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Obama SOTU includes some Scott-like talk, but guv doesn’t buy it

by Dara Kam | January 25th, 2011

President Barack Obama threw out a few items in his state of the union speech that sounded as if they could have been lobbed by Gov. Rick Scott.

Obama’s already launched a review of rules and regulations with an eye on getting rid of those that hamstring businesses – the same thing the Republican governor started on his first day in office earlier this month.

And the president plans a massive reorg of the federal government, merging agencies to get rid of redundancies, another plan of Scott’s.

But Scott’s statement issued just after the conclusion of Obama’s hour-long talk didn’t mention any similarites. Instead, Scott derided the president’s “Sputnik moment” while making some big promises about his own budget, scheduled to come out Feb. 7 – three days later than he was supposed to deliver it to state lawmakers.

Read Scott’s remarks after the jump.

“Tonight, we heard President Obama describe this moment in America as a “Sputnik moment.” But to face the challenges of our day, we don’t need decades-old history lessons, we need leadership. We need elected officials who will take on special interests, make tough choices and focus on the right priorities. We need fiscal conservatives who recognize the solution to every problem is not a new government program. We need to take less money out of the pockets of Americans, and we need to get government out of the way of those who create jobs. Innovation comes from creating an environment where Americans want to build new companies. Government seldom does a good job of selecting successful innovators.

“In the next few weeks, I will unveil a budget for the state of Florida that reflects leadership and demonstrates the will to make tough choices. It will reduce the tax burden on Floridians and champion a less-burdensome government. Florida will be the place for innovators, not because the State of Florida knows which individuals will succeed, but because we are the place where innovators want to live, raise their families, and build their companies.

“In the months ahead, this budget and the reforms I propose for Florida will reflect my belief that Florida’s best days are ahead of us, not trapped in the memory of days gone by. All that is required to get there is the courage to lead.”

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3 Responses to “Obama SOTU includes some Scott-like talk, but guv doesn’t buy it”

  1. Look Around Says:

    Why is it that republicans can’t even agree that sometimes the other side agrees with them. Mr. Scott is hurtling head first into massive and radical reorganization of this state. His changes will devastate the state work force. As a state employee his proposed changes will cause me to lose the majority of my personal retirement savings and investments. I doubt if I will be able to stay in the state I have dedicated my life to.

    This man spent $76 million of his own money to obtain the job of governor. Mr. Scott is a businessman, he’s not going to make an investment without a substantial return. Where is this going to come from? He didn’t take contributions up front but I will venture to say that they will follow his proposed changes in state oversight of development. History will show Mr. Scott to be the most corrupt and devastating governor that Florida has ever had.

  2. why r u enttled? Says:

    @look around.
    Mr. Or Mrs. State worker. Is there a tatoo on your backside that says, “Exempt from economic conditions”?. Believe it or not but many private citizens work longer hours and just as hard as you for the bettermentof the state. Since our government clearly has been negligent in its management of state revenue, then its likely that state workers should pay for that. Take one for the 17 million other Floridians and jump into the economic abyss with the rest of us. I am sure you are skilled and educated enough to find another job or create your own business.

  3. Look Around Says:

    @why r u entitled – I don’t feel entitled, but I do feel the state should honor the terms of the agreement made when I and others accepted a lower wage in exchange for compensation through the retirement program. I am attempting to reenter the public sector, and have a few very good offers. What happens there is, those who can leave, will. The ones who are left will be those who can’t get a job anywhere else. Is that who you want to make sure the water you drink, the food you eat, and the medicine you take is safe? When you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

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