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Divided FL Supreme Court orders review of post-prison lock-up of child molesters

by Dara Kam | January 21st, 2011

In a split ruling, the Florida Supreme Court has ordered a review of the Jimmy Ryce Act that allows the state to keep pedophiles and other hard-core sex molesters locked up until a judge rules they are fit to return to society.

But some criminals remain in limbo for years waiting for a judge to first rule that they need the treatment that could eventually get them out, a problem the high court said needs review.

The court’s Chief Judge Charles Canady dissented from the 4-3 order in the case of Stephen Morel, who has been behind bars for eight years without receiving treatment while waiting for a judge to order his confinement.

The Department of Children and Families is responsible for providing treatment to the inmates held under the Jimmy Ryce Act, named for a nine-year-old boy who was raped, murdered and dismembered in 1995.

The Court ordered that DCF, Attorney General Pam Bondi, state prosecutors, Morel and his lawyers to hold an emergency hearing in Broward County and report back to them.

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7 Responses to “Divided FL Supreme Court orders review of post-prison lock-up of child molesters”

  1. Cindy Graves Says:

    Its pretty hard to feel any sorrow for a child molester. I know AG Pam Bondi will hang tough as I doubt she has any sympathy either.

  2. M Says:

    The man who molested my sister and I, plead guilty, served less than 2 years, does not have to resister as a sex offender. He is re-married and living his happy little life while my sister and I continue to this day have nightmares about what he has done to us

  3. pete Says:

    Let them rot in the hole for the rest if their lives. We don’t need these people in society

  4. Anony Mous Says:

    I was a 20 when I was assaulted and told over and over how I was going to be killed. The predator was a multiple offender and had recently moved on from victimizing women in another state to Florida. He said the same things to multiple women and his crimes were progressing.
    Two weeks or so before he had assaulted a woman is the Treasure Coast Mall. WE NEED THIS ACT! He has been out of our society for over 16 years. Most of which is because of the Jimmy Ryce Act. There are countless other victims who can’t speak because the predator isn’t caught or they were murdered. These people don’t end up there because of one incident! After his arrest I was victimized yet again, he was given my address and wrote a letter addressed to me. It spoke of his “dark side” and indicated that he can’t control it. I believe that there are people that shouldn’t ever have the freedom to do what it is that we know they will do. Science will someday catch up to the human brain and be able to enlighten us on why human monsters exist.
    I copied this from a web site—- What is a Sexually Violent Predator? A sexually violent predator is any person who:
    •Has been convicted of a sexually violent offense; and
    •Suffers from a mental abnormality or personality disorder that makes the person likely to engage in acts of sexual violence if not confined in a secure facility for a long-term control, care, and treatment

    I am for exploring the possibility of rehabilitation but not at the cost of our saftey. These predators don’t seek rehab until they can’t get it.

  5. Ed Zackery Says:

    These child destroying sexual acts only get lip service from the socialites! The elected sheriff of Lake county Fl Gary Borders along with some other repribates including a dentist by the name of Brown (Bridges of America) from Osceola county started a home for boys in Clermont-Groveland Fl in 1989. Since that time the Green Isle Boys Ranch has been the home of dozens and dozens of reports of the boys being raped by older boys! Sheriff Borders is a known homo sexual who loves young boys! He has used his authority to cover up these crimes much like the Chief of Windermere covered up the sexual assault of a 12 year old girl by his friend Bush. Borders covered up these crimes in an effort to help his friends and co-board members keep the Green Isle Boys Ranch open for new recruits! Borders is well known to have avery sick lifestyle including having sex with several of his own young male employee’s. These are known facts and anyone who disputes them needs to simply google Gary Borders Green Isle to seen the Channel 6 and 9 stories of these atrocities reported by the rape victims! What does not appear on these stories is the fact that Sheriff Border has been a board member of the Green Isle Boys Ranch since its inception in 1987. Green Isle boys Ranch was the home of dozens and dozens of sexual attacks against young 12-15 year old boys at the mercy of Borders and other sick individuals!

  6. john Says:

    Anybody can be rehabiliataed and returned back to society. They don’t need to serve a life sentence. they didn’t kill nobody.

  7. John You are apparently a sexual predator and pedophile Says:

    You are sick! Not everyone can be and even one of the greatest sicko’s of all time admitted that. Ted Bundy told the media he could not be fixed! I’ll bet you can not be fixed either! The only ones who are ever rehabed are usually the ones who have been molested at a young age and molest others because they have been taught its acceptable in society! Some do stop and rehab themselves! However, a human who is dumb enough to believe they can all be rehabed and it’s alright as long as they don’t kill nobody is sick beyond help! Go turn youself in before you commit more crimes! Many of them would actually be better off if they had been killed! Their lives are a living hell! I hope your is too! It is obvious you are a sick bastard!

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