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Attack mailer includes Jonestown mass-suicide backdrop in county GOP chairman’s race

by George Bennett | December 7th, 2010

Mailer by Republican activist Jack Furnari likens potential election of Ed Lynch as GOP chairman to 1978 mass suicide by cyanide-laced Kool-Aid in Jonestown, Guyana.

About 230 members of the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee should be getting mailers today from GOP activist Jack Furnari that show chairman candidate Ed Lynch’s photo against a background of dead bodies from the 1978 Jonestown mass cult suicide.

“Don’t Drink Ed Lynch’s Kool-Aid!” say the mailer, which says a vote for Lynch over incumbent Chairman Sid Dinerstein is “a vote to destroy the Republican Party of Palm Beach County.”

Furnari includes his name on the mailer, which he says he sent on his own.

“I think ‘Don’t drink the Kool-Aid’ is a common expression in politics,” Furnari said of the content.

The election for county GOP chairman is Wednesday night.

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13 Responses to “Attack mailer includes Jonestown mass-suicide backdrop in county GOP chairman’s race”

  1. Tom Reynolds Says:

    Wow…Sid must be VERY worried to resort to these type of sleezy tactics. I think Lynch just won the election.

  2. Bocabarbara Says:

    Funny mailer! As anyone in politics knows the Lynch followers have in fact “drunk the kool-aid” the attacks from Lynch’s people have been far worse and untrue as well. At least Jack has the guts to put his name on the mailer, Lynch sent his out with no name. Pretty gutsy.

  3. waldo Says:

    Lynch is such a loser and he’s a democrat plant.

  4. The Establishment is Desperate Says:

    Sid and Jack just crossed the line. That is a disgusting flyer and unbecoming of a Republican Board of Trustees member. This is why Sid’s RPOF campaign is over before it started. I am sure Sid will deny knowledge of this just like he lets his Board members dismantel the local Republican party from the inside. Lynch is not perfect but it is time to drain the swamp. Vote Ed Lynch or anyone but Sid.

  5. Oh Please Says:

    Hey Waldo, if Lynch is a DEM plant, what did you call Dinerstein when he supported DEM politicans in the Municipal Elections? Hmmmm?

  6. Lesser of Two Evils Says:

    To: Oh Please
    He did what we all do… vote/support the lesser of two evils. In this case Sid is by FAR the lesser of two evils.

  7. oh please 2 Says:

    Lynch is a maniac. The party needs to do what ever it can to defeat him

  8. Sid? No way! Says:

    Furnari may have put his name on this piece of garbage but he didn’t put his name on the illegal release of the REC Board of Directors March Minutes received in the mail by REC members yesterday.

    Furnari and Dinerstein are rightfully afraid their fiefdom is about to crumble. These desperate moves are proof of it.

    If the members of the REC reelect Sid and by extension his thug Furnari we can look forward to huge loses in 2012. And the REC membership will drop back down to pre-2008 numbers.



  10. PlayNice Says:

    Howard – is it safe to say you are telling anyone who would dare run, anywhere, that they will breathe the furious flames? As if it’s not hard enough already to get someone to come out and play in the corrupt sandbox. The slander is limitless and why are people so hard-pressed to damn this man? Have they not their own skeletons?

  11. sid did this Says:

    MAN!oily jack and slimy sid are REALLY worried! i cant wait to see the look on jacks face when ed wins.

    look at this sweet sweet commercial that sid put together using YOUR money! the guy cant even spell, trillian? really? vat? come on man, get a clue, do the party a favor and retire, and take your slimeball jack with you, i cant WAIT to tell jack to his face what a dirtball he is tomorrow, anyway, to the premier of the commercial.

  12. GEOFF Says:

    This add just shows the classless scumbag that jack furnari is, i hope to have the chance to tell you to your face jack, using an image of dead Americans for shock value is deplorable and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    i look forward to seeing your punk ass in person tomorrow, jack. look for me

  13. mike Says:

    Really? Who cares? T-baggers voted in scott, rubio and west and this is supposed to surprise or shock us? Dont think so….

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