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On House floor, Rep. Ron Klein thanks constituents for ‘privilege of a lifetime’

by George Bennett | December 1st, 2010


Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, defeated in his reelection bid Nov. 2, delivered parting remarks on the floor of the House late today.

“The opportunity to serve in this body has been the privilege of a lifetime,” said the two-term representative from Boca Raton, who lost to Republican Allen West.

Klein expressed pride in lining up bipartisan support for his homeowner insurance bill, closing the Medicare prescription drug “donut hole” and helping veterans.

“Some might disagree with our policies,” Klein said. “But I think it is clear that each of us loves this country, and stood up for what we believe in the best way we know how.”

Read Klein’s complete remarks after the jump…

Remarks of Congressman Ron Klein
Floor of the U.S. House of Representatives
December 1, 2010

As Prepared For Delivery

Madame Speaker, I rise today to thank all of my colleagues here in the House, and especially my constituents at home in South Florida.

The opportunity to serve in this body has been the privilege of a lifetime.

I truly feel honored to have been entrusted with the responsibility of fighting for families, businesses, seniors and veterans in my community every single day.

And fight we did.

Together, we took on skyrocketing homeowners’ insurance costs and wrote a common-sense solution that makes sure insurance works like it is supposed to. It wasn’t easy, but we brought together every single member of the Florida delegation, Republican and Democrat alike, as well as allies from all around the country, and passed the Homeowners’ Defense Act in a bipartisan way. And I am very proud of that.

We also fought to deliver on a campaign promise to close the Medicare Part D donut hole. Our seniors should never have to make the choice between food and medicine, and because we brought down the cost of prescription drugs, many in our community will no longer have to.

We stood up for our nation’s veterans, because I believe it is our responsibility to fight for those who have fought for us. We passed the biggest increase in the VA budget in history to help make sure our service members have access to everything they need, and we turned local ideas from our Palm Beach and Broward county Veterans’ Advisory Boards into the law of the land.

But we didn’t stop there. We took on the national security threat of a rogue Iran, writing and passing the toughest sanctions in history because we cannot allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons – not on our watch, and not on our dime. We tackled health care and equal pay for women. We expanded Pell Grants so every kid has a chance to go to college. We passed an innovative and forward-looking energy plan, to end our dangerous dependence on foreign oil.

But most of all, we worked together and did our best for our community. Some might disagree with our policies, but I think it is clear that each of us loves this country, and stood up for what we believe in the best way we know how.

Madame Speaker, my colleagues, and South Floridians who are watching today, I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Choosing public service isn’t always easy – there are bad headlines and tough attacks, and long weeks away from your family. And our families do sacrifice the most. But it is worth every single sacrifice for the opportunity to make this country better for our children and grandchildren than it was for us. That is the American dream, and that is what I get up fighting for every single day.

When I first came to this historic U.S. Capitol building, a very wise colleague told me something that stuck with me to this day. “Look up at the Capitol dome,” he said one night, after we had been working late. I looked up, and saw the magnificent white dome, lit up against the sky. I thought about how great figures in American history had worked inside this very building, about the debates and arguments and extraordinary progress these walls had seen. Then my colleague said, “if that doesn’t inspire you, nothing ever will.”

And he was right. The opportunity to serve my community in these hallowed halls does inspire me, and I hope it also inspires the next generation of leaders in this country to give themselves to public service. We will all be better off for it.

Thank you.

15 Responses to “On House floor, Rep. Ron Klein thanks constituents for ‘privilege of a lifetime’”

  1. Haeshu Kasiiki Says:

    Goodbye, Mr. Klein. You did a great disservice to all Americans with your healthcare votes, your support of unions and GM and your support of letting people who aren’t paying their mortgages stay in their homes. You won’t be missed.


  2. Lost it by himself Says:

    He never showed up to personally speak to his constituents on Healthcare. He phoned in.

    Klein failed to discuss his votes while in congress, and his negative, ridiculous commercials doomed him.


  3. Allen West is RADICAL Says:

    Now ENTER: The Radical Allen West

  4. Margaret Says:

    Let’s see what West can do. Here’s his opportunity. He just needs to communicate with his constituency.

    PBC is not an inclusive county politically. The democrats are the worse.

    S County pols have ruined the political process.

  5. Dirk Says:

    Ron Klien- who?

  6. EdFulop Says:

    The thing that Klein forgot was that he is supposed to be the representative for everyone in his district, NOT just the ones who elected him. As his campaign commercials showed, it was more about keeping his job than actually serving his constituents. Now, he’s going to cash in on his 4 years of making contacts by going back to lobbying. At the very least, we got him out of office before he reached eligibility for a Congressional pension.

    Goodbye, Mr. Klein — and good riddance.

  7. Steve R Says:

    Klein didn’t even have enough class to call and congratulate Lt. Col. West on his victory. Don’t let the door of the people’s office hit you in the ass as you leave Ron.

  8. bananapants Says:

    As we say in the Internets: DLTDHYOTWO, Mr. Klein.

  9. Mickkie Says:

    Thank You Cong. Klein for all your hard work. I know mMany like myself feel a huge loss already. I hope you return to serve again.

    On another note, I find it just laughable that Shaw has this much of a bad feeling to support such a joke as West. I was truly amazed how petty E Clay Shaw turned out. Personally, I new how nasty he could get, but surprised as many learned just how petty and resentful he has become. Sad for him.

  10. Steve R is a retard Says:

    Steve R- you are a retard. Congressman Klein called West to congratulate him.

  11. Steve R Says:

    I think the politically correct term is “mentally challenged”, which is what you are if you think that Klein called West.

  12. EdFulop Says:

    Poster #10 –

    One of Klein’s aides called one of West’s aides on the evening of November 2nd, not Klein himself. In his concession speech, Klein couldn’t even say West’s name, still referring to him as “my opponent”. He was and is an elitist snob, that can’t believe he lost to someone from “the rabble”.

  13. Elwood Dusak Says:

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  14. what are dreams Says:

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  15. RSBoca Says:

    Ron is an honorable and effective leader, the likes of which we don’t see often. I hope he realizes he has passionate supporters in South Florida who believe not necessarily in Democratic principles, but in Ron Klein himself. He was a bipartisan congressman who gained great respect among his colleagues as well as those who’ve had the honor of meeting him personally. Ron, thank you for four great years and I hope to see you involved again in 2012.

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