desire. Those without ambition and quick to take handouts should not complain. Those who know the rules and then try to exploit them later should not get upset if it fails. Like unemployment insurance is taken out of your paycheck and you will get 28 weeks. That’s the agreement. You can’t expect 3 years of a check. It’s unfair.

  74. ELC Says:

    Not that it matters much but Jared was an Independent who didn’t vote in the last election. So all you Dems and Republicans keep on with your verbal abuse…let off the steam. This Country will never heal until people including Allen West calm down, take a deep breathe and learn to talk not yell in eachothers faces. Its o.k to disagree, but the anger that flows turns on people like Jared. You are doing these people a favor…they hear this anger and build on it, send blogs and eventually take it to such a level that innocent people are killed. The Republicans nor the Democrats killed six innocent people this past wkend. A lone lunatic who was crazy in his head did this and we Americans have got to learn to tone down the vitrol or we all will be in trouble. That means the politicans such as Allen West and of course the media which thrive on the news 24/7. STOP PUMPING UP THE HATE!

  75. Thom Says:

    One-term West.

  76. PBC Resident Says:

    “Stop pumping up the hate”….Which reminds me where I have seen the most heated debates: Football game. In fact, I have seen the most fights happen at sporting events. Time to ban sports…..

  77. Kevin Says:

    @PBC Resident
    I am in full agreement with your statement directed at me in regard to unemployment. I have seen first hand where someone who is out of work will fail to act because just knowing that free money is in the mail suppresses any motivation they may have to seriously look for work or accept a position making less money than what they previously made. Three years is way too long to receive compensation and businesses are going to feel the brunt of that in their unemployment insurance premiums going forward. When I mentioned Republicans refusal to help the poor I was not referring to unemployment compensation. I am more concerned about the working poor and healthcare for people who work for small business or are self employed barley making ends meet. Or the hoards of people who are thrust into poverty each month because of a chronic health condition. That’s not fair either. I contend that the Republican party annexed by the Tea Party is a cold hearted mean spirited entity that exists only to funnel tax dollars to large corporations in the form of corporate welfare, remove impediments that would otherwise keep dishonest businesses or individuals from ripping off consumers. And ensure that the uber rich does not pay their fair share of taxes. My challenge still stands: name one piece of legislation brought forth by a Republican that was intended to help poor people with anything that does not contain a carrot for big business.

  78. The Truth will set you free Says:

    It is amazing to see how many right wing nuts are brain washed by FOX NEWS and LIM/Hanity crackpots. Such a pity!

  79. Donna DeFrancisco Says:

    Congressman West, agree with you in regard to your comments about bad choice of words used by the President. I do believe however that the President mentioned over the weekend of how the political rhetoric has become very fiery and that we all need to turn it down.
    Now I know that you detest this Prez, and you have even called for him to walk the front lines of Afghanistan to prove that he is a true leader. What is your problem Congressman West? Oh and since some little old blogger called you a bad name, you can’t man up and be the elected official, and tone down your speech? You know Congressman, this is the real deal here, when you call for bullets if ballots don’t work, a 9 year old can get killed.

  80. skeptic Says:

    the man is a nut case, that is why he was asked to resign from the military. officers are forced to resign for bad conduct, West faced court martial for something he did or did not due in the afghan war.

  81. David Says:

    Poster # 69–Abe Lincoln was a Republican
    Poster # 72–Rubio may not be constitutionally eligible for either position.His parents were Cuban refugees,he may be eligible IF they were naturalized citizens at his birth.

  82. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    LTC West’s 68 page CID investigation report into his Iraq assault charge tells all you want to know about the guy. It’s online.
    So concerned was he over his own safety, and on Force Protection over the mission that he went over the line. The guy lost his moral compass over there, hasn’t seen it since.

  83. David Says:

    Poster # 80–LtCol.West retired after 22 years with full benefits.The incident you speak of happened during his interrogation of an Afghan terrorist,he popped a cap next to his head to get him to talk..He talked,but the politically correct enviorment in place in the military now frowns on these tactics.In Nam,the terrorist would have free flying lessons at 3000ft

  84. George Says:

    There have been several posts commenting “What legislation have Republicans presented that has helped poor people”. I ask what have the “poor people” done to help themselves? The term “General Welfare” in our Constitution dones not mean the welfare state.

  85. Barbara S Says:

    I am in my 70′s, and have been, for many years, an informed observer of Florida politics. This Congressman, Allen West, has been bought and paid for by millions of outsider dollars. They made sure his name and face appeared at every opportunity in the media of his district. It worked, and, sadly, his extremist statements did not faze Florida voters. West will promote and endorse the right wing extremist agenda at every opportunity. He’s scary, and, in my personal opinion, dangerous. He’s packin,’ and with the apparent determination of Florida to become the “new Arizona,” be very afraid.

  86. Dr. K's Perspective Says:

    Dr. Charles Krauthammer is heartened by the large percentage of people who do NOT believe that the attack in AZ was political in nature, but an act of a mad man.

    “Healthy”, is the word Krauthammer used to describe that large percentage of people.

  87. Ricardo Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe one of the liberals around here said it was time to use the “dumb n word”. If any side is on the verge of a mental breakdown, it is the leftists. They lecture us on “civility”, but it’s more like watching a bunch of people publicly masturbate rather than actually saying something with sincerity or truth.

  88. John Schuh Says:

    During the First Great Awakening, the enthusiasts demanded that their preachers speak to the heart rather tthan to the head. Their opponents preferred to resort tto reason. Ironically, the greatest of all American theologians, Jonathan Edwards spoke for the former. Open your hearts and wisdom will flow in and inform your tongue to the truth.

  89. American Says:

    There sure are a bunch of clueless, hate-filled, lefty nitwits on here. You got your asses kicked Nov. 2nd and now you shamelessly try to exploit this tragedy by painting your political opponents as responsible instead of placing the blame where it truly belongs, on the sicko who pulled the trigger. And for what? Just to try to silence free speech of innocent patriotic Americans who strongly disagree with your twisted liberal ideology.

  90. The Truth will set you free Says:

    #89 “American” Please change your name, you bring embaressment and disgrace to it. You make us sound like idiots. I am concerned one of my Canadian friends might read your posts.

  91. Dwayne Says:

    It amazes that while our country is in such turmoil the best that we can come up with is finger pointing and name calling God help us.
    Both sides have defiled our Constitution, while always touting to the world that we are a Nation of Laws, and that those laws are what has made America so great.While at the same time they have done all in there power to subvert and diminish the document that holds our most supreme laws and beleifs.And this has all been done to gain power and controll that was never legally there’s to take.
    Rhetoric has nothing to do with the National divide we find ourselves in today, but rather a war for our National identity our values and liberties.
    The Constitution will only protect us if we are willing to fight and die for it.
    We the people have the right and the duty to force the government and the supreme court to return to a Constitutional Government.
    And there is the divide plain and simple you either want the Constitution or you want to replace it. There is no inbetween.
    From time to time the tree of liberty must be watered….And Men of Honor such as Congressman West and those of us who still beleive in a strong and free America will water that tree

  92. BM Says:

    When will the left learn? The responsibility lies in the hands of the killer.

  93. Lloyd Says:

    Integrity, Intelligence, Intestinal fortitude. West has it all. What else do you need to know? West for Prez 2012!

  94. jack p baggelaar Says:

    cong west is 100 per cent could anyone who has common sense blame anybody but the shooter for what happened.he didn’t like cong giffords voting against nancy pelosi.the really dumb sherriff dumbnik made things worse and should resign.if obama cared about this country other than what political gains he can get,then he would call for the sherriff to resign.sen levin and d moyer shud also many of you would like to be judged before the jury hears the facts.liberals need to get common sense and a life.everyone on unemployment shud get up and look for a job everyday.thats what will help them to a better future,not govt handouts.

  95. jack p baggelaar Says:

    try this and see how you feel…stand on a corner and ask for handouts………then get a job and recieve a paycheck……which feels better?common sense man not a govt society of dufus.

  96. Doug Lindauer Says:

    You go Bro! This guy Loughner was a left-wing looney toon and probably was objecting to Giffords because she wasn’t far left enough. The conservative right has every right and responsibility to be shouting loud and long against the blatant assault on the Constitution. They’re hoping that Tea Party people are the same limp-wristed Republicans that they’ve dealt with in the past. They’re hoping we’ll offer a wimpy apology for something we had nothing to do with and which, in fact, THEY are more responsible for because they share Loughner’s left wing ideology. HE was one of THEM and they are hoping they can divert people’s attention from that fact.

  97. Capt-Dax Says:

    Sir!..My Bayonnet is fixed..Let’s Roll

  98. Doug Lindauer Says:

    (Let me rephrase my last for better clarity.)
    You go Bro! We of the conservative right have every right and responsibility to be shouting loud and long against the blatant assault on the Constitution by the far Left. This guy Loughner was a left-wing looney toon and probably was objecting to Giffords because she wasn’t far left enough. They (the far left) are hoping that Tea Party people are the same limp-wristed Republicans that they’ve dealt with in the past. They’re hoping we’ll offer a wimpy apology for something we had nothing to do with and which, in fact, THEY are more responsible for because they share Loughner’s left wing ideology. HE was one of THEM and they are hoping they can divert people’s attention from that fact.

  99. Booky301 Says:

    “If ballots don’t work, bullets will…. you need to be prepared to fight tyranny….I’ll put my microphone down on November 2nd and I mean it! I’m going to go up in the hills of Kentucky, and I’m gonna gather together men and women who understand some things are worth fighting for and some things are worth dying for.”
    …..Joyce Kaufman

    ”Let me tell you what you’ve got to do: You’ve got to make the fellow scared to come out of his house. That’s the only way that you’re going to win.” Alan West

    Should those of us who didn’t vote for West now resort to ballots not bullets? Should we make West afraid to leave his house? Just asking..

  100. Dr. W. E. Lutz Lewis Says:

    You don’t think what people say on tv and and the web INFLUENCE our habits and behavior. Well just take this simple test.

    1. Name me a popular Hamburger Franchise?

    2. Name me a popular soft drink?

    3. Name me a popular department store?

    4. Name me a popular beer?

    5. Name me a Popular Cell Phone?

    After you answer these question, ask yourself why did i choose these companies. Simple because you were INFLUENCED by their ads. I will respect that you readers are above grade level so i will leave the rest up to you to figure out and i know you can

  101. jason santoro Says:

    Where was the left on the Fort Hood shootings?Was that not a result of Islamic extremism?Selective memory perhaps?

  102. The Truth will set you free Says:

    This victimization and self indulgent martyrdomism “blatant assault on the Constitution by the far Left”
    is sooooo pathetic. I mean there is something very deranged in that type of paranoid delusional thinking. Who knows maybe that guy is the next shooter we are all talking about.

  103. Glenn Koons, LB, Ca. Says:

    After the Speech last night, one saw a pep rally not a memorial and Obama did well to keep the tone of partisanship down. But, the students , shirts, seemed to be there for …BHO not the dead or Gabbie. After reading Packer, Krugman, the NYTimes, Leahy, Durbin, Sanders, Alter one wonders how much the tone will be differed after the Prez actually chided the Left somewhat? I expect West to counter the ideas and POLICIES of this Obama-Senate Dems like Care, cap and trade, borders, Iran , no use of our own domestic energy resources, joblessness, higher taxes, spending and regs. That is why he was elected not to be censored as the Left wants conservPub reps to be.

  104. Yuri Tarded Says:

    Dr. W. E. Lutz Lewis, I have a little game for you:

    1. What color is the sky?

    2. Is water wet or dry?

    3. Are rocks hard or soft?

    4. Do cows say “moo”?

    Can you answer any of these simple grade school level questions? If you can, then OH MY GOODNESS! You have been INFLUENCED by the world around you! You know what that means? Uh oh! Innnnnfluence…… (make the nnn sound long for dramatic evil feelings).

    Now, why do I bring up this simple and fairly stupid comparison? Because your overly simplistic game of TV influence and obvious comparison to what the shooter–crazy freakazoid from hell BTW–and anyone who disagrees with your opinion in the public forum, is both wrong and fairly disturbing.

    What you pointed out were simply pop culture icons and logos. For example: a vegetarian can name a hamburger joint, but doesn’t eat there.

    You see that? I just did something there, read the question again. It deals with ACTION leading to a choice. Now, if an ad caused a person to try that cafe or beer, THAT’S influence!

    BTW, if you have been really paying to the investigation and not just the political bobble heads, you would have found out that the murdering freakazoid was a leftist anarchist…besides being crazy. By all accounts, that would actually make him apolitical. He was a psycho! His main influences were the pot fueled voices in his head, no one else. Additionally it looks more and more like the good sheriff who has been living in his own 15 minutes of fame by blaming the Tea Party, knew this kid was a problem, did nothing about it and is using political rhetoric to cover his aged wrinkled butt!

    You jumping on the bandwagon to blame pop culture idioms and trying to tie in harmless political adds to reason away a psychopathic murderer’s actions tells me that you have been influenced by something—but by what or whom? That answer is up to you.

  105. The Truth will set you free Says:

    Some acts of violence by the right.
    And you guys are on the defensive.
    You GOD DAMN RIGHT you are. You CRAZIES are F*** up the whole country!!!

    ♦ July 18, 2010:
    45-year-old Byron Williams, described by his mother as angry at left-wing politicians, opened fire on California Highway Patrol officers on an Oakland freeway early Sunday and was hit by return fire while wearing body armor, authorities said. …

    ♦ May 22, 2010:
    Census worker Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin, 67, is shot dead by police. Her husband had brandished a rifle, yelled that he would never answer questions, and threatened the life of a census worker at their home in Yuba City, California, and then made similar threats against police, who shot him when he wouldn’t put down his weapon. …

    ♦ May 20, 2010:
    45-year-old Jerry Kane and his 16-year-old son shoot and kill police officers Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans in West Memphis. The elder Kane was well-known in local circles of the radical right, anti-government, and “sovereign citizen” movements. He was an active poster on Glenn Beck’s “9/12 Project” website, and a big fan of Alex Jones. …

    ♦ Mar. 4, 2010:
    John Patrick Bedell opens fire at the Pentagon, injuring two guards before being shot dead himself. Bedell “appears to have been a right-wing extremist with virulent antigovernment feelings,” the Christian Science Monitor reports. …

    ♦ Feb. 18, 2010:
    Internal Revenue Service manager Vernon Hunter is killed by businessman Joe Stack’s kamikaze attack on a federal office building in Austin, Texas. The political views in Stack’s rambling suicide note seem off the wall in ways that defy categorization as right or left, but he is widely and immediately hailed as a hero across the radical right-wing, specifically because his attack was against IRS offices. …

    ♦ Aug. 4, 2009:
    Jody Billingsley, Elizabeth Gannon, and Heidi Overmier are murdered at a Pittsburgh fitness club. The killer, George Sodini, is widely described in media as profoundly lonely, but some news accounts also mention his blog’s racist jokes, comments on the “liberal media,” the “Obama economy”, and the election of “The Black Man” in 2008. …

    ♦ June 10, 2009:
    Security guard Stephen Johns is shot and killed at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, by James von Brunn, a white supremacist, anti-Semitic birther with a long record of arrests and violent tendencies. …

    ♦ May 31, 2009:
    George Tiller, a physician known for performing emergency late-term abortions, is shot and killed inside his church in Wichita. His assassin, Scott Roeder, is a self-described “sovereign citizen” linked to the anti-government Freemen group, who posted on the Operation Rescue website, and has a history of mental illness. …

    ♦ April 25, 2009:
    Sheriff’s deputies Burt Lopez and Warren “Skip” York, on a domestic violence call, are shot and killed by Joshua Cartwright, who is killed as police return fire. Cartwright’s widow tells investigators that he “believed the government was conspiring against him”, and that he was “severely disturbed” that Barack Obama had been elected President. …

    ♦ April 4, 2009:
    Pittsburgh police officers Eric Kelly, Steve Mayhle, and Paul Sciullo are killed by gunman Richard Poplawski. The killer is described in media accounts as a white supremacist who had posted a Glenn Beck video to one of the numerous hate sites he frequented, and who was worried by the false right-wing meme that President Obama is preparing to confiscate everyone’s guns. …

    ♦ Feb. 26, 2009:
    College students Nicolas Pablo Corp-Torres and Racine Balbontin-Aragondona are shot and killed and three others are wounded by Danny Baker. He is described in news accounts as a Republican Party activist, reportedly driven by racism, who targeted his victims because they were Chilean. …

    ♦ Jan. 21, 2009:
    Arlindo DePina Goncalves is killed by white supremacist Keith Luke, who also kills a woman who hasn’t been publicly named because she was raped, and shoots her sister in the back. Luke, who sports a swastika on his forehead, commits his crimes the day after Barack Obama’s inauguration, and tells police he was “fighting extinction” of the white race and planned to kill as many blacks, Hispanics and Jews as possible before killing himself. …

    ♦ Dec. 9, 2008:
    Millionaire neo-Nazi James G. Cummings is shot and killed by his wife, Amber Cummings, after what she describes as years of domestic abuse. Investigators find a cache of “radiological dispersal device components and literature, and radioactive materials” for constructing a dirty bomb, and describe Cummings as “a lone, disturbed individual”. His wife says that he had been especially furious in recent weeks over the election of Barack Obama. …

    ♦ Aug. 13, 2008:
    Bill Gwatney, chair of the Alabama Democratic Party, is shot and killed at Party headquarters in Little Rock. Not much has been learned or revealed about his killer, Timothy Dale Johnson, except that he owned at least two pistols and 13 long guns, and was a member of a local gun club. …

    ♦ July 28, 2008:
    Churchgoers Linda Kreager and Greg McKendry are shot and killed and five others are wounded at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, by gunman Jim David Adkisson. The murderer later tells police that he targeted Unitarians because of the church’s “liberal teachings and his belief that all liberals should be killed”. In the gunman’s home, police find a collection of right-wing literature including Let Freedom Ring by Sean Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor by Bill O’Reilly, and Liberalism is a Mental Health Disorder by Michael Savage. …

  106. Doug Rodrigues Says:

    If there is one thing Col. West isn’t, he isn’t politically correct. That’s called Honesty, something the majority of the left’s “leadership” lack.

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