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GOP chair hopeful Lynch says he’s no Democratic guitar hero; asserts barbecue sauce defense for Dem shirt

by George Bennett | December 6th, 2010

GOP chair hopeful Ed Lynch (left, with guitar) says he was doing a sound check -- not performing -- when he appeared in 2008 with Democratic state House candidate (now state Rep.) Joseph Abruzzo and former Democratic state Sen. Dave Aronberg.

In his bid for Palm Beach County GOP chairman, two-time congressional candidate Ed Lynch is mounting a more-Republican-than-thou challenge of incumbent Sid Dinerstein. Among other things, he has ripped Dinerstein for allowing BIZPAC Chairman John R. Smith to be a non-voting member on the county GOP executive board when Smith contributed to Democratic state Rep. Joseph Abruzzo.

So Dinerstein supporter Jack Furnari is making hay of photos from 2008 that show Lynch wielding a guitar at a joint event for Democrats Abruzzo and former state Sen. Dave Aronberg. Lynch is wearing a “Team Aronberg” T-shirt in the pics, which conservative activist Furnari posted today on his blog.

Lynch says he donned Aronberg T-shirt after barbecue sauce mishap.

Lynch today called the guitar issue a sign his opponents are “desperate.”

Lynch says he merely loaned his sound system to a friend who played at the event. He says he picked up the guitar, which he says wasn’t his, to do a sound check and didn’t actually perform. Abruzzo said he thinks he remembers Lynch playing at the event, but can’t be absolutely sure. He said he remembers feeling a little uncomfortable about it because he supported Lynch’s opponent at the time, former Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler. Aronberg said he wasn’t 100 percent certain either, but thinks Lynch’s sound-check story is “probably right.”

And that Aronberg T-shirt? Lynch said he spilled barbecue sauce on his own shirt and donned the Democratic garment as an emergency substitute.

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25 Responses to “GOP chair hopeful Lynch says he’s no Democratic guitar hero; asserts barbecue sauce defense for Dem shirt”

  1. JupiterVoter Says:

    Is it just me or does Mr. Lynch come across as a very opportunistic and hypocritical fellow?

  2. robbo Says:

    lynch is a joke but no one is laughing. Sid will destroy him

  3. fear Says:

    he wore a T SHIRT! one time, and that it on par with financially supporting democrats, or making calls for them? or purposely not runninG republicans against them because john r says so? PLEASE!

    your last ditch effort at a hail mary isnt gonna cut it jack and sid, i hope to see the two of you leave the room for the last time on wendesday and that you leave your shady democrat dealing days behind you and retire. you have failed the people of palm beach county for long enough.

  4. Bocabarbara Says:

    Lynch has a weak case against Sid Dinerstein and John R Smith when he is shown at a Democratic event. Can he make up excuses why he was there? Sure, but the point is that it was not a good argument against his opponents to begin with. Sid has done a fine job as Chairman. Lynch, if you want to run against him come up with some positive reasons why you would be better, not this silly stuff.

  5. Who gives a SH**?! Says:

    Seriously who cares, unless of course you know for a fact this isn’t even a REAL political party. Like the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is just an empty shell which is one of two hollow organizations that control political expression in this country and its utterly self-perpetuating. The guy wore a shirt, but how does that make him any less “Republican” than Sid Dinerstein when there are NO defining characteristics to being a Republican? Or, for that matter, a Democrat. This is why what you call a “political party” is home to traditional conservatives (John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Eric Cantor, Tim Pawlenty, Paul Ryan, and the Club for Growth), the Religious Right (Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Mike Pence, National Federation of Republican Assemblies and the Christian Coalition), the rapidly dwindling old Nixon/Rockefeller “centrist” or “moderate” wing (Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, and the Republican Main Street Partnership), libertarians (Ron Paul, Campaign for Liberty and the Republican Liberty Caucus), and a “paleo-conservative” wing that backs strict anti-immigration controls (Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan). The influential “Tea Party” movement split between several groups who each claim the name (Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, Tea Party Nation, etc.). If all of these “Republicans” can share the same political non-identity and be called “Republicans” then guess what? Ed Lynch is as Republican as Sid Dinerstein, Jack Furnari, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marco Rubio, and everyone else that identifies with this empty label. Ditto on Democrats.

  6. sid did this Says:

    boca barb, when ed announced, he laid out a very simple plan on what needs to be done ,and how he would do it. a real honest game plan on the the republican party needs. sir and jack started this name calling crap, because they know THEY CANT RUN ON THE ISSUES!

  7. Sid? No way! Says:

    Isn’t it interesting that Furnari and Dinerstein, who claim not to be making back room deals with Democrats, have such easy access to pictures from Democratic insiders?

    Lynch helped a friend, not Aronberg or Abruzzo, with the use of his sound system. That’s a far cry from what Furnari and Dinerstein do by supporting Democrats and making deals to that keep Democrat seats safe.

    What we’re seeing here is two desperate “king makers” trying to save their fiefdom.

    If the members of the REC aren’t happy with Dinerstein (and they’re not) but don’t think Lynch is a better choice, then one of them should standup and run themselves. Otherwise, elect Ed Lynch and give him a chance to enact the plan that he introduced in his announcement letter. If he fails to deliver, he’ll be voted out in 2 years.

  8. ipswich Says:

    Lynch is crazy and so is everyone who supports him.

  9. randolph Says:

    where that ugly buck tooth betty lynch hangs with?

  10. Sage Says:

    THESE PHOTOS ARE WORTH TEN THOUSAND WORDS!!! Lynch, you’re BUSTED, you dishonest cretin!!!

    Remember reading Shakespeare, Lynch? “He doth protest too much.” You
    wrongfully accused Mr. Dinerstein of the actions you were taking part in! You are nothing short of a dirtbag.
    For those of you who support Lynch, it is time to demand his withdrawal from this contest in order to stop embarrassing the Republican party (and himself, which is irrelevant to most of us). You might also want to ask him to switch back to his last political affiliation. (Anyone else noticing Lynch’s similarities to ARLEN SPECTOR???)

    Lynch and all of his supporters owe Mr. Dinerstein a HUGE apology for all of their disgusting lies. Lynch is nothing but slime, which has been shown countless times when he ran in other political races. This is why he hasn’t won, owes an incredible amount of business and personal debt because he thinks he doesn’t have to pay for anything, and always tries to make excuses when he gets caught. These are not qualities of a leader for ANYTHING, much less the Republican Party of PBC!

    Post #7, you are nothing but a lost cause Lynch supporter who just saw the light but doesn’t want to admit it. Lynch wore the shirt because he was SUPPORTING A DEMOCRAT! Lynch CHOSE to be there because that’s who he is! Is the dust clearing for you now? Let me make this easy for you to understand. LYNCH SUPPORTED ABRUZZO!!!!!

    Stupid people ALWAYS contribute to their own demise by thinking they can get away with things. Well Lynch, ironically you have now lynched yourself! The truth always finds its way to the surface. WITHDRAW and get a job so you can stop stealing from the constituents and start paying your taxes and mortgage, like everybody else!

    Lying Lynch and the Lynch mob, it’s time to turn over. YOU’RE DONE!!!

  11. Nice try Says:

    I don’t understand what the big fuss is. It’s not like Abruzzo is really a Democrat anyway. He votes like a Republican. And Aronberg wasn’t much better. It was terrible to watch him sell out his constituents for insurance companies and big business. And people wonder why Gelber thumped him?
    Republicans, relax. Ed Lynch wearing an Aronberg t-shirt and performing for an Abruzzo event is nothing like him supporting a real Democrat.

  12. Sting Says:

    I think leaving the shirt with the barbeque sauce stain on would have been the smarter play. Lynch always seems to have to much explaining to do……..why is that??????

  13. whodat Says:

    and Sting wins the prize for most incisive comment. How come Lynch always has a story? Maybe it is because Lynch is a compulsive liar.

  14. my mind is made up Says:

    Thanks for the pictures, Jack. That did it for me. Lynch looks sooooo much better in a short sleeve shirt, it’s time for Sid to go.

  15. Enough with the personal attacks Says:

    Being a new REC member and not involved with any of those mentioned I am quite dismayed.

    From what I have seen in back and forth emails is one side (Mr Dinerstein and Mr Funari) attacking another person (Mr Lynch). From Mr Lynch I see attacks of Mr Dinerstins’ own record. If any of you attacking Mr Lynch with name calling are even REC members then you would know what is being said in those emails. I have yet to see a “plan” from Mr Dinerstein. I have however spoken amongst fellow members and see the REC is need of renovation.

    From Mr Lynch I see someone trying hard to expose corruption within the party at the local level and to create positive change. From Mr Dinerstein (especially from those who seem to support him) I see someone lashing out because they don’t want to lose. I for one would like to see less attacking and more from the man with a plan.

    I don’t know either gentleman “personally” but from the aggression I see from Mr Dinerstein and his supporters and from the public records on non conservative practices I have now made my decision.

    I too have lost my job and am having mortgage troubles, does that make me a “stupid thief” as “sage” implies above? No it does not. It makes me a part of a current (and growing) trend of Americans hurt by a destructive government.

    I would love to remain a member of the REC but it seems there is so much anger and resentment. Please refrain from lashing out at me for voicing my opinion as that will only give you an empty room at REC meetings.

    I remain a loyal, lifelong conservative Republican.

  16. Hook, Line, and Sinker Says:

    Dear Enough with the personal attacks,

    You my friend are a Kool-Aid drinker. Don’t hide behind “I don’t know either gentleman personally”, because if that were true then your comments wouldn’t have been clearly bias as to the negative attacks. As an REC member you KNOW that the attacks against Sid were started with two “setup” annonymous emails just before Ed declared his candidacy for chair. This is how Ed operates. Now he is claiming the victim. His history of dirty campaigning is well documented. His history of lying is well documented. After he starts the attacks then he wants to try and say we should focus on the issues. Well his lack of personal integrity is a paramount issue. To be fair, Sid apparently has some questionable dealings with democrat candidates but it is nowhere near comparable to the baggage Ed brings with him. Ed claims to be able to increase fundraising but he wasn’t able to do it in his own campaign nor has he been able to raise money for the campaigns of others. Those are the facts. I will give Ed credit for his personal volunteer efforts and that of his followers. But to lead the local party? No thanks.

  17. Sage Says:

    Post #15, the only time the word “stupid” was used referred to Lynch and no one else. You may want to reread it and check your comprehension. Unless you are keeping contributions for yourself and creating lies about your opponent, the reference had nothing to do with you. Also, nothing was a personal attack, just the truth. I cannot imagine why you or anyone else would even consider supporting someone like Lynch.

    If you have been paying attention, Mr. Dinerstein has not attacked anyone. On the contrary, he runs an upstanding campaign and has laid out a “plan” (as you stated). Lynch is known for running dirty and dishonest campaigns because he is without merit.

    You are obviously a Lynch supporter. Trying to use my words (which were quite clear) as a scapegoat for you making a poor choice is ludicrous. However, that is your option.

    Hook, line, and sinker phrased his or her response to you quite well by stating that you know how Lynch operates. Always dishonest and dirty. Mr. Dinerstein has proven successes leading the party, and there is no question about whom to vote for.

  18. SayYouSayMe Says:

    Enoughwith: They sure came after you with a vengeance, did they not? Someone somewhere does not want a new Chairman. What you said is true for many of us new REC members. My hope is both give their speech tomorrow night and we can make our decisions without any coerced voting and privacy. Especially following today’s mailer we received. If any one knows of my vote, there is corruption within the walls of where it is not supposed to and my answer is clear.

  19. GEOFF Says:

    why is joe abruzzo so eager to help ” ultra conservative” oily jack furnari?


  20. GEOFF Says:

    look what sid does with REC MONEY!



    nice shirt sleeves and tie sid! you look like a coppier salesman!
    you are 15 years behind! the rec is stuck in a rut and its YOUR FAULT!

  21. Sage Says:

    Post #20,

    Lynch is wearing an Abruzzo shirt, STANDING WITH ABRUZZO. The Lynch mob can’t try and twist its way out of this one, and neither can Lynch. Funny how one of you always tries to come up with an excuse when Lynch is caught for something he shouldn’t be doing YET AGAIN.

    I think going back to school would benefit you. Not only can’t you spell, but you cannot form a sentence and write like an angry child. The right candidate will win. (Again: NOT LYNCH.)

  22. Nice try Says:

    Again folks. What is the problem?
    Abruzzo is a Republican. Check his record.

  23. Conservative Diva Says:

    Sage…can you NOT read?? The shirt says ARONBERG you blonde doofus! LMAO!

    @Geoff….nice video…LOL

  24. Sage Says:

    TEAM ARONBERG IS ARONBERG, ABRUZZO, and LYNCH. Yes, we are well aware that Lynch is supporting Aronberg. ELLEN SNYDER, nice to see you finally admit it. “Doofus?” I see you’re up to learning a four year old’s vocabulary. You can’t even spell that word right. Hey genius, I do not have blonde hair, but you would benefit from a diet, and some morals, especially for someone who is pushing 40.

  25. Hook, Line, and Sinker Says:


    She’s 48. That would be pushing 50.

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