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Hotline puts potential Hasner 2012 Senate bid on D.C. insiders’ radar

by George Bennett | December 9th, 2010

Hasner: 2012 Senate hopeful?

Former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner of Boca Raton, who’s been flirting with a potential 2012 U.S. Senate run, grabs some important electrons this morning on The National Journal‘s Hotline On Call website.

Here’s the link.

Hasner faces a “distinctly uphill path” to the GOP nomination, says Hotline, noting his relatively low statewide name ID. On the plus side, Hotline says, his conservative voting record and long history of opposing Gov. Charlie Crist should wear well with Republican primary voters, and Hasner “would be able to tap into a national Jewish Republican fundraising pool.”


7 Responses to “Hotline puts potential Hasner 2012 Senate bid on D.C. insiders’ radar”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Sure, insiders. As for the rest of us in the real world….who?

  2. Hasner is Exciting! Says:

    Hasner is awesome!

  3. KnightroFTW Says:

    too many conservatives means more ways to split the vote and get LeMieux nominated. if Hasner can’t win, he needs to keep out of this so we don’t give Nelson a RINO to beat.

  4. cvthomas Says:

    Knightro’s got it right. I’ll take Haridopolos over Hasner.

  5. I'll be with Hasner Says:

    Didn’t Haridopolis vote for the biggest tax hike in Florida history? Just might become an issue in a Repub primary.

    Hasner, quit talking and pull the trigger. And get Jillian on the case!

  6. Special Carve out Says:

    The jewish people try to dominate FL politics. There is no room for anyone else to run if a jewish candidate is running.

    When was the last time a baptist group funneled political money to a candidate, a catholic group, a methodist group, a lutheran group?

    Too keep Israel flush with American aid $$, the jewish people seek to get their brethen elected. Our children continue to die defending Israel (while Israelis children fail to serve beside our soldiers), our tax money that could be used for US citizens, is sent to Israel (and then Israel claims to be a self supporting State). The USA sends trillions.

    Eric Cantor just recently tried to get funding for Israel carved out of the operating costs, so that if a bill is held up, the aid to Israel would NOT be affected. Special treatment for Israel.

    They do nothing for the USA, but sure demand our country defend them and give them money. They, then turn around, and use the money to fund their candidates for political office.

    Didn’t America help liberate jews in WWII? And now, the jews in Israel demand that we continue to fund them. Let them disperse like other groups.

    Close down Israel and bring the inhabitants to the USA to live. Then the money and defense can STAY in the USA.

  7. Needs to be said Says:

    Democrat Senator Bill Nelson, our astronaut senator, FAILED to prevent 26,000 jobs being lost on the ‘Space Coast’.

    Where WAS he? He sat idlely by while FL lost MORE jobs. Here’s a senator, picked to go into space and he sat on his thumbs as the State lost NASA.

    Nelson has served long enough. He needs to go, retire. Will not vote for the man. FL needs new representation, whether democrat or republican.

    Time for Bill to retire.

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