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Scott makes first agency head hires

by Dara Kam | December 28th, 2010

Gov.-elect Rick Scott has hired Indiana Corrections Commissioner Edwin G. Buss as Florida’s corrections secretary and Wal-Mart executive Bryan W. Koon to head the state’s emergency management division.

The pair – both former military men – are the first Scott has named to head his executive agencies before taking office on Jan. 4.

Here’s what Scott had to say about Buss in a press release issued late this afternoon:
Buss brings to Florida nearly twenty-four years of hands-on experience in corrections, emergency response, public safety, supervision and budgeting. As Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Corrections and a key member of Governor Mitch Daniels’ cabinet, Buss was responsible for over 7,500 employees, 26,000 inmates, 10,000 parolees throughout the state’s corrections facilities. Prior to serving as Commissioner, Buss served as Superintendent of two Indiana prisons where he refined Death Row and execution procedures, implemented accountability metrics and implemented a safe prison initiative. Throughout his career, Buss has been successful in implementing innovative policies that improve operations while reducing wasteful spending.

And here’s Koon’s biography from the press release announcing his appointment:
Koon brings to Florida nearly twenty years’ experience managing tactical and strategic emergencies in the military, government and private sector. In his current role as Director of Emergency Management for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Koon is responsible for the emergency management operations of over 8,500 facilities worldwide. He is an acknowledged expert in the fields of emergency preparedness, disaster response, continuity of operations and continuity of government. Koon’s broad and varied experience includes several years in the White House Military Office where he developed, maintained and implemented high level, classified programs to ensure continuity of government and continuity of operations in the wake of a tactical or natural disaster. He also served the nation with distinction as a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy, both active duty and in the Navy Reserve.

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8 Responses to “Scott makes first agency head hires”

  1. Kayon Says:

    Good, like military men and men who will MAKE A DECISION.

    Watch out for “Tampa” political ‘news’. It’s the democrat party MILL that the Post relies on.

  2. BM Says:

    Great picks. If you can make it heading up something as big as Wal Mart which is really a medium sized country, you can handle Florida.

    Buss is going to do a great job in corrections as well. No nonsense guy.

  3. Good Choices Says:

    Governor Scott will make good choices for Florida. Military trained people are still the best trained people in the USA! Good old fashioned training always comes up first on the winning team! Go Governor Scott! Get rid of the culture of Florida Corruption!

  4. Carol Says:

    No one in Florida qualified? This Governor is a joke, and his corporate cronies are in our back pockets and unemployment is around 10%. Wake up, people and follow the connections that do not lead back to US.

  5. mike adams Says:

    At least he picked someone with an education and experience in comparison to the current director, Dave Halstead. Good choice Governor!

  6. Correct Carol Gov Scott MUST Break The Culture Of Florida Corruption Says:

    Carol ~ Its not that there is no one in Florida qualified for these jobs its that all the Floridians are connected at the hip with their organized corruption which has been headed for 12 plus years by Jebbie Boosh! And yes I am registered Republican tired of all the corruption in all political parties!

  7. JR Says:

    Correct Carol:

    Well, nearly everyone on Scott’s transition team is tied to Jeb Bush.

  8. Kevin Says:

    Ok, these seem like reasonable appointments. So far so good, I am interested in what the good Governor has in mind to do with Medicaid / HCD/ healthcare in our state. That’s where you can expect to see his own personal interest being served as well as a good dose of corruption and fraud. I remain skeptical of this mans agenda and will watch his every move very closely in the moths ahead.

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