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Dinerstein’s e-mail response to Lynch in county GOP chairman’s race

by George Bennett | December 3rd, 2010


Palm Beach County GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein, seeking reelection next week, sent an e-mail to Republican Executive Committee members that doesn’t name challenger Ed Lynch, but calls his rival a “Ron Klein Republican” and a “lifelong Democrat,” a reference to the fact Lynch was registered as a Democrat from 2000 to 2004.


Lynch launched his candidacy Thursday with a lengthy e-mail blasting Dinerstein.

The county race has particularly high stakes for Dinerstein. He wants to become Republican Party of Florida chairman, but won’t be eligible if he loses his county post.

Read Dinerstein’s e-mail after the jump….

Message from Sid Dinerstein – Candidate for REC Chairman


Dear REC Member:


What is a Ron Klein Republican?

Easy. A Ron Klein Republican is someone who claims to share our values, wants to be in a leadership position, does anonymous negative campaigning and has no intention of subjecting himself to any questions, debates or examinations of his record.


Next Wednesday, December 8th, I will ask for your support for my reelection as Chairman of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County. I will be challenged by a Ron Klein Republican; an anonymous, mudslinging, party destroying candidate who will emerge from the shadows for this election. The process will involve a three minute nominating speech and a five minute candidate speech. No questions. No give and take. No voter participation. In other words, Mr. Ron Klein Republican is asking you to let him lead our party based on a campaign of secrecy and darkness.


Palm Beach County is one of the top Republican counties in the state. Our fundraising and turnout numbers are at or near the top of all large counties. I have raised three million dollars in eight years. That’s $375,000 per year or $750,000 per cycle. I once gave a speech at an RPOF quarterly meeting to the Chairman’s Caucus on fundraising. We are the biggest fundraising county in the state, either party. It’s those funds that allow us to have two professional staff people. That gives us our automation. And that led directly to our 78% Absentee Ballot return, the highest rate of the large counties (over 194,000 Republicans) by seven points. And that led to Allen and Lizbeth having 11,000 vote leads BEFORE Election Day. It didn’t hurt George Moraitis, Bill Hager, Ellyn Bogdanoff or the Rooney’s either. And just for good measure we got 52% for Jeff Atwater and 49% for Adam Putnam, extraordinary numbers for deep blue Palm Beach County.


We may not agree on everything but the conversation never ends. I attend a large number of club meetings, always available for an exchange of ideas. Our two minute open mike is the essence of a Democratic Republic. Every voice is heard. Every idea is floated. That’s why we’re Ronald Reagan Republicans and not Ron Klein Republicans.


So who is a Ron Klein Republican?

Someone who was a lifelong Democrat just a few short years ago.


I ask for your continued support and your vote on Wednesday.




Sid Dinerstein

(Proud) Chairman of the

Republican Party of

Palm Beach County


62 Responses to “Dinerstein’s e-mail response to Lynch in county GOP chairman’s race”

  1. Brian Says:

    I assume Sid your accusing Mr. Lynch of being a life long Democrat in your response. This same item was brought up during his special election congressional run by his primary opponent. However, as I recall Mr. Lynch showed proof of being a registered Republican in New Jersey and was only a Democrat for a few short years after moving down here and registering at the DMV (pretty sure EVERYONE that registers there ends up registered as a Democrat).

    Sid looks like you need to get your FACTS straight.

    Funny how you never actually responsed to Mr. Lynch’s intial accusations of back room deals and supporting Democrats. I guess when someone is right you just try to change the subject?

    Do us all a favor and drop out, we are embarassed by you and your antics.

  2. Brian Says:

    Checked Mr. Lynch’s old congressional election website. The PROOF he was a registered Republican:

    Way to try and twist the FACTS Sid!

  3. No to Sid Says:

    Sid’s math is funny. The truth is that donations have been steadily decreasing on average since Sid took the reigns.

    Sid is trying to take credit for absentee voter turnout. Hey Sid, how many calls you make. It seems to me that the reason that number is up is in spite of you, not because of you. It was Rick Scott’s people who made the most calls and the new REC members. You had NOTHING to do with getting new members.

    And the automation does not come from the staff, it comes from that funny box on your desk….it is called a computer. Go back to the stone age where you belong.

  4. No candidates Says:

    Just don’t know about Lynch past. Know that he has lost a couple of elections.

    Just don’t know about Dinerstein’s past. Just know he can not generate candidates.

    The republicans are in deep doo doo with these two.

    Find some vigorous young man or woman to lead PBC republicans.

    Sid worries me!

    There are people who would vote for a republican IF a republican was recruited and promoted by the party. That just doesn’t seem to happen LOCALLY.

    And all politics are LOCAL. We need LOCAL candidates running for mayors, council positions, commissioners, school board. What has Sid done LOCALLY for these positions?

  5. Sage Says:

    I see none of you who posted above have any idea of what’s going on, or the progress that has been made through Mr. Dinerstein’s hard work in Palm Beach

    Brian (from above post), are you truly ignorant enough to believe that everyone who lives in New Jersey is a registered democrat, and geography is their excuse? Check the records and you too can see that lying Lynch was a DEMOCRAT for FOUR YEARS! You and Lynch are the embarrassments here. Lynch makes up stories and Brian can’t even spell the word “embarrassed” correctly!

    Donations since Mr. Dinerstein was elected have increased significantly. This is easily visible to someone who actually CHECKS THE FACTS. I am guessing that the above posters are part of the Lynch mob. More bullies who lie in order to try and get their way.

    Palm Beach County has become a much better place fiscally and politically since Mr. Dinerstein has been the chairman. Lynch knows this and so do his cronies. It’s a shame he has to try and hurt others in the hopes of personal gain. However, the voters are not dumb and recognize results. They will ensure that Mr. Dinerstein is reelected to the position he has worked so hard in during the past few years.

    Lynch, it’s people like you who give politics a bad name. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for running a dishonest smear campaign! The voters will not vote for lying Lynch.

    GO MR. DINERSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ed Lynch pocketed your contributions Says:

    FINALLY! Ed Lynch files his FEC reports on 12/03/2010. Ed, they were due months ago. Still waiting for the one you skipped though. File the one from 4/1/10 to 5/3/10 so we can see how much you pocketed from all those suckers who contributed to your campaign. You raised $52,000 when you were the only game in town and you only spent $26,000 of that. So you put the rest in your pocket. While you give your speech Wednesday night don’t forget to thank your contibutors for their donations to your favorite charity. YOU! Sid may be bad but you’re worse! You and your mob can take a hike!

  7. Brian Says:


    Your kidding right? You clearly never actually checked the link to Mr. Lynch’s voter registration in New Jersey that I posted above. Further, I never said he wasn’t a Democrat for the first 4 years he lived here. I was showing that Sid is LIAR when he said Mr. Lynch is “lifelong Democrat”. If Mr. Lynch was a registered Republican while in New Jersey (see link above), a Democrat for 4 years (2000 – 2004) in FL, and then a registered Republican again from 2004 – present I hardly see how that constitutes “lifelong”.

    Palm Beach County has become a better place politically? Check your FACTS, a Republican hasn’t won a county wide race since Sid has been in office. Fundraising has gone down nearly every year. If that is considered success in your eyes I would hate to see what you think a failure is.

    @Ed Lynch Pocketed.
    I hardly see how repaying loans he made to the campaign is pocketing individuals contributions. If I loan $10,000 to a charity in which I sit on the board and then the charity pays me back does that mean I “stole” the money as you imply? Give me a break. Your accusations are inflammatory and only meant to tug at peoples emotions rather than let them look at the facts.

  8. Ed Lynch pocketed your contributions Says:

    Ok Brian then explain this one. The Lynch campaign begs for more money to run again for what reason? The FEC filings show he had more than enough to pay the qualifying fee. So he asked for the money with full intentions of taking the hard earned money of his blindly loyal supporters to put in his own pocket. Ed Lynch = Pathological Fabricator.

  9. sid dinerstein Says:

    Thanks, Sage and Pocketed.
    Let’s set a few facts straight:
    1- I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Therefore I NEVER registered as anything other than a Republican because I saw how Socialism destroys everything it touches.
    2-Gary Nikilits has been reelected twice, countywide, since I have been Chairman. Jeff Atwater got 52% and Adam Putnam got 39% on November 2nd.
    3- We are the top fundraising county in the state almost every year, both parties. Ed Lynch gives little or nothing to the parties or the candidates. Fundraising has gotten harder for us and every other county and charity, for obvious reasons.
    4- We had candidates in every county commission race and all but one school board race. These are gerrymandered districts that are very difficult for us. The races would be easier if independently wealthy people like Ed Lynch and his Palm Beach friends contributed anything at all.
    5- I don’t talk to Democrats, much less make “back room” deals.

    Thanks for listening.



  10. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    What Kind Of People Don’t Think the Fed’s
    Serving Them A Subpoena “Is No Big Deal…”??


  11. Sid? No way! Says:

    Whether someone was a Democrat in the past and then became a Republican later in life is not relevant. Ronald Reagan was a lifelong Democrat and then saw the light and became one of the most revered Republican Presidents of all time.
    So by the logic of Sid and others that might attack Lynch on this score, Ed Lynch is a Ronald Reagan Republican.

    We had candidates in every county commission race in spite of Sid, NOT because of him. John Carroll and Sherry Lee weren’t supported by the party.

    Fundraising will at least double once Sid is no longer the chair. There are wealthy people all over Palm Beach that are sitting on their money because they have no faith in a GOP chair that makes back room deals to support Democrats and doesn’t recruit candidates to contest every seat. The former fundraiser for the party will come back and raise money again once the GOP has fresh leadership.

    Go LYNCH!

  12. Sage Says:

    HEY BRIAN, here are parts of an article from a few months ago. If you can’t understand why Lynch is the WRONG person for ANY political post, keep reading. The article was in the PBP when Lynch ran against Deutch for Congress (and LOST!):

    by George Bennett | March 29th, 2010

    The latest round of campaign finance reports, which cover activity through March 24, are due Thursday. Lynch said he doesn’t know how much money his campaign will report raising.

    Asked today how he knew about Deutch’s polling, Lynch said, “It was a Democrat that told us.”

    GET IT NOW, Lynch mob? NO ONE with an ounce of intelligence would vote for someone who has no idea how to manage budgets. Lynch didn’t even know the numbers in his own campaign!
    These are just a few of the many reasons Lynch lost the Congressional election, TWICE, all the while telling everyone he was way ahead in the polls. He makes up stories and then convinces himself they are true. Well Lynch, I am voting for the honest candidate. (HINT: It’s NOT YOU!)
    Mr. Dinerstein has SAVED this county INORDINATE amounts of money by reducing unnecessary waste and eliminating “paychecks for nothing,” as I like to call them.

    Also, I see Lynch has neglected to let the voters know that HIS HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION FILED LEANS AGAINST HIM! Gee Lynch, paying taxes isn’t for you?
    Lynch, as HE stated (above), shows his association with democrats. Remember, BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. You are for the birds, Lynch. I am voting for Mr. Dinerstein, a demonstrated leader who continues to earn the right to his position by putting the needs of PBC FIRST. Lynch puts himself first. He has not been able to win ANY political office so now he’s trying again, and will fail miserably AGAIN.

    Brian, you were obviously absent for much of your high school Government class since you seem to have no idea what is going on and you ignore the truth. You must be another one in Lynch’s pocket. You should stop waiting. There won’t be any reward at the end. He’s just an inexperienced thug!

    Sid Dinerstein, the RIGHT choice to lead Palm Beach County’s Republican Party!!!

  13. Florence Says:

    Mr. Dinerstein has done nothing but work hard for Palm Beach County. I wish all of you can see that! The voters WILL see that and WILL vote for Mr. Dinerstein. Go SID!

  14. sid lies Says:

    sid, are you really denying that you and that prick jack furnari( gad that dill hole needs a new suit made in the last 10 years, and somebody tell sid you look like a copier repair man in a tie and short sleeve shirts) didnt make a deal with joe abruzzo to stay out of mary’s county race? you are denying that? please answer this accusation, but you wont.

  15. sid lies Says:

    what has sid done, I have walker, havent seen him, i have made calls, i have been out till 5 am on election day eve and rimary days puttin up signs?

    the rec is full of geriatric wastes of space who think its a social club and dont DO A DAMN THING! GET OUT ALL OF YOU AND LET THE REAL REPUBLICANS LIKE MYSELF AND ED AND HIS TEAM GET SOMETHING DONE!!

  16. Sid Dinerstein Says:

    Did I mention I put shoe polish in my hair!

    2012 STARTS TODAY!


  17. JaviersPinkThong Says:

    Sid your response is absolutely laughable. Edward Lynch is a conservative through and through. Calling someone a “lifelong democrat” is ridiculous spin eerily similar to the crap Libs have been campaigning with for years. You pick up that technique when you were wheeling and dealing with them this election cycle?

    You taking ANY kind of credit for the success of the years election is a joke! We won this election because of a nationwide negative sentiment of the Dems and because of all the hard working volunteers that we had canvasing the neighborhoods each and every weekend. THESE ARE THINGS THAT YOU HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH!

    I would certainly hope Palm Beach counties fundraising exceeds other counties with all the wealth that resides here. Thats like an heir bragging about the hard work that went into collecting their inheritance. If you fundraise so much than why are we still carrying clipboards and spreadsheets having our opponents making us look like cavemen?

    You sir are a sham and that is best represented by your comment “Ed Lynch gives little or nothing to the parties or the candidates.” Ed Lynch gives the most valuable thing that anyone can give and that is time. You would know that if you ever took your nose out of the clouds and actually pounded the pavement with up REAL patriots! Your time is up. And for the record……

    2012 STARTED IN 2008 TOOLBOX

  18. Sid r u clueless??? Says:

    5- I don’t talk to Democrats, much less make “back room” deals.

    If that is the case Sid, why did you take Jenny Prior Brown out to lunch and pay for it? It is on her finance report. Oops, I guess you forgot that one.

    Are you saying that you never spoke to Varela before you made the robo-call for him? Are you in the habit of making robo-calls for presidents of Democrat clubs having never spoken to them?

    Do you not know that members of your board support and endorse Democrats? Do you not know that members of your board work with Andre Fladell? Do you not know that members of your board cut deals to keep good Republicans out of races?

  19. JaviersPinkThong Says:

    I know this thong want to hear you back peddle out of that ^^^^

  20. sid dinerstein Says:

    I knew nothing about the Mary/Abruzzo deal.


  21. JaviersPinkThong Says:

    LIE!!! Care to comment on Jenny Prior Brown?

  22. sid dinerstein Says:

    Kimberly Mitchell asked me to have lunch with her and Brown.
    We ate at Bruzzi’s.
    I picked up the check, as I almost always do.
    Jenny recorded it as an inkind contribution.
    I supported only Republicans in the School Board races.
    Where there were no R’s I stayed out of the race.
    I have little hope for our school board at this time.


  23. Sid respond to this. Says:


    So, you do talk to democrats and have lunch with them. I thought you said tht you don’t talk to democrats.

    Answer about John R. Smith on your board personally contributing to Joe Abruzzo and other democrats.

    Answer about your board member John Smith saying he had someone to run in a school board race that was not a republican and you did not put anyone up to run. Or are 3 of your board members lying too.

    Answer about John Smith being present at board meetings where strategy is discussed while he supports democratic opponents.

    Face it sid, your board cuts deals with and supports democrats. Do you not know about it as it happens under your nose or do you not care?

    Answer about your stance on term limits. You have said 4 terms is good enough for congress. Why isn’t 4 terms good enough for you?

  24. cosmetologist Says:

    I believe Loreal makes a better hair color, Sid. Wal-Mart has the best price.

    Oh, and 2012 begins when Edward Lynch takes over the gavel on Dec. 8th.

  25. Sage Says:

    It is truly laughable that Lynch must be paying all of you ignoramuses to post false information on here. What’s even funnier is the fact that all of Lynch’s lackeys cannot spell, or even form proper sentences. Besides being uneducated, you are extremely ill informed, which is obvious.

    Mr. Dinerstein’s record, which many of you posting here know nothing about, is stellar and the voters know it. He is honest, hard working, and upholds the values of the party. The voters know all of this. Why do you think Mr. Dinerstein has been a winner and that loser Lynch continues to try and bully his way in? Lynch was NOT elected to office, MORE THAN ONCE, including the recent congressional race! He lacks integrity, honesty, experience, knowledge, class, and many other attributes of a leader. No wonder he’s probably paying you to post here. He’s sinking faster than the Titanic!

    The good always prevails, and that continues to come from Mr. Dinerstein’s work. The evil Lynch can slither back into his snake pit, and all of you who are making us laugh can crawl back under your rocks. That is, until Lynch needs your “help” again to create lies he hopes will be to his benefit and you start making false claims about someone else.

  26. District 85 Resident Says:

    Yes, I’d like to hear more about that back-room deal with Abruzzo that denied the residents of District 85 a decent, intelligent, honest representative in the state house. You are telling us you don’t know what members of your board are doing….yet you’ll fight to keep them on it? This does not reflect well on you, Sid.

  27. Sage Says:

    District 85 poster,

    I see you are not paying attention, but instead concocting stories from your imagination. You must be another one of Lynch’s boys, and I do mean BOYS, trying to scrape up some empathy for a turncoat thug. You do keep me laughing, though! How ungrateful and uninformed you are, and how sad. But, I see it’s by choice. No worries, though. The good man Dinerstein represents values, and Lynch is a lying, unintelligent, clueless crook. Fortunately everyone already knows this!

  28. Lee Says:

    Having volunteered with the Lynch campaign, I have to wonder if Sid Dinerstein is not referring to himself as the “Ron Klein Republican”? It was impossible to get Sid to emphasize the critical need for REC’s participation for the General Special Election. The ONLY election going on at that time.

    I do not believe this attitude was limited to Ed’s race. Joe Budd was in significant need of help. Had it not been for those of us who volunteered for the Lynch campaign (including Edward Lynch himself), Joe’s votes would probably have been much lower than what they were. But because Ed Lynch believed it was necessary to get a Republican in that seat, he and many of his past core supporters did all they could to cover ground–which otherwise wouldn’t have been covered–for Budd. If that’s not a Republican, I don’t know what is. If Lynch was really a “Ron Klein Republican”, wouldn’t he have just sat back and not have done anything for his former opponent?

    Edward Lynch’s core took the initiative to cover more than just their personal precincts. They were hitting the pavement or phone lines every day, getting out the vote for conservative candidates like Pam Bondi, Adam Putnam, and Marco Rubio. The people who did this went above and beyond their expected roles.

    After April, Lynch continued to do all he could for his party and what Republicans value. REC membership burgeoned under people who directed their energy toward growing REC so that as much territory as possible could be covered for the General. People who were motiveated and mobilized by Edward Lynch’s passion. He knew there was–and still is–a battle to be fought from local to Federal level. But I doubt that he wants to preserve the PB REC as it is… No, I believe he wants to restore it to something Rondald Reagan himself would have been proud to witness. It’s the RINOs that got us in this mess, and the RINOs that will only get us in deeper yet.

    I am not a member of the REC, but I have been to enough meetings and heard enough feedback from REC members not part of Lynch’s circle to realize most of the proactive initiatives taken including boosting membership, morale, and voter turnout seem to have been related to Edward Lynch’s participation.

    Edward Lynch knows what it’s like to be left out in the cold by his party–the Republican Party–during an election. By his actions, which clearly speak louder than your words, Mr. Dinerstein, he inarguably wants active, informed membership that will not only grow REC, but will grow Republican registraion in Palm Beach County.

    Mr. Dinerstein, you cannot be a leader until you’ve served. Edward Lynch has fulfilled his role of being a public servant. How long have you been sitting in that chair, and we have yet to see this from you, Mr. Dinerstein?

  29. Conservative Diva Says:

    I was thinking that “Sage” might be someone we all know and do NOT like but since I was able to read & understand it’s post I guess I am mistaken :) Whoever Sage may be it is quite obvious that you are OBSESSED with Ed Lynch the question is why?

    Here is an email that I sent to Sid…..


    I am very upset by your latest email accusing Ed Lynch of being a “Ron Klein Republican” simply because (for whatever reason) he USED TO BE a Democrat! I too was a Democrat my entire life until I voted for John McCain in 2008! Right after I voted for McCain as a Democrat (on purpose) I ran to the SOE and changed my party affiliation to REPUBLICAN! Am I too considered a “RK Republican” in your book? I find your email very offensive and am happy to see that many others feel the same!
    Just so you know people are sick & tired of “dirty campaigning”!

    Ed Lynch has done more for the Republican party than you will ever know. I say that because I was there with Ed when he was out in the Florida heat sign waving, knocking on doors, walking for miles, putting up 4 x 8 signs, and staying out until the early morning hours posting signs at polling locations only to wake the next morning to poll watch!

    Oh and one more thing….where was the REC, under YOUR leadership, when Ed Lynch was running for Congress?? You say you help the Republican Party then why not Ed?? I would also love to know why help was provided to Joe Abruzzo (the Democrat) and not to Tami Donnally (the Republican) in the State House Dist 85 race? That is my District and I am very disappointed to have the arrogant Mr Abruzzo for another 2 years thanks to the REC!! Crossing the isle is not only against REC rules but also not very Conservative!!!

    And Sid’s response…….


    You and I go back to the Tea Party beginning.
    So it distresses me that you take Ed’s lies at face value without asking me for my side.

    Let us begin:
    1- I did not call anyone a Ron Klein Republican. You realized the Ed fits that description, not because he used to be a D but because he refuse to come out of hiding to face the REC voters. If you were running you would be everywhere, as I am.

    2- The REC may not help Congressional candidates, by law. (Thank John McCain). That’s why I personally gave Ed $999.00 dollars. He has yet to thank me. I also tried to talk Joe Budd out of running against Ed (I was unsuccessful) and then tried to talk Joe into endorsing Ed after the primary (I was successful). Please ask Ed if what I am saying is true.

    3- Nobody on the REC violated any Loyalty Oath and supported Abruzzo. I want him gone. I gave money (more than Ed) and advice toTami and the REC sponsored a robocall. Any statement to the contrary ia a LIE. After the Tea Party panel during the election I took Abruzzo to task for misrepresenting his own record.

    4- When you come to understanmd what Ed did to Bill diamond you will realize that Ed will never be good enough to deserve your support.

    I hope this clears up some issues.
    If you have other questions please let me know.
    All my cards are always face up.
    I could never be a Ron Klein Republican.


    My response to you now is……


    You actually did say that you would “be challenged by a Ron Klein Republican” in your statement that you sent out on Friday. How is Ed hiding? I see him at tons of events. In fact he was at 2 events on Thursday, one was a Conservative Diva event. He goes to everything. Why do you think that if he is not at the same events as you that he does not go to events? I have never seen you at a DC Works for US event or a pro-Israel rally like I have seen him many, many times.

    The issue with the loyalty oath is that you defended John Smith who sits on our board and you would not go with requiring ALL board members to sign the loyalty oath. From what I understand, he openly supports and contributes to democrats (including Abruzzo). As chairman, how can you allow him to serve on the board?

    I was at the REC meeting when Ed publicly thanked you for your contribution to his campaign….perhaps you forgot.

    What did Ed do to Bill Diamond? From what I saw in Bill’s letter, he resigned from the board and asked you to step down. Is this not true?

    What is all the hub bub with term limits? Are you for them or against them? If you are for them, how many terms is enough for a chairman?

    Oh and I would love to hear FROM YOU about 2 things

    1) Just how much you knew about the fiasco with Javier Manjarres attacking ME personally, with some flyer, at an REC meeting. From what I understand one was personally placed on your chair and the perp & his cohorts claim you knew about the entire plan….can you clarify?

    2) Why the Volunteer of The Year Award was NOT given to someone who actually deserved it? I saw a picture of you handing over the award so I assume you are the correct one to ask!

    Our nation’s sovereignty is at stake and I am tired of the attacks and game playing…enough is enough! I for one want to work on TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY! I agree TOTALLY with PinkThong……You taking ANY kind of credit for the success of the years election is a joke! We won this election because of a nationwide negative sentiment of the Dems and because of all the hard working volunteers that we had canvasing the neighborhoods each and every weekend. THESE ARE THINGS THAT YOU HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH!

    And one more point……if not for Jessica Dornblaser the membership count would still be at the same level as the year the PBC REC began…now there is someone who DESERVES Volunteer of the Year!!!!!

  30. District 85 Resident Says:

    Newsflash for Sid Dinerstein! Gerrymandered districts does NOT mean you don’t fight for every vote. You point to Atwater and Putnam as your successes but don’t mention Bondi, Rubio, Scott, Donnally, Budd, Lee, Rampersad, Sansaricq to highlight your failures, not just in fundraising but in generating excitment in REC members to get out and do their job! You had no plan whatsoever until those who actually worked on campaigns came in and made one for you. Now you’re trying to take credit for it so you can move your bloviating self on up to RPOF! Unbelievable!!

  31. Conservative Diva Says:

    I just figured out who Sage is…….wait till the dirt on them starts a flyin! Sure will take the heat off you Sid :-)

  32. Conservative Diva Says:

    District 85 Resident….I applaud YOU!! Very well said indeed!

  33. District 85 Resident Says:

    Sage must be one of those people who becomes red-faced and spews spittle on everyone when he/she loses control.

  34. Ed Lynch pocketed your contributions Says:

    Ellen, Ellen, Ellen… don’t you ever learn? Regarding post 31: You figured out who Sage is and the first thing you want to do is fling dirt? Just proves the mentality of the Lynch mob! In case your not in the loop ;>) your supreme leader Ed Lynch just sent out an email saying he doesn’t participate in dirty, name calling politics. Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of all republicans but take your blinders off. You are more guilty of the things you accuse Sid of. The Lynch MOB is only “sick and tired of negative campaigning” when the attacks are against you. Javier wouldn’t have been able to make a fool of you without you being the one attacking another republican in that flyer. This is how your team operates. So don’t try playing the victim! Everyone can see right through your glass house!

  35. Conservative Diva Says:

    LOL…..I never said “I” was going to fling dirt :-) From what I have read there are people outside of the REC that are planning to.

    I find it funny how I am always the only one to let people know who I am……you, “pocketed” are a coward! My conscience is clear & at least my “glass house” is transparent……and yours??

    My issue with that candidate was in response to a personal attack so until you have the facts, which seems to be something you know NOTHING about I suggest you stick to fixing your own mess that seems to be growing :-)

  36. Conservative Diva Says:

    Oh and since we all see you receieved Ed’s latest email through the REC wire, sent ONLY TO MEMBERS, I guess I hit the nail on the head ;-)

    Thanks for the confirmation!

  37. goodbye sid Says:

    Let’s see…lunching with Democrat Jenny Brown and then she myseriously shows up as a recommendation on an REC board member’s voter guide? Too greasy for me! Question is what were you doing there? Kimberly Mitchell, Republican in name only, invites you to lunch with a Democrat school board candidate. You pay the bill (ummm,didn’t Kimberly invite you?), Brown claims an in-kind contribution and then shows up recommended on an REC board member’s voter guide which was widely distributed to Republican voters. Kind of neat, isn’t it? Sid, you’re either dumb as a stone or a liar, qualities that make you unfit to be chairman any longer.

  38. JaviersPinkThong Says:

    Not only that “goodbye” but this fact was brought to his attention! Sid you cannot distance yourself from this. YOU said no literature from Anne Kanjian could go in information bags. You were very aware of EVERYTHING that went on. In today’s time we are holding people accountable for their actions and apparently that is not working out so well for you. You care to discuss why you had no problem with DEMOCRAT Jenny Prior Brown being on the voting guide that WE “the real difference in this years election” hung on doors throughout the county? Not only did you not have a problem with it you said they MUST be in the bags. You are the Mitt Romney of Palm Beach county. Throw money at this problem, throw money at that problem. You are self serving and power hungry. You serve Sid Dinerstein not the Republican party or Republicans themselves. There are many donors who simply will not donate a penny under your flawed leadership. Why give money to a GOP organization that supports Democrats? Thats a hard sell. Probably the reason that you are the only one that donates to your own sinking ship. You days are numbered. Good Riddance.

  39. Sage Says:

    Ode to ELLEN SNYDER and the Lynch mob:

    What sad, SAD lives you have. Lynch steals from the constituents, doesn’t pay his debts, lies, cheats, and bullies to try and get what he wants, and promotes the behavior of those like Ellen.

    Ellen’s life is so dull that she sits in front of Facebook all day asking her “friends” to verbally and electronically attack any opponent of Lynch, and he condones this.

    I guess since Lynch has no leg to stand on, he has to grasp at straws. However, concocting malicious lies does not constitute a list of accomplishments, LYNCH and ELLEN.

    Mr. Dinerstein runs an honest campaign. He has a list of accomplishments, supporters, and success stories ten miles long.

    The Lynch mob has nothing but dishonesty, thuggery, Ellen, and her fellow trolls. Earlier this year they did the same thing to Jeff Katz as they are doing here. That’s what the Lynch mob does. Without anything positive to contribute, they create lies in the hopes of Lynch getting ahead. Good thing the voters are smarter than that!

    ELLEN also has a personal issue that she is incapable of handling with Mr. Manjarres, so she has to take her anger out on someone. Fix yourself, Ellen. Your shortcomings are no one else’s fault.

    Mr. Dinerstein has a proven record of success in this position, and has certainly earned the right to be reelected. Lynch, on the other hand, has a stunning record of continuous wrongdoings. That’s what happens when someone lacks morals, and has dirty little snakes as lackeys. How’s that working for you, ELLEN?

  40. Conservative Diva Says:

    Not sure about everyone else who walked MILES & MILES to 1000′s of homes but I for one spent HOURS REMOVING that “voter recommendation card”, that was ORDERED to be put into all packets, from ALL candidate packets and REPLACED them with ANNE KANJIAN’S literature! Every house I went to did NOT see the Republicans suggesting people vote for Jenny Prior Brown THE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT OR MARNI BRYSON either!

    Face it….IT’S time 4 change :) No “aisle crossing” for this Diva!

  41. JaviersPinkThong Says:

    Ode to the most unused spice in the rack.

    “I guess since Lynch has no leg to stand on, he has to grasp at straws. However, concocting malicious lies does not constitute a list of accomplishments”

    How is asking the Chair of the REPUBLICAN Executive Committee why he chose to not only go to lunch with but also promote a Democrat concocting lies?

    “Mr. Dinerstein runs an honest campaign. He has a list of accomplishments, supporters, and success stories ten miles long. ”

    Care to list any? I wouldn’t call dodging questions about his connections to Democrats honest. Any of these supporters that you speak of have anything to gain if Mr. Dinerstein not only wins his REC election but also RPOF? I thought so. These success stories you speak of, they wouldnt happen to be about the countless election losses we have suffered in Palm Beach and how he still managed to gain favor would it? That’s successful in all the wrong ways. I mean one could be a great bank robber but its hardly something one puts on their resume.

    I don’t have to stand here and defend Ed and the things he has done because all the REAL Republicans in PBC, that are out there making a difference, know what he’s done because he was right there sweating next to us. Your serve paprika.

  42. Conservative Diva Says:

    WOW…another one beside Javier that is OBSESSED with me….I LOVE IT!!!

    As for Jeff Katz…you do know he got fired for what HE did to ME…..just sayin ;-)

    Hey Sage….how about you come out from behind the curtain and face me head on? I promise not to hurt you….I really am FABULOUS once you get to know me… :) Everyone loves me & YOU know it…..hence your ENORMOUS RAGE!

  43. Conservative Diva Says:

    OMG Pink Thong I am dying of laughter over here! You just made my day even better than it already was…THANK YOU!

    Seems SAGE may be running out of THYME….lmao!

  44. sid lies Says:

    this list of accomplishments bs is a joke!! the rec won SQUAT till the new group of members ed my ed took over and started doing things. sid you are not only delusional, but you are a disgrace, taking all the credit for OUR hard work. You owe us all an apology, and stepping down is just the first step to make it right.

  45. Ed Lynch pocketed your contributions Says:

    Hey Ellen,

    Can you ask your mentor Ed Lynch to file his FEC report for the period covering 04/01/2010 to 05/03/2010? This was due nearly 7 months ago. What’s his excuse for not filing? Please do tell, I’m dying to hear it.

    And yes super sleuth Ellen Snyder, I am an REC member or wait… maybe, just maybe the emails get forwarded to me? You never know? So get on those filings because that one will be very interesting…

    P.S. Bob sends his love.

  46. sid lies Says:

    that was supposed to say”led by ed”

  47. JaviersPinkThong Says:

    Pocketed don’t you have inaccurate smear articles to write?

  48. Conservative Diva Says:

    Hey pocketed…worry about filing your own documents! I hear you are in arrears……hmmmm

    Sid…looks like you have the dregs of society backing you….something to be proud of…I think NOT! Seems you are proud since you thanked them above. I just love copy/paste :)

    @PinkThong….you actually read his trash? I am friends with many TOP bloggers and the laugh is always on him :)

  49. goodbye sid Says:

    I think Sage is really Rosemary cooked up with that dish we all love to hate..s**t on a shingle.

  50. Conservative Diva Says:

    While you BOZOS (Pocketed & Sage) are here attacking me and other fine upstanding Americans, our soldiers are fighting even for your sorry a$$es! I suggest you watch the following video and then check yourselves! You waste so much time hating……how does one live with such a heavy heart? Time for you to stop obsessing over me & Ed Lynch and find something creative to do with your lives! I almost feel bad for you :( Maybe after seeing this video I will see either one of you get your sorry selves out from hiding and do something productive like help save AMERICA… are both shameful! You know who you are and so do I ;-)

  51. Arlene Says:

    I am a fellow republican in P.B. and I sit and laugh as I read through Conservative Diva and Ellen’s various names. Sid is a stand up Chairman for our county and we should be proud to re-elect him on Wednesday!!!!!!!! I usually do not read these blogs but I feel you are smeering a good name in Sid Dinerstein. I wish Sid nothing but good luck on Wednesday and please “Ellen” we all know you are Javier’s pink thong, no wonder he can’t stand you.

  52. Sage Says:

    Ellen, you are nothing short of ridiculous, and little more than an overgrown playground bully. I think you’re more than a little long in the tooth for that. You have the mentality of a twelve year old wanting to meet someone behind the building at recess. Those of us who have seen your face before understandably aren’t interested in seeing it again. It’s just not attractive.

    I see you have spent yet another day in front of your computer looking for people to pick on with the hope of improving your self esteem. I see that still isn’t working for you. I went to a very enjoyable and well attended event. You didn’t receive an invitation because there is a “no trash allowed” policy.

    However, you are PRECISELY the person to be part of the Lynch mob because you are absolute slime, much like the lying thief you support.

    Emoticons Ellen, REALLY? You DO have the mentality of a twelve year old (at most), which explains why you have absolutely no knowledge of anything going on within this county, or the party.

    No one is interested in your idiocy, or Lynch’s. He’s running for this position because all else failed! NO ONE WANTS HIM. Is this getting through to you Ellen? And, your stupidity and juvenille behavior won’t change that.

    PBC voters know who has been completely dedicated and continues to bring positive results. (HINT: It’s NOT LYNCH.) We also know that you have been e-mailing your friends to take part in your disgusting antics. You can pass that onto Jessica.

    Mr. Dinerstein will continue to lead PBC’s Republican Party, and quite graciously. You and your Lynch mob trolls will be stuck with your motley lives.

  53. We The People Says:

    The rank and file Republicans in the trenches living this nightmare do not need nor want these professional career politicins running the RPOF! Under their leadership beginning with Jeb they have run it in the ground! Its all just one big happy game with these suckers. If not for the silly jealous tricks Crist and Greer played because McCain did not chose Charlie for VP even after he went and took on a beard, the USA might just have a Republican president right now! The RPOF and the REC’s done absolutely nothing to elect McCain! Granted he’s no peach but, he would have beat the hell out of what we’re got now! The Tea Party and 9-12 people will rise and show an interest in who Gov-elect Scott supports to run the RPOF! If Jeb has any say so over Scott he will be forced to support an insider! Remember the Florida GOP and RPOF only support insiders of shich Scot is now one becasue he had the money to beat them at their own game!

  54. the truth comes out Says:

    In a letter written to REC members, Sid’s personal playground bully, oily Jack Furnari, writes “The people publicly declaring for Lynch are mostly a bunch of bitter, failed candidates who were rejected by the voters”. Well, well, well! How kind of you to openly admit Sid’s FAILURE as REC chairman to provide the support needed to get GOOD CANDIDATES elected! You DARE call Tami Donnally, Steve Rosenblum, Sherri Lee, Alison Rampersad, Bernard Sansaricq or anyone else who personally sacrificed their time and money to run as FAILED and BITTER??? Here’s suggestion for you. Shine up your wingtips and start walking because you and your lackey, Sid Dinerstein, will be taking a hike come Wednesday. Snake oil is no longer welcome in Palm Beach County REC.

  55. PoliticalBeach Says:

    Frankly, I am tired of the third-grade mentality here. This is supposed to be about LEADERSHIP. When we all gather Wednesday evening after a long day of work and paying our taxes, we ALL greatly appreciate hearing a value-added speech that can convince any of us in whom we will CHOOSE to lead us in to 2012. Good luck to you both, Mr. Lynch and Mr. Dinerstein.

  56. Fred Smith Says:

    Sid, Have you forgotten that Ronald Reagen was a liberal Democrat that finally saw the light and became a Republican great leader? Let us not throw rocks unjustly.

  57. Ed Lynch pocketed your contributions Says:

    Check out the BREAKING NEWS in regards to Ed Lynch:

  58. javier sucks off little boys Says:

    man, is your blog so bad you have to troll here, stupid fag

  59. Bocabarbara Says:

    Wow- I can’t believe how mean spirited this election has become! I don’t see what the big deal is about Sid having lunch with a Democrat. This is a small county, Lynch backers you are naive if you think that no one in politics ever talks or meets with the other side. That is just silly. I have known Sid for 12 years, he is incredibly intelligent, a self-made man who created a huge company,has a great family and he volunteers so much of his time to make this county a better place. The above ugly comments alone are enough for me to dislike Lynch and I’ve never met the guy.

  60. Florence Says:

    GOOD LUCK TONIGHT MR.DINERSTEIN! Palm Beach County loves you!

  61. Florence Says:

    I’m SO happy! Palm Beach County is the true winner here! Congrats Mr. Dinerstein!

  62. posicionamiento en Says:

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