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Former Miami cop shows up to protest Morrison pardon

by Dara Kam | December 9th, 2010

An angry former Miami cop showed up at the Capitol today to protest Gov. Charlie Crist and the state Clemency Board’s expected pardon of the late “Lizard King” rocker Jim Morrison.

Angel Lago said he served on the police force with the Theodore Seaman, the officer who charged Morrison with indecent exposure and public profanity, and that the pardon is an insult to Seaman’s reputation because it implies that Seaman lied in his arrest report.

Lago, who said he retired from the police force because he is disabled, said that Morrison, who was found dead in a Paris bathtub from an apparent overdose, does not deserve to be exonerated.

“What example are we giving our children? Party hearty and die young?” an angry Lago said. “All Mr. Morrison ever did was do drugs and sing songs.”

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11 Responses to “Former Miami cop shows up to protest Morrison pardon”

  1. Spence Says:

    No pardon for Charlie Crist. Worthless! Go away, disappear, and don’t let the door hit your *** on the way out…

  2. sarah Says:

    That’s what we do in America though, herald those who are artists but not good people. Look at Lennon… Why are we wasting time and money on a guy who is deceased?

  3. Tottz Says:

    Sara. Lennon was not a good person?

    You must be thinking of Lenin.

  4. lastofthemohicans Says:

    Whats important is what you did with the life God gave you while you were here on planet earth…Jesus Christ spoke many parables of the good and wicked servant in the Book of Matthew…its once appointed for man to die and then judgement…our life appears for a little while then vanishes away…

  5. he didn't do it Says:

    your imaginary friend jesus has nothing to do with this .. or anything else for that matter.. try thinking for yourself. by the way, he didn’t expose himself

  6. mrGonzo Says:

    Give the Cop a Donut! Hooray !!!

  7. V Says:

    A retired “disabled” cop. Yup, lot’s of integrity there.

  8. Metal Rules Says:

    Big deal so he showed his winkie.

    Angel Lago? Can we say affirmative action?

    Morrison’s corpse couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

  9. Written Proof Kruschev destroyed us from within Says:

    Bloggers 4, 5 and 7 are written proof that Soviet Prime Minister Kruschev’s threat to Eisenhower to destroy us from within in 1956 has been a great success! As for blogger 5 and their remarks concerning Jesus, I doubt you’re old enough to know anything about any of this but, it was not long after John Lennon made his infamous speach that the Beatles were better than God! Like John Lennon you are guilty of blasphemy! I wish I could know the price you will pay for your obnoxious typing fingers!

    Now, Charlie Crist is a sick individual! He has always come up with these off the wall causes which garner him attention from other sick or otherwise diverse groups! What can one expect from a white man who is a life long member of the NAACP? Remember, he claimed to have solve the civil rights era bombing of some instigator 50 years later and named the suspects, all of which were long dead! Crist has suferred a non repairable political defeat unlike most politicians ever do! He turned against his own party (OF WHICH HE WAS A RINO TO BEGIN WITH) in an effort to put himself in the senate seat at all costs! He thought the democrats whom he’s always sucked up too being able to vote for him in the general election would be enough to take him to victory. What a show of greed and a shame for the true democrat Kendrick Meek! Meek run an honest race and stuck to the issues! In the end Crist destroyed his own political future! Who wants a politician that will lie and change positions on the same issues several times a day? That describes a lawyer! Since Crist has the shingle but no working experience as such he will be taken under the arm of the great ambulance chasing lawyer John Morgan as a means of survival. These freaks protect each other!

  10. Keep it Real Says:

    Unless Lago and his kids never listen to music at all there’s a good chance that the only message they ever hear is from the same old trashy ‘come f-ck meee’ songs or crappy macho rap tunes from men who go in and out of prison before ending up dead in the streets because the only way they can communicate is with their guns.

  11. X Says:

    Police are in the business of saving lives. Soldiers of the law

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