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Statewide grand jury calls on lawmakers to beef up ethics laws

by Dara Kam | December 29th, 2010

The statewide grand jury looking into public corruption issued its preliminary report today and called on the legislature to beef up Florida’s ethics laws.

The 127-page preliminary report suggests that lawmakers take a page from Palm Beach County’s anti-corruption measures enacted after three county commissioners wound up behind bars for misusing their office.

The statewide grand jury, at work for nearly a year and set to expire in February, report recommended requiring employees at private businesses that have government contracts to be subject to the same ethics laws as public employees.

Other recommendations include:
- Tougher sentences for officials who use their public office to commit crimes;
- Creating an independent Inspector General to oversee agency inspectors general;
- Expanding bid-tampering laws to include bid-rigging schemes;
- Giving the Ethics Commission the power to initiate investigations.

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4 Responses to “Statewide grand jury calls on lawmakers to beef up ethics laws”

  1. Unreal Says:

    And in a follow up to this story, Dean Cannon and Mike Haridopolous released a joint statement through a spokesman.

    “This heretical kind of commentary from the grand jury is just the type of thing we don’t need in Tallahassee. It borders on pure blasphemy! Off with their Heads!”

  2. Danny Says:

    Make sure you stay in Palm Beach County. 1st person you need to question is Wexler staff…..& Aaronson…then let the chips fall where they may.

    Scott might need to empty the jails but there are plenty in PBC to fill them.

    Between Wexler’s crew that is still working in government, Aaroson, Sachs, Deutch, Slosberg and Abruzzo…make room.

  3. State person Says:

    They are great what are you talking about I love those representatives…ok is that enough positive press…(they told me to blog from the

  4. Florida Ethics Is A Joke Says:

    What a joke! Presently the governor controls the Florida unethical ethics commission. When an ethics complaint ws filed against CharLIE for taking thousands of free jet trips from Dr Steve Scott and Harry Sargent, CharLIE said he had reimbursed them but didn;t keep his cancelled checks! Boom, that was the end of it! Not only him but Airplane use complaints filed on Jeff Kottkamp and his Democrat friend Alex Sink, all disappeared. In Florida political corruption is a great thing! They all do and they all know nothing will ever be done about it! The great master of deceit, Jeb Bush who was taught by the best (former CIA director George HW Bush) Tom Feeney and the NASA engineer’s vote fixing “chips” and all!

    For years it has been said Florida has the best politicians “money can buy!”

    Nothing will change! These grandjury people mean well! But the laws are made in Tallahassee buy the same crooked foxes that are guarding the hen house!

    Does anyone in their right mind think these people are going to pass laws that will cause them to go to jail?

    If so call “JR” at BR 549 I’ve got one heck of a deal on a used car that grandma just drove to church on Sunday!

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