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How much clout will Florida gain with today’s census figures?

by George Bennett | December 21st, 2010

The U.S. Census Bureau will release state-by-state population figures later this morning and reveal how many U.S. House seats each state will have beginning in 2012.

Florida, which has 25 House seats now, is expected to gain at least one and possibly two seats. That means the perennially up-for-grabs Sunshine State will also add one or two electoral votes for the 2012, 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

Another big question: Will Florida overtake New York to become the nation’s third most populous state (after California and Texas)?

The figures are to be released at 11 a.m.

In the meantime, population buffs can check out the Census Bureau’s interactive map showing population and apportionment data from the 1910 through 2000 censuses. Note that Florida had fewer than 1 million people as recently as 1920 and only four congressional seats at the time. By the 2000 census, Florida’s population was nearly 16 million and it had 25 House seats and 27 electoral votes.

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5 Responses to “How much clout will Florida gain with today’s census figures?”

  1. Vickie Says:

    Hard to say how much clout Florida will gain, but the census figures will likely show that California really belongs to Mexico with Americans paying the bills.

  2. tuffsheet Says:

    The increase will surely be due to increased illegal aliens infiltrating our population which means the Democrats will be foaming at the mouth…..

  3. adrian Says:

    ditto/the sad thing is/100% of illegals probably think the computer is a burrito/but they know what a free check is/and a free meal/and section 8/and free education/that was,LA RASA’S PART TIME JOB…………………….they have clout as soon as they come into usa illegally/look at south florida now/have you ever applied for a job in a latino store and get hired??????????????

  4. EXposed Says:

    Most defiently, numbers are leverage, hopefuly it will lead to a postitive, econmic engine mindset @ not a Acorn, coruption mindset.

  5. Jennifer Hunt Says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, tuffsheet, but as a democrat I doubt there will be any mouth foaming today. Do you honestly believe any illegals would fill out the census when most of them won’t even go to the hospital or doctor for fear of being deported? In reality, the United States will never have a true population count because too many people won’t participate in the census- illegals are too scared and citizens are too lazy. Adrian, how many jobs in non-latino stores have you not been hired for? If you really want to work there so badly, it’s up to you to convince them you’re perfect for the job, just like you would anywhere else. Be the change you want to see in the world and stop wasting time writing pointless hateful anonymous comments.

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