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Sink ‘wins’ MSNBC ‘Worst Candidate of 2010′ award

by Dara Kam | December 13th, 2010

Two top-tier Florida candidates – Gov. Charlie Crist and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink – won the dubious distinction of making MSNBC’s “Worst Candidate of 2010″ list this morning.

Crist – an independent who jumped the GOP ship when it looked like he couldn’t win a primary against Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate race – and Sink – a Democrat who lost her bid for governor to Republican Rick Scott – were named as two of the three “worst candidates” by MSNBC hosts Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie.

But the worst of the worst, according to MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” hosts?


“You lost to a guy who defrauded Medicare,” Todd said when announcing the “winner, pausing for effect. “In Florida! Okay? More people on Medicare in Florida than maybe any other state.”

Scott started up and was CEO of the Columbia/HCA hospital chain that wound up paying an historic fine to the federal government – $1.7 billion – for Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

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44 Responses to “Sink ‘wins’ MSNBC ‘Worst Candidate of 2010′ award”

  1. Mr. K Says:

    How stupid can you get. She came closer than any other Democrat, almost winning. Blame the idiot voters, not her. It was clear what Scott had done and people didn’t care.

  2. angela Says:

    I dont watch or like MSNBC but I agree with them. Sink was the WORST.

  3. Great Election Says:

    You LibTards are always whining when The Will of the People gets in your way. Could it be that patriotic Americans decided they have had enough of Obama’s socialist agenda? If the poor need health care, they can WORK for it. The same is true for the morally and financially bankrupt socialist Medicare program. If seniors want health care, they can WORK for it .. and stop saddling future generations with public debt.

  4. Big Dem Says:

    Alex Sink is a smart, talented woman (graduated from Wake Forest)who had the misfortune to be running two years after Obama had infuriated the majority of Americans, plus she was the CFO for Florida while Christ was governor. She got associated with both of these two idiots, and that is why she lost.

  5. Bill Price Says:

    Sink lost because her only issue was Scott’s alleged association with medicare/medicaid fraud. She pushed this issue almost exclusively, even after seeing an identical strategy fail for Bill McCollum in the GOP primary. If she had pushed any positive issues, the outcome might have been different.

  6. CRACKRE Says:

    So I assume you won’t be drawing your SOCIAL Security??

  7. DP Says:

    @Great Election….. well since you want to work for it, then give up your social security, and when you retire, give up your medicare and medicade since you want to work for that too.

    You obviously have never had the misfortune of having a loved one be laid off after having come down with an extreme illness, therefore cutting away her insurance that was paid for the person that was sick, having to then go to medicare, only to be told by specialists that do not take medicare because they want more money!

    Well my sisn-in-law is now dead due to this BS insurance crap, simply for coming down with cancer, being laid off, and having no option but medicare. So you can kiss my rosy red @$$.

  8. bs Says:

    So….who was the 3rd?

  9. whatever Says:

    I’m confused. How is it Sink’s fault when the voters were the stupid ones? Not me of course because I didn’t vote for the crook aka Scott. Nobody needs to be a psychic to see that every area (pension, education, etc…) will go in the tank because of this idiot. Anybody wanna get in this bet? I doubt it because even the people that voted for that fool know I’m right.

  10. DP Says:

    @Great Election… and at least us “LibTards” have a leader that tries to do something about the problem. Republicans sure talk a big game, but I have NOT seen a single republican try to fix the healthcare / insurance problem yet. I would rather someone try and fail then sit back and twiddle their thumbs collecting a paycheck.

    Matter of fact, all I have seen republicans do is keep taking away freedoms and rights for “national security” and protections from terrorism and cut taxes for the wealthy.

    What is Scott going to do? How is he going to create all these jobs? Does he have magic wand we do not know about?

    He wants to cut back state goverment that ALREADY has the least amount of state employees per capita out of all 50 states! That means we are already running on a skeleton crew. Cut back employees anymore, and nothing will be able to get done. Esoecially when they rank near the bottom for average state employee wage per 50 states.

  11. Dara Kam Says:

    Alaskan U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller is the other “winner.”

    Miller has until tomorrow to appeal his loss to write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, the Republican incumbent he defeated in the primary.

  12. cvthomas Says:

    haha, Chuck Todd’s dead on with that quote. So sad!

  13. badly Says:

    All of these Politicians stink….like sink, they only spend their time raising money from Lobbyist / Baddies to get elected and then they spend their term paying lobbyists back and screwing us.

    And they do NOT care about us…..

    No matter what they say, watch what they do.

    They protect things like Pill Mills and Bad Banks/Insurance companies and Ponzi Schemers……they screw us….everytime

  14. Herbie Hancrock Says:

    Chuck Todd is #1 on my list of worst political analysts. He is followed by Keithy Olberman, Chris Matthews & Rachel Maddow. Libtards=morons.

  15. dan Says:

    Your right @whatever the people were stupid.They put a man in the White house in 08 who is nothing but a com munist and knows notthing.

  16. Granny Goobers Says:

    No doubt about it, Alex was a lame candidate. For chrissakes, during her final debate with Scott, she used his campaign slogan — Let’s get to work — in one of her answers. That’s durn stupid for sure.

  17. Scott is a Crook Says:

    The only ones who are “Tards” are the ones who voted for the biggest crook in the history of Florida.
    Conservative rhetoric is so out of control in this country.
    GOP = Hate + Fear + Greed

  18. ghinhee Says:

    The only reason Scott got in was because he did not deny he was a crook. The others did. It is that simple. Wake up.

  19. Crist Hugged Obama And Praised ObamaCare Sink Run From Him But Sucked Up To Slick Willie Clinton Says:

    You can’t get more Obama loving than MSNBC! If they say these suckers are the worst politicians in 2010 you can write that on the outhouse wall.

    Crist has spent his entire political career climbing the ladder one office to the next. The minute he stepped in the governors off ice he went looking to be the GOP VP candidate. When he didn’t get it he began pouting like the sissy he is. Ordered Jim Greer and the RPOF to stop all McCain-Palin bumper stickers and signs and other help! Allowed no McCain-Palin RPOF email outs!

    Sink as soon as she was elected CFO began helping her friends at BOA making state retirement funds in the $250 million on one deal (total loss) and many millions more on others. She done other stupid things like buying assault rifles for her insurance bean counters! She set right there on her throne and allowed an alien to steal $7 million dollars of our tax money and ship some of it to Lebanon while being told by the rightful creditors they were not receiving their money. She called them liers and refused to deal with them. Had it not been for an alert banker in Miami who notified the FBI we would have lost millions more! All this time she was looking the other way!

    Say what you want about Rick Scott. the majority of voters put him in office over her and Rubio over Crist! That means the voting public pay more attention to the truth on the blogs than some folks realize! Thank God and Greyhound Crist, Sink and McCollum are all gone! Now if we can just keep them off the public teet on other scams we’ll be lucky!

  20. Oxy Limbaugh Says:

    Midterm elections are always bad for incumbents in a bad economy. Bush left a perfectly timed disaster and Republicans got attention by creating the tea party and Democrats stayed home. This big election victory you beat your chest about will be forgotten when the majority shows up again to fix your mess. You are dinosaurs, soon to be extinct…

  21. Mark Says:

    Charlie Crist split the vote and most analysts agree that he took independents and some Democrats which might have otherwise gone to Sink.

    Note that I made this post and never once had to use childish names like tards to describe my moronic, fascist, knuckle-dragging, closed-minded, gun-toting, jack-booted, Hannity-worshipping friends on the Right.

  22. Unreal Says:

    It had to be the clothes. Sink needed a makeover. The frumpy look was so 50s.

  23. jac Says:

    THAT IS THE BRAINLESS GOP VOTERS WE HAVE IN FLORIDA. THEY WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR MADOFF WHILE HE WAS IN JAIL. Alex did a great job. Everyone should feel sorry for this state with having a medicare frauders running it. I can see they do. We can only hope someone would charge him for his crime. It is a crime when you take money that was earmarked for our senior citizens healthcare. He thought is that he would rather get RICH AND HAVE HIS FAMILY REAP THE BENEFIT. By the way Crist got what he deserved………..

  24. mike Says:

    Facts are today and until the 2012 Elections Republicans in Florida hold all of the power.
    Anyone reading this and not satisfied with the way their State Government works needs to shift their argument towards what Republicans are doing. they are in virtually total control.
    There isn’t a Democrat or Independent to point to for any of the success or any of the failures during the next two years.
    I really hope things work out.
    Because as “great elections” would likely say, there aren’t any “lib-tards” to blame.
    Folks on the Right/Republican side….all the credit or all the blame…you own it!

  25. Jan Says:

    Who the heck is Todd? Another guy who thinks he knows it azll!
    He forgot that this is FRAUD-FRIENDLY FLORI-DUH, where voters love to vote against their own interest as long as they are getting bombarded with enough stupid TV commercials.
    All these candidates had to scream was “OBAMACARE” and “REPEAL ROE vs. WADE” and the scum-bags got the votes! How do you want to compete with lack of common sense?

  26. Unreal Says:


    You remind me of a Jan from another site. If you want to flame someone, maybe you should do it without the name calling and the liberal rhetoric. You devalue your argument by this method of discussion.
    People elected Scott because they feared the crooks in Washington more than they did a crook running the state of Florida. Sink represented the crooks in Washington.
    As soon as you, and others understand that the left is as bad, or worse, than the right, maybe we will get some better leaders, and shed ourselves of the corrupt two party system.

  27. mike Says:

    Unreal perhaps you are correct. Perhaps you are not. Time is going to tell us all isn’t it.
    Republicans have run Florida for over 12 years consecutively,
    How’s it working out?
    I tend to believe that people elected Scott because he spent 123 million dollars in advertising and campaigning.
    It didn’t help that the economy is horrible.
    But, I tend to belive that our worst in Florida is in our direct near future.
    I really hope I am wrong.
    Everyone who supported the Republicans is getting what they voted for.
    Our mutual success depends upon their actions.
    My belief is those of you who like to complain from the Right, will complain still, it will just sound so stupid, because there is only one side running the show. Your side.

  28. Unreal Says:

    I bet it would surprise you to learn that i voted for Alex, Kendrick and Gelber in the election. Why? when i consider that i am not a leftist. Because the Republicans have run the state into a huge hole. I don’t believe either party should have so much power. I knew Kendrick wouldn’t win and really couldn’t support the radical or the flip flopper. Gelber was the only real candidate in the race.

    I am not a party voter, and try to analyze the situation each election. Unfortunately voting your heart is a dead thing in America, as more and more people follow their party with the (anti-other side vote).

    Id just as soon the justice department break up both parties under the RICO statutes and anti-trust laws. But since they control the justice department from one side or the other, the people continue to get screwed.

  29. mike Says:

    We both agree that Gelber was a superior candidate and yet he lost big.
    The 2010 vote was a nationalized election that pulled the emotional towards the polls, if voters had studied recent history and looked back 12 years they would have had to reason Florida’s a number of problems stemmed from one party government.
    I’m not so sure that the Democrats vote their Party as consistantly as the Republicans or else, Charlie Crist would have fared far worse.
    Prepare for an interesting 2 years and for engagement coming from the presidential year voters that raises voting levels by 50% over non presidential.
    I’m beginning to see the wisdom of a North Florida and a South Florida as seperate states.

  30. Unreal Says:


    What would a separation of the state achieve? for either or both sides?

  31. mike Says:

    Having this suggestion taken seriously would instantly begin a public conversation about the inequities of tax money distribution and the results of this conversation may rebalance political actions throughout the state.
    Real ramifications would create another deep red state (North Florida) which look a lot like South Carolina or Alabama that likely would receive about $1.07 (guestimated) for each $1.00 paid in Federal taxes and another blue state (although it wouldn’t be a deep hue of blue) which would be a donor state paying the Feds about $1.055 for each Federal dollar taken in return.
    In addition there would be another 2 Senators in Congress who likely would double th power of the current 19 million Floridians in the long run.
    If you examine the current situation you find South Florida’s economic engine does more to develop and maintain Florida than the counties above say Highway 70 in Ft Pierce.
    I think this conversation may be overdue.

  32. Unreal Says:


    The reason i ask is that i have had this discussion for many years related to separation of the states. On a national level the (blue states) would have a real burden surviving on their own. Large urban centers with little or no resources of their own, and large segments of the population on the government dole.
    In Florida, you would definitely have a reversal of fortune so to speak as the large majority of people on the government dime are the ‘conservative’ supporters. I won’t really call them conservatives since they tend to be more racially based from my experience, and uneducated. The conservative support in Northern Florida is fill with wingnuts for sure.
    But do you truly think that South Florida would fair that well? South Florida has been hit very hard by the economic decline and valuations of real estate particularly have wiped out many people.
    Florida is not the captain of industry.
    Looking at the election results in Florida, as in much of the country, the left is only mainly supported in the heavy urban centers. The remainder of the state and country tends to favor the right. These people are more concerned with personal liberty for the most part. There are lots of farmers in that mix.
    If we had redistricting along the lines of how our founding fathers wanted it to be done. North South east West section lines, I find it doubtful that the left could raise even a considerable minority. As it stands they may have trouble for the next 10 years at least across the country.
    Separation is never an answer, because it builds division rather than unity.
    We should all be united in one thing, and that is to empower the people in society that depend on the government for aid. We need to breed that entitlement mentality out of people from an early age, and you might find most reasonable people agree on many issues after all.

  33. mike Says:

    Unreal, thank you for the reply and while it is well thought out your economic calculations are not correct. The red state economic power you note does not exist or the blue states wouldn’t be the donor states and the red states wouldn’t be the welfare states.
    To point to large urban with little resources of their own still are the economic engines of this nation regardless of their agricultural deficiencies.
    This is born out year after year in numerous data reports published by organizations across the political spectrum.
    Speaking of housing and real estate value losses our entire state’s problem exists in not only valuation but whether the homeowners are underwater on their mortgages.
    Florida as a whole, has seen it’s real estate values plunge after the ubble burst, but it did that statewide.
    Those 400k houses in Palm Beach now worth 200K are really no different in wealth lost than the 40K house in a small county which is now worth 20K, Both lost 50% of their value.
    Your thoughts about “entitlement mentality” is both interesting and a curiosity.
    Tell me about your experience with these Floridians or other Americans with this malady.
    Do you know them by name or as a class of people? Where has your interaction with this class of people occurred?
    How did they become seperated from floridians like you? What qualifications do others possess that differentiate them from the “entitlement mentality” individuals.
    Where is your problem with the right? I become very suspicious of anyone who is assured what founding fathers really meant.
    As a point of recent history, if this were precisely 2 years ago, the vast majority of the media was consumed with shovelling dirt onto the corpse of the Republican Party.
    I expect your political prognostications as you seem to equate square miles with Americans.
    those heavily populated areas are America’s economic engines and home to the majority of Americans.
    One of the reasons that the vast redness that is the midwest and the south exist is they suffer from brain drain. I believe you understand the phenomena, the best and brightest leave those areas and find work and success in these urban areas.
    You are likely one too, even with your mindset that encompasses a vision of the USA that has been painted for and accepted by you by others who likely don’t really want you to examine their facts.
    We can disagree on how this nation and state should be governed, we cannot disagree on each of our right’s to our views and political activity.
    It is that seperation, the de-legitimizing of the individual because they have a differing concept of governing that we must both be vigilent in protecting.
    We are both Americans and we both know we are patriots.
    As for the “entitlement mentality” I welcome your definition. I am sure that there are many differing avenues of that mindset that neither of us will agree upon.
    I’ll begin with Farm Subsidies. It’s an entitlement program.
    Your next.

  34. Unreal Says:

    Mike, Good Morning.
    I won’t belabor a long draw out discussion over the viability over a red or blue state independent of the other as there are so many economic factors to cover. People’s lives would need to change completely without a doubt.
    Entitlement mentality.
    What i mean by our founding fathers viewpoints was that at the time, and throughout the history of America until the early part of the century, it would be unheard of for the government to financially take care of its citizens. People of the time were expected to not only do whatever was necessary to support themselves, but to take care of family members who needed help.
    Of course subsistence farming was a way to feed many Americans. The early Americans would not consider a ‘welfare’ system, as that would go against the grain of the role of man to support himself.
    Even the handicapped were reduced to begging, as they are in many other countries today.
    As we became more ‘civilized’ and it became a priority that we not let people starve to death, or die of extreme weather conditions, we instituted programs to help people. This was a good thing. In the beginning these were to be short term programs. Over the generations they have turned into a regular fall back for people who have problems in life.
    Unfortunately the knowledge that government was always there to make up for their failures, created a situation where people began to not take responsibility for their own conditions. Not to say that people do not have a hard time because of the actions of others, but many people have a hard time because of their own actions or inactions.
    Do i know people like this? Certainly. Have known many over my lifetime. I have been an employer for many years. I have employees who exemplify this. I have neighbors that are like this.
    There is nothing within them to ‘achieve’ in life, or to plan for their future, or save for potential disaster. That is different from the prior 150 years in this country.
    I try to encourage my employees to make something of themselves. try to find out what interests them and encourage them to take that next step. Some unfortunately would rather go out and party, have fun with their friends, or spend money frivolously. There is not much sacrifice as to pleasures in life.
    That is what i mean by entitlement. They are entitled to ‘Happiness” by their own definition, and if it costs them their financial security, then they feel the government, or others, should help make up for it.
    We need to rid ourselves of that thinking, if we truly want to progress.
    Rome fell into a self serving, degraded society. It did not end up well.
    We need to have a discussion in this country of the real Greater Good. I perceive that greater good, as empowering people to want to be self supported, and responsible for their decisions.
    Sounds like a pipe dream, but the alternative has a dire end.
    I am not one to trust our government, as they operate from a corrupt and narcissistic position, that puts the citizens in a second class position. Both parties. Look at what they did in Florida during the election. Our leaders did nothing to help businesses deal with the oil spill other than write letters, they let us fall into a huge budget hole, and instead spent months trying to get themselves elected.
    A discussion of the real role of government needs to happen in the country, but including the two parties in that discussion will result in a failure.
    Maybe others around here would like to comment also.

  35. Unreal Says:

    As for your question. What people exhibit that does not create the entitlement mentality?
    There is one thing I see, and is shared by many educated people. That is the need and desire to help others, without personal gain for themselves. That would be the defining characteristic to me. You and I both i believe, want to help other people. Usually that type of person, is not one that will ask for help themselves. We will deal with adversity as it comes, and sacrifice our own ‘happiness’ or well being before asking someone else to help us. I know people like this as well, but they are few and far between.

  36. mike Says:

    Unreal, thank you for the replies.
    I understand the points you are making and have but a few simple questions and observations that I feel pertainent.
    The first is government itself is us dispite the way many divorce themselves from this reailty that it is “we the people” who are the government and we are the ones who select those who make the decisions.
    No one else but us votes for government.
    Given that fact, both of us are decidedly unhappy with the shape and direction of our own government.
    On to the “entitlement mentality”.
    On a lighter note, Rome is still there, and so is a great deal of power vested by hunderds of millions of Christian believers the world over. Rome has held it’s strength in many ways throughout time.
    I read and re-read your words concerning the early years of life in the USA.
    I concur with you about many of your observations but I feel that I must interject a number of elements inorder to flesh out my take on your posts.
    It appears that you do not give much consideration to the changes in this nation from an agrarian society into an industrialized society and now on what is another evolution in our history the post-modern society.
    Those first 150 years were marked by expansion and development and resulted in this nation becoming built out and it’s once available lands the property of individuals. No more homesteading grants (government giveaways) available to individuals or railways (you do know that the railways were given the land and also the half mile on each side of their tracks another government program.)
    Times changed and where most all Americans born before 1850 lived their lives within 50 miles of their birth, this is the case no longer.
    American families do not live in a manner they did at the turn of the 20th century nor are they remotely as large as the 19th century paradigm of having as many children as you can because they are the only insurance policy against the perils of living to a ripe old age.
    While you take the position of “unfortunately the knowledge government was and always is there to make up for failures” as something bad I take the position that that same fact had led to Americans taking risks that would have been impossible in earlier times.
    This goes from individuals seeking a better life by travelling great distances by themselves to make a new start in far away communities.
    Sure we settled the West in the 19th century but we ran out of land at the pacific ocean and things then began to fill in.
    The newfound ability to seek to better oneself and not be tied to a particular piece of land forever changed the paradigm you hold dear as an ideal that remains valuable in the 21st century.
    There will be those individuals, by the millions who party too much, save too little and therefore have nothing to fall back upon as they age and become dependent upon others. (this was the rreason for those giant 19th century families)
    Imagine if everyone today felt the necessity to have 10 kids. The medical expensies for their births would easily climb into the low six fugures and that is just to get them into diaper stage.
    We don’t live in that USA anymore and there is no leaving town and finding it elsewhere on this continent today.
    I am delighted to see you have been able to create jobs and have held this ability for long enough to see the the different nature of humanity as it has been displayed to you by those you employ.
    Imagine for a moment a USA where we ramained agrarian, what would this nation look like?
    Our founding fathers gave us a concept and a roadmap that is as vague as it is specific, for good reason, they too had been the beneficiaries of modernization as they or likely their parents or grandparents crossed the ocean risking everything for the chance to better themselves or to flee from oppression, either real or perceived.
    While I find your philosophy quite close to alignment to mine, I feel that we differ in our outlook for the future as we take stock of the present.
    You choose to look backward and see a plan that changed patterns from what it once was and in that look back find the difference between now and then something to wistfullly remember.
    I look backward and see where we have been and wonder at the wisdom our founding fathers displayed when they created a system that still works albeit in a far different time than whence it was conceived.
    I think we both have a great deal of hope for this nation. I just believe that what got us here was the spirit of the plan and that spirit is with us still.
    While my impression is you believe we have lost something along the way.
    I believe lost nothing, we simply move forward and what worked in in agrarian times fails to meet 21st century American needs and our entire future depends upon most Americans recognizing the difference between then and now and relying upon our selves and each other (we the people) and that magic document our Constitution to see us through.

  37. Unreal Says:

    Can’t disagree with your summation, and as i stated in one post, i think apart from certain ideologies regarding the substance of government, most educated, sane people will agree with what we want in our country.
    Yes times have changed. Some for the better, and some for the worse. The family unit has certainly broken down, and drug and alcohol abuse is a significant problem today. Questionable content on television, movies, and music are not doing us any favors, even though in a free country those things are permitted. I do not suggest to change anything as far as freedoms go, and actually believe we need to have more freedoms in many areas.
    While government is by the people, in my mind, (and long experience dealing with government agencies from a consumer/business level), the employees of government cease to be ‘we the people’ and become ‘the government’ when they are elected or employed.
    There are a great many good people in government. There are also some really rotten people who like to hold their power over others. This can not be tolerated. Unfortunately it is our elected leaders who practice the abuse more than anyone else. They are habitually disinterested in dealing with the public, unless of course you come with a large campaign check in hand. This is not a left or right issue, it is a matter of course.
    The Constitution is an interesting document in that it outlines the rights of the citizens, and it grants the government certain, albeit vague in some cases, powers.
    Because of our growth, and enhancements of society, we have come to operate under the Constitution based off the interpretation by members of the government, and the courts.
    Our courts for the most part are completely corrupted by the parties. The SCOTUS votes pretty much along party lines on every single issue now. That is a travesty.
    And as conservative as I am, the Citizens United decision was very telling. They granted the rights of a citizen to an entity, comprised of citizens, and sometimes foreigners. It is an abomination in my eyes.
    Of course most would say i am a radical, because i don’t actually believe that a member of government retains the rights of a citizen, once they become a public servant. Politicians particularly who set legislation, have a conflict of interest. That is for another time however.
    Saying all that, i think the most important issue America can address now, is a defined role of government, and a strict standard for its performance. No longer should the commerce clause be taken by interpretation, but rather government should act upon certain rules, that encourage idealistic service.
    We need election and campaign reform, as money has ruined the electoral process.
    We listen to politicians bash each other, and never say what they will do. i.e Scott and Sink. Neither of them put forth any plan, but they are typical of politicians today who are afraid to say anything that would bring them under any scrutiny.
    We need a balanced budget amendment to stop the discretionary spending that is nothing more than pandering to donors for the most part.
    We need a discussion of national priorities as Mr. Obama stated. Today, not two years from now as he is inclined to do after the next election.
    That national debate should include the use of tax payer money, with the result being a mandated schedule of payment. (Debt, police, fire, defense, government operation, handicapped, veterans in that order.) The things that ALL Americans need or serve the greater good.
    It is atrocious that politicians use police fire and teachers as leverage against the citizens. It is atrocious that we limit services to handicapped people, to take care of people who are apathetic and self serving, and otherwise able to care for themselves better.
    Police, fire and teachers should not have to have a union. I am obviously against unions, but for those three services and possibly for nurses, I would agree that in lieu of mandated wages for these people, a union is needed.
    I feel we have reached a peak in our countries growth, and in order to be able to continue into the next cycle of evolution, we need to do away with the two parties. They maintain a control over our lives, and neither of them are making decisions related to the citizens. It is all about the vote. I do not favor partisans of either side.
    It is the number one thing we need to do is limit the role of the parties in our government.
    They pit us against each other to fight over an illusory ideology that they do not share. Anyone who thinks Obama is much different than Bush isn’t thinking clearly. Both of them increased the role of government. Both of them practiced further limitations on our freedoms. Both of them spent money in a partisan fashion. And both of them pander to people much wealthier than ourselves, all in the name of campaign donations.
    They are both miserable failures. What is the real difference?
    Sorry i took a tangent, but the real crux is that the enemy are the two parties.
    It is time for extreme change, and that change needs to start at the top, otherwise all change is just a bandaid for the real problems.

  38. Oh Please Says:

    Sink had more “problems” at every job she ever held. Always blaming the other ‘guy’ as liberals always do.

  39. Blackman Says:

    As a liberal, progressive Democrat, I supported Alex Sink. Then she turncoats us and endorses the fake independent Crist. That’s why she lost. She turned on us, so we turned on her. It’s too bad that the worst candidate in FL history won, but it’s Sinks own fault. One thing I admire about Repubs; they stick together. Even when their policies suck (which is most of the time) they remain united, We Democrats need to learn this lesson.

  40. South Floridian Says:

    Alex Sink may not have been a great candidate. However, she lost on the anti Democrat, anti Obama tidal wave. The Democrats took their biggest beating in Congress and Governorships in the last 60 years. It wasn’t because of Sink, bcause the Democrats were sunk by their policies and Obama.

  41. miamivoter Says:

    Alex Sink, her campaign manager and the head of the DNC are to blame! Like most So Fl voters, I didn’t even know who Alex Sink was until the general election..heck i thought she was a man!lol. She should have campaigned during the primary in those parts of the state where she was unknown…Whereas Rick Scott had name recognition early on..even if you disagreed with his politics. I do think that Rick Scott will prove to be the worst governor in the history of Florida and will introduce a level of corrupution never before seen! Time will tell

  42. full length mirror Says:

    Some say Christ is a Dem in Rep shoes. I think I’m starting to believe that.

    Tina :(

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