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Atwater recruits veteran Tallahassee aides for CFO office

by Dara Kam | January 3rd, 2011

Chief Financial Officer-elect Jeff Atwater hired a cadre of veteran staffers to serve in his office after the former senate president is sworn in tomorrow.

Atwater’s chief of staff Robert “Budd” Kneip will hang on to his same job in the Cabinet office, and long-time Florida House staffer P.K. Jameson will serve as Atwater’s general counsel.

Atwater’s also hanging on to several long-time insurance personnel.

Tami Torres, who served under Insurance Commissioner Tom Gallagher and who is now the director of the Division of Consumer Services, will oversee the offices of Cabinet, communications and legislative affairs;

Karen Chandler, who also served under Gallagher and was communications chief for three Senate presidents, will be in charge of scheduling and appointments and Atwater’s’ administration.

Paul Whitfield, who served as a policy advisor to Atwater in the Senate, will oversee the budget office and have other duties.

Alexis Lambert, former spokeswoman for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, will serve in the same role for Atwater.

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3 Responses to “Atwater recruits veteran Tallahassee aides for CFO office”

  1. ScottyB Says:

    Same old insiders. Change we can laugh at!

  2. Donna Oneal Says:

    Tami and Karen are both nothing but flacks. Great choice, Jeff.

  3. Follow the money.... Says:

    Great……..just what we need….more travel scandals. I want to see Atwater and Bud buy homes in Tallahassee, and homestead them. How much you wanna bet they are beggin’ Rick Scott already to not sell the state plane!

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