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Fla tea partiers push VA-style anti-health insurance law

by Dara Kam | December 20th, 2010

The Florida Liberty Alliance – a coalition of tea party activists – is pushing Senate President Mike Haridopolos to pass a law similar to Virginia’s that would exempt Floridians from the federal health care law requiring individuals to purchase health insurance or pay a fine.

The group wants Haridopolos and the Florida Legislature to pass something similar to Virginia’s “Health Care Freedom Act” and make it one of the first things they do when they convene in March.

Haridopolos has already sponsored a constitutional amendment by the same name that would allow Florida to opt out of the health care law, now under scrutiny by a federal judge in Pensacola.

But the alliance doesn’t want to wait until the 2012 election when the proposal would go on the ballot.

“We respectfully ask that all expeditious measure be taken to introduce legislation to create Florida law, as was crafted so well in Virginia, to secure these protections by statute for Floridians as one of the very first legislative initiatives in the new session,” wrote a group of tea party activists in a letter to Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, released today.

“We believe that if Governor Scott, as one of his first acts on taking office, were to sign such legislation into law, the citizens of Florida would see that our elected Representatives not only take their oath of office to protect the Constitution seriously, but it would send a very strong message to Washington and the entire nation,” the letter goes on.

A federal judge in Virginia last week overturned the “individual mandate” portion of the law requiring that individuals and families have health insurance coverage or pay a fine. That case is likely headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson in Pensacola this week heard oral arguments in a challenge filed by Attorney General Bill McCollum and 19 other states. The Florida case also contends that the individual mandate is unconstitutional and that the federal government overreached its authority with sweeping changes to the federal-state Medicaid program included in the law.

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54 Responses to “Fla tea partiers push VA-style anti-health insurance law”

  1. BM Says:

    This is fantastic! I am glad to see that these groups are stepping up to the plate.

  2. unreal Says:

    So if this is put into the statutes and the healthcare law makes it past the SCOTUS is it going to keep the feds from fining people? As I understand in conflicts between state and federal law usually the more restrictive of the two is enforceable( unless you are in Arizona of course) I am sure state judges can not restrict federal rights or prevent federal actions. Sounds meaningless.

  3. American Patriot Says:

    WE THE PEOPLE are finally starting to fight back, just what took us so long??

    No one should be forced to buy anything or face a fine. That is compleltly against the laws of the United States Constitution.

    Whats next, you must buy a big home you cant afford or you will be arrested.

    The banks are Corrupt, The Government is Corrupt, Corporations are Corrupt.

    What in the H— is going on in this Country.

    If WE THE PEOPLE do not unite and stand together and March on Washington by the Millions.

    We are going to go into the worse DEPRESSION this country has ever seen.

    Europe is the first to fall, they are on the edge right now.

    Then the riots and fires will start here.

    M<y Countryment UNITE, we are ALL Americans and must fight together


  4. Educator Says:

    Boy a lot of people try to SOUND smart on here and they DON’T… SCOTUS LOL

    There is no way that this “conservative” “SCOTUS” LOL will say that it IS constitutional for the U.S. government to force people to buy a consumer product. (Every person MUST buy Tootsie Rolls or be fined) Never gonna happen

    And the way that the silly LIBTARDS wrote the law, if any one part is struck down then the whole law is struck down.


  5. Unreal Says:

    Educator. I certainly hope you are not an educator with your libtard comments. Do i find my question laughable? Considering I am a libertarian and firmly against the law, and pretty much disagree with everything the liberal agenda entails, I find it interesting that you couldn’t give my question legitimacy because you clearly pegged me a Libtard, in your words.
    It is a question of law. And the SCOTUS is not conservative. You have 4 and 4 and a flyer who can go either way.

    I think it is rather naive of you to assume that Kennedy is going to vote with the conservatives on this issue.

    Maybe I should throw around some Libtards or Rethuglican language for you to comprehend what i am saying. Slander is the language of the uneducated, uniformed.

  6. peanut Says:

    I wonder if any of these people can’t get health insurance. I have friends who may die because they have preexisting conditions, such as being over 50. They want to buy insurance and this law may make it possible. By the way, the part of the law requiring to have insurance is a Republican idea and newspapers should be repeating this.

  7. Nice try Says:

    Ummm. Does this mean they can’t require us to buy Windstorm insurance too?
    I mean, really, where have these people been? This is what we’re getting upset about now?
    Meanwhile corporate America rips us off on a daily basis and w think that’s OK?
    Why don’t they organize to compain about the insurance companies? If you think about it, insurance is just a Ponzi scheme. Why doesn’t this anger people more?
    Major corporation in the U.S. have stockpile of billion of dollars and refuse to hire people because their making too much money. Why is no one outraged at this?

  8. Logic Says:

    Insurance is not a “consumer” product – if it were, then hospitals could deny patients medical care if they couldn’t pay. But the reality is – they have to provide care, and if you don’t have insurance, those of us who do have to pick up the tab. To make it fair, those who opt-out should relinquish their right to health care that they can’t afford – and I doubt many people want that.

  9. Must already Says:

    Guess what, if you own a car, carrying liability insurance is mandatory in the state if Florida.

    Failure to do so will result in suspension of your drivers license.

    So I suppose all those people soooo against the government making people purchase (health) insurance either don’t drive or don’t carry any liability insurance.

  10. Unreal Says:

    @Must already. Drop the car insurance analogy it is the weakest argument out there to justify the healthcare law.
    The privilege to drive is elective, and if you choose not to drive, you don’t need to purchase insurance.
    You have a RIGHT to life, and they can not require you to spend money just because you are alive. The car insurance argument does not apply.

  11. herbert stamper Says:

    I hope they come to their senses,and repeal this thing. This is America,not Greece.
    If they do not repeal it,many like me will go to jail,because I refuse to allow the mafia Anti-Christ movement trash in George Washingtons house to dictate to me.

  12. Fed Up Says:

    What is the solution to people who can’t afford healthcare and have pre-existing conditions? I have friends who are self-employed who are paying 2200. and can’t change their coverage. So please tell me what the answer is? Healthcare needs a serious overhaul; I only hear what the answers are not; there are never any solutions.

  13. Mr. Pragmatic Says:

    Well said “Must Already” and “Nice Try” you are correct too about the companies sitting on more cash than any time in the history of the S&P 500 benchmark. Meanwhile productivity is going up quarter over quarter. I wonder who is getting the squeeze here. Its crazy that media has failed to recognize that there are many insurances that are required by local municipalities, banks, organizations, states, etc… If you have home with a mortgage- you have to carry insurance. If you live in certain areas of the country – you have to carry, flood, hurricane, fire, earthquake, wind, even volcano insurance. If you have a vehicle in over 85% of states you have to have insurance. Many cities/municipalities require insurances for special events, liquor licenses, operating health facilities, etc, etc……. Dr’s, cpa’S and attorneys have requirements on carrying insurances in order to operate under state laws. Even insurace agents are required to carry Errors and ommissions insurance. Unfortunetly the Insurance issue is much more complicated for the average american to understand and grasp. The media dummies the issue down to “gov’t vs people rights”, but that doesn’t justify the real issue which is the business structure of our current medical insurance program versus a need for a better one. ~ Think practical and think twice about where you are getting your news from. There are very limited resources available for unbias, factual content and unfortunetly it isn’t in the headlines nor easy to understand.

  14. PBC Resident Says:

    According to our constitution and principles this is a violation. HOWVER, so too are income taxes, social security and medicare. I can only hope this time the constitution comes out ahead, or the people for once demand their rights back.

    Insurance examples: House? I own my house and haven’t had insurance for thirty years. I do however have some saving in case something happens….Auto? You can drive a bike on the road or walk on it and you don’t have to have insurance. Your odds of serious harm are greater than being in a car….Pre-existing conditions? Well, let’s use your auto insurance examples. Someone with a lot of tickets can still get insurance, they just have to pay more. It’s the same with health.

    But you not having insurancce costs us all!!! Nope. If we don’t pay, we get sued. Just like any other service we use and don’t pay the bill. Our lives will be hounded by creditors. Anyways, those without insurance now have thousands freed up that they can use for savings(in case of sickness), as well as a gym membership or healthy food. What does your insurance give you?…Besides the point is ridiculous. Why are you concerened about a few million who don’t have insurance when you are going to PAY FOR THIRTY MILLION MORE TO BE PUT INTO MEDICAID?

    It’s absurd that I will be punished by jailtime or have 2.5% of my income seized because I refuse to buy a service. Obama really did us over on this one. In the campaign he was against mandates or fines. What a hypocrite(or is it liar?) he turned out to be….

  15. Unreal Says:

    @Fed Up. Maybe address the problems associated with health care instead of ignoring them. That would be a good thing.
    The high cost of educating doctors (capitalism)
    The high cost of medical equipment.(capitalism)
    The High cost and intensive work that goes into drugs.(capitalism)
    The Drug industry payoffs to the doctors.(bribery)
    The rampant practice of hospitals and doctors to order meaningless tests to drive up costs.(fraud)
    The waste in medicare and medicaid.(Inefficient system.)
    Fraud in Healthcare(elderly people who hide assets to obtain government healthcare).
    Little or no preventative care.
    Just because one side of our government passed a law to provide for a certain portion of society, it doesn’t mean it is a good thing.
    My company’s healthcare plan rose 33% last year, and 50% after the healthcare bill was passed. I had to push all my employees into their own plan, and ditch the company plan. The costs were too high.
    The healthcare law does nothing to solve endemic problems, and with our market society, some of them can’t be fixed.
    Unless you want to turn the entire industry upside down, there needs to be other fixes in society.
    Maybe tie the added spending to healthcare, to cuts in other areas. Like means testing of Social Security. Cutting other government services. Forcing people on welfare and unemployment to do work for states and reduce state labor forces for maintenance and other jobs.
    Cut government pensions and benefits.
    Create more prevention programs. Legalize marijuana and create treatment programs for other drugs.
    You can’t contain solutions to any issue in this country to itself. Our problems are more widespread than that.

  16. FACTS HURT Says:

    “Unreal” – how do you feel about the gov’t controling whether or not you can or can’t have an abortion. Did you know that it was a Conservative majority in the supreme court that ruled on Roe v. Wade? Funny how facts get spun over years and with the help of media agenda ofcourse.

  17. Unreal Says:

    @Mr.Pragmatic. You make the same failed arguments as other healthcare supporters who clearly don’t understand.

    “Its crazy that media has failed to recognize that there are many insurances that are required by local municipalities, banks, organizations, states, etc… If you have home with a mortgage- you have to carry insurance. If you live in certain areas of the country – you have to carry, flood, hurricane, fire, earthquake, wind, even volcano insurance”

    None of those insurances that you list are required by the government. They are required by the lender who you have made a financial deal with. In the instance of banks, they require you to have insurance, pressed by the government who regulates them. Easy. if you don’t own a home you aren’t required.

    The only valid argument for the healthcare law is that the government has the right to do it under the Constitution. That is why you don’t hear Obama or Holder’s office making any type of ridiculous argument that other insurances are required. Because they know it does not apply.

  18. Unreal Says:

    @FACTS HURT. The government has no business in the abortion issue. FYI i was against the Citizens United case. However i have a brain and i don’t follow any party. The citizens of this country have rights. the government has very few. And where the Constitution is vague, they always push their limits.

  19. FACTS HURT Says:

    @unreal – what about ……. If you have a vehicle in over 85% of states you have to have insurance. Many cities/municipalities require insurances for special events, liquor licenses, operating health facilities, etc, etc……. Dr’s, cpa’S and attorneys have requirements on carrying insurances in order to operate under state laws. Even insurace agents are required to carry Errors and ommissions insurance

  20. FACTS HURT Says:

    Many of these are state regulated or regulated by local municipalities.

  21. V Says:

    The driving argument may be weak but the analogy isn’t. True you can choose not to drive but many drive without the insurance and the cost is passed on to all of us.

    You may have the right not to have health insurance but you can’t choose to avoid medical help when needed. You then have the responsibility to pay for it but that rarely happens and the hospitals loose millions which is also passed on to the rest of us.

    You can blame the cost of health care on anything you want but it is what it is until other things change (including greedy Drs.).

    Not having auto insurance is irresponsible. Not having health insurance is equally irresponsible.

  22. Mr. Pragmatic Says:

    Well said V

  23. Unreal Says:


    Ok guys i know you can get this. All of those things you list are ELECTIVE. A CHOICE you make to do them. If you don’t make the choice. YOU DONT NEED to buy insurance.

    You DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE to be alive. Under your analogy, if i don’t want to buy insurance, then i have to kill myself.

    An Elective Choice is different than a RIGHT.

    Learn the difference.

  24. Unreal Says:

    Let me ask you all a question.

    Is healthcare a right of a citizen?

  25. FACTS HURT Says:

    The right to life …..or the right to healthcare….. hmmmm I wonder which is more controlling?

  26. Unreal Says:

    Is healthcare a right of all citizens?

  27. PBC Resident Says:

    Mandatory auto insurance costs us more than the few uninsured. Why? Think back before we had it in Florida. If a scammer wanted to do insurance fraud back then, they would target an expensive car because they figured the owner had money. However, the owner many times did and would get an attorney on his own and most insurance fraudsters didn’t get away with it. That kept rates low for whomever wanted insurance…..Then we had the mandates. Now a scammer knows they can target any car and it’s almost certain it has insurance. Further, the insurance companies usually just cut a check instead of fighting in court. The result? Our rates keep going up.

    Auto insurance mandates are another violation of our rights which should NOT exist.

    We can take a cue to why health care is so expensive too. Before the government got involved with it 50 years ago, most Americans didn’t have insurance(although it was cheap back then). Then the government coerced employers to give it to their workers. They created medicare/medicaid. Soon the majority now had insurance. It meant the industry knew they could charge whatever they want because the gov would be picking up much of the tab. The result? For those who do want insurance, it’s no longer affordable since government intervention stopped it from being a free market.

  28. FACTS HURT Says:

    @PBC Resident…. laissez-faire works just as bad – why are we in the worst recession over 50 years again?

  29. Unreal Says:

    @PBC. Insurance is a racket, but at the same time, without tort reform the insurance companies live in fear. I am an employer and have several employees commit workers comp fraud. The insurance company knew it, and did everything they could to stop it, but in the end they paid them off. My rates go flying up, even though we have an intense safety program.
    People will always game the system.
    We need to let the drug users out of jail and put them in treatment, and make insurance fraud a 10 year minimum conviction in prison followed up by a restitution period. It would cut down on the fraud.

  30. Unreal Says:

    @FACTS HURT. We are in a recession because we have overspent, and the bubble burst. Period. Irrational spending without any conservative principles of saving and moderation.

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  32. PBC Resident Says:

    Facts hurt: You really believe we have had a free market? As long as there is a federal reserve whose full purpose is to manipulate markets, we will have the results of that manipulation.

    We can thank Rubin/Greenspam/Bernanke/Clinton/Bush and the other criminals for where we are. Hang em all for treason I say.

  33. Mr. Pragmatic Says:

    @Unsure – Very true

  34. Unreal Says:

    @PBC. Amen.

  35. Mr. Pragmatic Says:

    Bernanke is correcting a mistake and under the circumstances is doing as decent job as one can in his shoes.

  36. Q Says:

    Can anyone explain why Congress exempted themselves from this healthcare?

  37. Unreal Says:

    @Pragmatic. What mistake was that?

  38. Say What???? Says:

    A lot of preaching and a lot of “talking down to” on here

  39. Sean O'Neill Says:

    Peanut -
    Are you always this stupid! In the first place driving is a priviledge! To make use of that priviledge you must have insurance and that is a “state’s law. Obamacare is a federal law and the Federal Governemnt under the Constitution does not have the authority to force anyone to buy anything from anyone at anytime. The problem with Liberals is that they are far too used to getting something for nothing from those of us who work hard and have the good sense to think things through.
    By the way, we have no health insurance and neither does my sister but I do not expect you, anyone else including the government to pay for it for me. We will take what comes along.

  40. Bob Says:

    I pay more than my fair share for health insurance because people get sick/injured/diseased but choose not to get health insurance and cry about the unexpected hospital bill.

    I pay more than my fair share of auto insurance (aka Uninsured Motorist Fee) because people choose to drive with no auto insurance. Florida says I MUST pay for UM.

    You hypocrites with no insurance are mooching off of us like Section 8 pigs.

  41. shaner Says:

    Just because the state makes a law doesn’t mean sh!t. California has medical marijuana but the feds don’t recognize it.

  42. herbert stamper Says:

    before government laws and regulations got so overbearing,one did not NEED healthcare,but now,doctors are in such a high tax braket,they have to charge twice as much,and insurance companys cannot sell healthcare between states,so there is no compitition,and lawyers have tripled the malpractice insurance rates,so I can not afford health insurance,and I refuse to sign up for ANY govt.handout,including OBAMACARE. NOW,taxpayers WILL be paying for illegals,as well as abortions.
    No way,will i abide by obamas laws. this antichrist piece of feces should never have been allowed out of KENYA!

  43. williamstaerk Says:

    Yeap. In fact, did you know that Currently, many insurance companies do not allow adult children to remain on their parents’ plan once they reach 19. Companies cannot do that any more. Search online for “Wise Health Insurance” and you can insure your kids if you are in the same boat.

  44. herbert stamper Says:

    thats right,and once the insurance companys have to keep (CHILDREN?) on parents coverage untill they are almost middle-aged,we will ALL pay through the nose,except me,I will refuse to buy it,and the muslim mafia punkinchief can have his gestaphoe put me in jail.

  45. Clinica Murcia Says:

    Thanks for share such nice informative information really very nice article …

  46. Kevin Says:

    I find it disgusting that Republicans fearing big insurance companies would not be able to compete against a public option and be put out of business by single payer health care came up with this private insurance purchase mandate idea that keeps insurance companies in the loop and allows them to drain the resources. Now they use their own idea as an excuse to find the entire health care law unconstitutional. These people are all con artists looking to screw the working man and he’s just too stupid do notice. Just look at herbert stamper’s comment. How stupid can one person get!!

  47. herbert stamper Says:

    Kevin,wake up dummy! you need to pull your head out of your ignorant ass,and look around,after you wipe that black stuff out of your eyes.
    Who do you think will pay for illegals healthcare? who will pay for the lazy,and why did the unions,and big businesses that own your MASTEROBUMMER,have to get a pass?
    thats right fool,already this bill supported ONLY by loons like yourself has caused everyones healthcare to rise more than at any time in history,but you do not care,because you are one of the parasites.
    have a nice day,punk.

  48. hsr0601 Says:

    The Republicans are the ultimate hypocrites! Simply put, Collapse of America!

    1. How do we pay for health care reform ?

    2. How do you pay for tax cuts for the wealthy ?

    (a). First attempt : threatening Social Security and Medicare Cut through the deficit panel.

    (b). Second attempt : holding the desperate Hostage, say, by the Ransom.

    3. Auto insurance mandate !
    Under historical interpretations of the Constitution, Congress can dictate the economic activity of citizens so long as that activity will have profound, large-scale effects on the national economy.

    4. Simply put, Collapse of America!

    ** Inaction cost, $9trillion over the next decade, ((Some of CBO analysis : While the costs of the financial bailouts and economic stimulus bills are staggering, they are only a fraction of the coming costs from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Over the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that each year Medicaid will expand by 7 percent, Medicare by 6 percent, and Social Security by 5 percent. These programs face a 75-year shortfall of $43 trillion–60 times greater than the gross cost of the $700 billion TARP financial bailout)).

    Over the duration of healthcare debate, using the preliminary cost analysis of CBO, the reps opposed the public option stubbornly, but after the release of final score, they have been defiant on the referee.

    The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that :
    Inaction cost in relation to health care reform totals $9trillion over the next decade.
    Reform will reduce the federal deficit by $143 billion over the next 10 years and as much as $1 trillion during the following decade.
    5. If the individual mandate is defeated at the Supreme Court level, I can guarantee health costs will skyrocket.

  49. herbert stamper Says:

    I am never lwet down by the libterd mentality. never have I ever expected to get used to seeing so much ignorance,and utter lack of common sense.lets just tell the truth,sum it up for what it is,
    democRAT= POVERTY PIMP=food stamps for all.

    Republican=jobs,paychecks,work ethics,self respect and accountability.
    Is that so hard to understand?
    these liberal democrats are so stupid they do not even WANT to learn about the constitution,or what it means to be an America,they just want to tax my boss more so he has to lay more of us off. he is rich,and he is also the only one who has the money to pay me to work,but these loonbat jerks think he should be broke,so more lazy-lowlife scumbags can stay in bed till noon every day,and make more libterd babys for the rest of America to support.
    Govt insurance? get your talking points straight fool,you are making America look bad with your twisted way of looking at,and supporting this joke of a bill. I am ashamed that we have people this stupid in our country.

  50. herbert stamper Says:

    B.T.W.,I am sure you are going to spout off something about bush,so lets nip that in the bud too while we are at it. BUSH WAS A LOWLIFE R.I.N.O. BOTH bushes! these jerks were no good for America either.There are real republicans on their way in,and THEN we will start to see America prosper,but if OBUMMER TRASH is left in fr too much longer,we may go the way Greece did. Is that what you want for the children who will have to grow up living with the mess liberal democRAT mentality created?

  51. Dennis M Says:

    It constantly amazes me the way people swallow what they’ve been told without thinking for themselves. There’s a phrase, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”. People want healthcare and it has to be paid for. If you don’t have insurance and go to the hospital, who do you think pays for it? Easy, “The Taxpayer” does. Here in Palm Beach County we have the Health Care District that underwrites medical care for the indigent. We pay that with taxes already. So, if everyone has insurance, our taxes go DOWN, simple as that. As the great philosopher Bugs Bunny would say, “What a bunch of Maroons!”

  52. Paul Says:

    People that use the term ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ generally think much too highly of themselves. Be wary. It does not apply today anymore yesterday. Great words are usually spoken or written once. Please speak for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll go down in history.

  53. herbert stamper Says:

    these words,we the people were ment for all times. it refers to the majority,and the problem with this country is the fool mentality that pushes for political correctness.and re-writing of histort,and removal of words that do not fit the libterd agenda.

  54. Diane OConnor Says:

    I’m 63 and my company sold so I’m currently unemployed. I live in NY and I’m currently paying $700. a month for my health insurance. It covers ‘no’ office visits, ‘no’ wellness exams, etc., etc. I feel every American should, be entitled to the same health care that the the gov’t employees have, especially since we’re paying for it. The more people in the insurance pool the more reasonable the price should be and the more clout we would have with the insurance companies. I just read an article in my paper this weekend about a doctor that was so frustrated that he spent hours (away from other patients) because he was trying to convince the insurance company to let a woman with a mass in her stomach have an MRI. She was still denied because he said he didn’t have enough clout with the insurance company. (This is America?) Dr. aren’t making health decisions anymore; the insurance companies do.

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