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Scott gets his guv on in hometown

by Dara Kam | December 27th, 2010

Gov.-elect Rick Scott’s inaugural festivities got underway this morning in his Naples hometown, a week before Scott officially takes the helm as Florida’s 45th governor on Jan. 4.

About 200 well-wishers crowded into a nippy courtyard as a Dixieland band played jazz at the Food & Thought Organic Market and Restaurant as Scott and Lt. Gov.-elect Jennifer Carroll shook hands, posed for pictures.

“Who’s ready to create 700,000 jobs? Who’s ready to get rid of all regulations that are killing jobs in this state? Who’s willing to use accountability budgeting to look at every state agency? Who’s ready to get that done?” Scott said, echoing his campaign refrain.

Scott reiterated his pledge to scrutinize state spending to make sure taxpayers are getting the best bang for their buck and got in a little president-bashing as well.

“We cannot continue to go down the path we’re on. We cannot continue to go down the path Barack Obama’s taking us…We are going to make sure we change how we run this state,” Scott promised.

Scott and Carroll and the newly elected Florida Cabinet are scheduled to make stops in Orlando and Clewiston today as party of four days of inaugural partying.

Scott drew heat for raising more than $3 million for the inaugural festivities while the state is still suffering some of its worst economic times and unemployment – now at 12 percent – continues to climb.

But Carroll, a former state representative, said the two-day fly-around – the pair will also tour the state on Wednesday – is the right thing to do.

“The media hit us up and said we shouldn’t be taking this show on the road but a lot of you can’t make it to Tallahassee,” Carroll said. “We owe it to you to bring Tallahassee to you.”

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5 Responses to “Scott gets his guv on in hometown”

  1. greg Says:

    Scott makes it sound like Florida was a bastion of progressive liberalism….

    Someone should tell him to blame Republicans for the state of the state.

  2. Scott Aunt Stupid Says:

    I have a serious suspicion Rick Scott has got a lot more sense than the left is giving him credit for! He knows the Jeb Bush society remnants and culture of corruption has run this state for twelve years! He knows its not Obama running Florida GOP politics. And he is determined not to ever let that happen if possible! He knows what a battle the PROF launched against him and in support of the one whose turn it was next! What we are not sure is if he really knows the extend of this GOP led corruption and the literally millions and millions of dollars of state investment and pension funds these organized politicians including Alex Sink have squandered in crooked friends investments? Please Rick Scott look into all of this! Someone needs to go to jail! And I think its some of the same ones that was calling Rick Scott a crook! Real investigations and real prosecutions are needed! Not the GOP lip service of the likes of Sansom, Greer, Mendelsohn and others!

  3. jac Says:

    A lawyer that walks away with our hard earned healthcare dollars many that didn’t vote for HIM understand it went into the wrong pockets. He is what we allow to be wrong in this nation. He and many like him are millionaires or billionaires from what was earmarked to go TREAT our elderly PATIENTS. SHAME ON THIS NATION FOR ALLOWING THAT TO HAPPEN. Now there is no guarantee that there will be healthcare for you when you retire which is the most expensive time in your life. WHAT LEGISLATORS WILL HAVE THE COURAGE TO CHANGE THIS?

  4. CYA Says:

    the medicare crook who stole millions from the government is already trying to get rid of all regulation so that he and his cronies can get even richer on the backs of the middle class. The last 8 years of ” trickle down economics” haven’t worked, so, let’s give those rich bas***** even more money instead of putting the $ 700 billion into the government coffers. you t-baggers should be angry about that, but noooo.. you were told to support it so you did even though it will hurt you. good thinking

  5. CYA Chattahoochee Is Calling You Says:

    CYA ~ Take Two Prozac and be at the State mental hospital in Chattahoochee at 8 AM in the morning! This is more than you can stand! Things might be going to get fixed by an outsider for a change because we Tea “Partiers” not baggers (you and nancy pollock invented that word) are sick and tired of governemnt orgainzed fraud against we the people!

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