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What happens when Democratic activists snub ‘Godfather’ Aaronson?

by George Bennett | November 29th, 2010


Palm Beach County Democratic “zone leaders” Nate and Harriet Smith oversee get-out-the-vote efforts in about 90 precincts. The Smiths were upset that County Commissioner Burt Aaronson, a.k.a. the Godfather of south county Democratic politics, bucked the party and endorsed Republican-turned-independent Charlie Crist in the recent U.S. Senate race.

So the Smiths turned their chairs around in protest when Aaronson spoke at a recent nonpartisan Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations meeting.

Find out what happened next in this week’s Politics column.


11 Responses to “What happens when Democratic activists snub ‘Godfather’ Aaronson?”

  1. 09RoadKing Says:

    Crist is a traitor. Glad he lost.

  2. Quan Says:

    There is a level of decorum which all of us should observe. Commissioner Aaronson should be able to do what he wants as long as he does not break a rule since none of us is above the law. The rule clearly states as a member of the party, all those who took the oath jave to support the Party’s candidate. Nate and Harriet are outstanding people who uphold the rule of the party. Instead of being “punished”, they should be thanked. Until we play by the rules, we will remain a laughing stock and others will exploit our lack of integrity and lord over us.

  3. american man Says:

    True mark of a liberal – if they don’t get their way they pout, name call or just act like the little fools they are. I wonder if their mothers are still alive – maybe someone should give her a call and tell her what brats they raised. Seems like they need a good, old fashioned, across the knee ass wacking. Crist was ALWAYS a democrat hiding in sheeps clothing. I love it when the dems show their true colors. wah, wah, wah.

  4. LOL! Says:

    A fine example of the idiocy that comes with being among and a victim of the two-party system. Why do these two individuals have to share political space with Aaronson, someone they clearly have nothing politically in common with? The answer is simple, the two-party system. In more competitive, pluralistic democracies individuals like Sachs and Aaronson would have had their party affiliations pulled and had to run in special elections as independents or affiliated to some other party to retain their seats for breaking their social contracts.

  5. ghinhee Says:

    Apparently it was okay for Aaronson to snub Meek.

  6. Herbie Hancrock Says:

    Big Bully Burt.

  7. Oh Please Says:

    oh please….Burt supported Crist because the progressive elite stick together no matter the party affiliation. It’s not about the party it’s about the elite power structure and keeping their kind in….

  8. Marty Says:

    And Shelly Vana and Maria Sachs also endorsed Charlie Crist, former republican and now Independent senatorial candidate, over Democrat senatorial candidate Meek.

    Shelly Vana quote: ‘..ask Kendrick Meek, whom I love, to take one for THE TEAM.’ That’s Vana!

    Find other candidates to run against her. She will continue to be an Aaronson lackey on every vote and endorsement. Just watch her as she acquieses to Burt on the dais.

  9. Fredrick Levitt Says:

    The reason why they endorsed Crist is because Bobby who has been laundring money for years was promised something from corrupt Obama.

    Sachs is a Republican but ran as a Democrat
    Vana is a puppet. Slosberg threatened them all with his cash & what he has on Burt and Robert.

    Deutch thought Wexlers staff and the two kids that work for him were going to help. I have called that office at least 10 times on issues with no response.

    Deutch we all know your staff Wexler’s were working with Crist, Aaronson, Slosberg and Sachs because you got a seat.



  10. HMMMMM Says:

    The result is the result. The problem is that none of these people care what you say. Deutch, Abruzzo, Sachs and Commiss with the board all had a meeting to kick them out…with Siegal…I was there.

    From the bottom to the top you just have many losers in the party. At least they pay

  11. Riviera Voter Says:

    Aaronson would be ashamed of himself for the way he treated Riviera Beach yesterday. He listened to the so called ‘public’ who in reality don’t even live in Riviera Beach! Burt and his buddy homely Taylor should resign.

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