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Ag Commish Putnam urges ‘moral persuasion’ on MLK Day

by Dara Kam | January 14th, 2011

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam issued a statement in honor of Martin Luther King asking Floridians to “embrace his vision of partnership and unity” in light of the recent shootings in Arizona.

“As we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, I encourage my fellow Floridians to join me in commemorating his legacy. If the tragic events of the past week have taught us anything, it is that moral persuasion, not violence, changes hearts, minds and the world. Dr King’s life was cut short, but his example lives on. May we embrace his vision of partnership and unity, without division by race, religion, class or gender, as we work together to create a better and brighter future for all those who call Florida home,” Putnam, a Republican and former Congressman, said in a statement released this afternoon.

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5 Responses to “Ag Commish Putnam urges ‘moral persuasion’ on MLK Day”

  1. Full Metal Jacket Says:

    You got to be freaking kidding me! The moral and race divide is strong as ever.
    Day in and day out it’s Black Felons preying on law abiding citizens…The Blacks must be so proud of thier progeny,least we not forget thier considerable contributions to society; RAP,Baggy pants with thier ass hanging out, gold grills, murder in record numbers, Fatherless abandoned and of course the eloqution…”Know wat im sayin” “feel me”. Yeah…Great Strides,WELL DONE

  2. Kant Wait Till The MLK Records Can Be Released Says:

    I can’t wait until the real MLK FBI records can be released! By that time the brain dead won’t know who MLK was. But at least they won’t have to google him to see his picts in the communist meetings. The long brain dead won’t have to wonder where the millions of dollars to ensure Khruschev’s “we will destroy you from within” threat to Eisenhower come from. The old addage that the teacher has to teach to the dumbest pupil in the class applies to the USA as a whole. We are dumber than dumb thanks to the actions of MLK who by the way was killed by his own friends Jesse Jackson and others, simply to make him a hero! Watch the 8mm films of Jessie scooting just before the bullet hits MLK! With friends like Jessie foilks don’t need no enemies!

  3. Metal Rules Says:

    The tribal lifestyle (gang)of the POTG crowd (Pants On The Ground) is an embarrassment to decent hard working Americans everywhere. Not just blacks but whites too.

    But for some blacks to rise up and away from that mentality is a dream. The opportunity is there. Education is available for those who wish to WORK hard, reject the criticism of peers and the lifestyle that surrounds them. Getting on your feet requires you first get off your ass. Destiny is shaped by the individual, not the race.

    Unfortunately Full Metal Jacket has hit the nail on the head. His exhortations really and truly are a snapshot of the urban black community. And it will stay that way until each individual decides they have had enough and strives to better their own life or be relegated to “may I heps you” and “tank you dribe tru”

  4. sam Says:

    @full metal
    Your tone seems to indicate a slanted viewpoint of MLK and his beliefs. The reality is that the ‘thug’ mindset has nothing to do with MLK. It is unfortunate the youth of the black community have such a high high school drop out rate. The majority couldn’t even tell you what MLK stood for. Same goes for the majority of caucasians. This was a great man andhad society of all races embraced him we wouldn’t have many of the problems we have today.

  5. Metal Rules Says:

    Hey Sam, when is the black community going to stand up for itself? By that I mean rectify the high dropout rate of their children, stem the tide of teen pregnancy that is viewed as some distorted sign of social prominence and take resposibility for their own lot in life? MLK stood for racial and social equality and quite frankly because the black community has done little or nothing to right their own ship with all the opportunity avilable to them a large portion of society in general is disgusted with them. So Sam, I’d like to know what you think.

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