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Uproar, death threats over West’s new chief of staff and her ballots-vs.-bullets remark

by George Bennett | November 11th, 2010

Republican Rep.-elect Allen West’s selection of fiery conservative radio talker Joyce Kaufman to be his congressional chief of staff has caused a national stir since The Palm Beach Post‘s Jose Lambiet broke the news of West’s plans Monday night.

Among the Kaufman clips ricocheting around the Internets is the above one of her remarks at a July 3 tea party rally in which she says (around the 6:00 mark): “I don’t care how this gets painted by the mainstream media, I don’t care if this shows up on YouTube, because I am convinced the most important thing the Founding Fathers did to ensure me my First Amendment rights was they gave me a Second Amendment. And if ballots don’t work, bullets will.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow featured the clip on her show Tuesday night. When PostOnPolitics went to interview Kaufman at WFTL on Wednesday morning, the meeting was delayed while a police detective spoke to Kaufman about death threats Kaufman said came in after Maddow’s show.

Kaufman made the ballots-vs.-bullets remark after saying that if West didn’t get elected, “there is no hope for this country.” She then quoted the portion of the Declaration of Independence that says: “whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

But Kaufman said Wednesday she wasn’t suggesting that if West lost, people should resort to bullets to alter or abolish the government. She said that would only be the case “if they take away your ballots. Losing an election is not losing your right to vote. It’s losing an election….

“I have not done anything in this community but help people get more involved and activated in politics. I have never incited violence,” Kaufman said.

Watch the whole video and form your own opinion.


45 Responses to “Uproar, death threats over West’s new chief of staff and her ballots-vs.-bullets remark”

  1. Stop lying Joyce Says:

    You also said on your radio show you would quit and form a militia specifically if Allen West was not elected. STOP LYING YOU CRAZY OLD HAG!

  2. rukiddingme? Says:

    There is no one on the face of this earth that is crazier or more dangerous than Rachel Maddow and/or Keith Olberman.

  3. twotone Says:

    Keep it up Joyce!!!! The more angry the libs get The better it is for the regular people like us Remember when the libs produced a movie about assinating George Bush ? TEA anyone?

  4. Allen West is RADICAL Says:

    West is damn lucky that the GOP are in the majority. If they were not, he would be kicked out of Congress for sure.

  5. Galileo Says:

    You know what? There is nothing that Joyce said that isnt true …The first is about Free Speech and the second is about protecting our rights.., and yet it was said in the high energy atmosphere of a campaign rally. Thats the real story here.

    It is so obvious whats going on … its left wing desperation to catch someone in an extreme moment. Joyce was picked by Allen West as chief of staff and the moron Maddows refereed to her as a member of our newly elected Congress. I think Maddow and the rest of the MSNBC Clowns should crawl back underneath the desk of Soros and Company and come up with another obvious comical moment of gibberish and desperation.

  6. BrendaStarr Says:

    No doubt about it. The “Crazies” of Florida won. God help us all…

  7. JD Says:

    What’s Kaufman’s excuse for saying that illegal immigrants should be hung at the public square?

  8. John Sinclair Says:

    Maddow and the lefties who scream against Kaufman and West are sickening. They are apologists when it comes to the murders and terrorism of the SDS and Weather Underground. They cry for leniency and pity for Bernadette Dohrn, Bill Ayers and other leftist terrorists who killed police and other innocent people.

  9. Laz Says:

    So Kaufman is critized for stating her agreement with the constitution?

    Dear Rachel and other leftists, please be advised that the Founding Fathers expressly gave future generations the right to do as they had done – break free from an unjust government. And they ensured that we have the right to bear arms.

    Get used to it.

  10. Ken Says:

    If she’s “crazy” so was Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers. She said what is written in the Declaration of Independence. They wrote that if our government becomes a tyranny, it is not only our right, but our duty to overthrow that government. How is this controversial? It is a principle on which our nation was built. This isn’t something new! It was written in 1776.

  11. Katie Says:

    Rachel Maddow, who is against the notion that people should kill others when they are in disagreement is a “crazy”, but this woman who is threatening to kill people who do not agree with her is sane? That is the most twisted logic ever. Kaufman is clearly not stable, and those who agree with her are in the same mental state.

  12. JD Says:

    Can any of the right wingers name even “one” liberty that you have “lost” since President Obama was elected?

    Btw, where was your outrage when George W. Bush had “free speech zones” set up so that protesters were were kept out of his sight?

  13. angela Says:

    Yes yes, we all know libs love to make threats

  14. Creadability in Journalism Says:

    The second adement is to protect us from liberals.

  15. Alien Gruesome Made Crazy Statements And Attacked The FED Says:

    I guess Alan Grayson aka (Alien Gruesome)’s crazy remarks and the attack’s against the privately owned Federal Reserve that he was too stupid to realize is private and does not belong to the USA taxpayers was alright because he’s an ultra-liberal.

  16. JD Says:

    No answers to my questions speaks volumes!

  17. Galileo Says:

    @JD You want to know what liberty we lost? The liberty to choose whether or not we want to purchase Health Ins. .. it has been mandated by Obama and Co. the Lberty for a State to Institute its own Immigration Laws.. ie Arizona was over ruled by Obama and Co.

  18. Citizen X Says:

    Leave it to the wackos of the Party of NO to take historical documents out of context. The DOI predates the Constitution therefore the DOI refers to the form of government back then which was Monarchy unlike todays’ Democracy. This is the kind of problem we have to deal with when we have an illiterate citizenry. Learn to read and COMPREHEND wackos maybe then we can have a meeting of the minds instead of your delusional idiosyncrasies.

  19. Creadability in Journalism Says:

    The Liberal left is really despreate here, followod by a slow news day, PB post have nothing to do ?, follow up on the Suncoast trip scam, their’s some red meat there.

  20. Joe Says:

    I am a Republican, and this woman does not represent me. I am sorry I voted for West. Klein is not a choice, but I am questioning West’s judgement for naming Kaufman as his COS. DOn’t count on my vote in 2012.
    CD 22 resident

  21. Dworkis Says:

    I would much rather have the nut in Congress that protects my Constitutional rights than the nuts that were trying to take them away. I am hoping that West will, in fact, as promised, walk up to Pelosi and say, “Give me that damn gavel”.

  22. JD Says:

    Galileo, do you comprehend the differences between the “three” branches of our governmnet?

    Do you even realize that during the Revolutionary War, members of the military were “mandated” to buy their own weapons from private companies?

    The 1792 Uniform Militia Act, which was the act that Congress passed to organize, arm, and discipline the militia, specified that militiamen purchase and maintain their own weapons. It specified which classes of individuals were included and excluded from the militia, and specified the organization of the militia.
    “[The 1792 Law] gave the militia whatever slight central direction it was to have for 111 years. It stated that all free, able-bodied white men owed military service to both state and nation. It further directed the eligible males to furnish themselves with proper firearms and accoutrements. Certain categories of men were exempt from service and the law authorized the states to expand further their own exemptions.” Mahon, p. 52.

  23. Galileo Says:

    @Citizen X

    You are full of it … nothing over rules A1 and A2 …
    Leave to the Authoritarian Party to the left for trying to circumvent the US Constitution … Thank God they have been booted out of the House …

  24. rjr Says:

    What a bunch of wacko’s.

  25. JD Says:

    Sorry, my last post should have read ‘after” the Revolutionary war.

  26. can't agree to disagree Says:

    So much for civil debate:
    “And if ballots don’t work, bullets will.”

    No wonder this country is slowly sinking to 3rd world status.

  27. Citizen X Says:

    Galileo, your response is a case in point example of what I was describing; “illiterate wackos”. My post has nothing to do with A1 and A2. It has to do with the misinformed belief by wackos that the DOI applies to todays’ form of government. If you overthrow a Democratically elected government, what “form” of government will you replace it with? Like I posted earlier, Learn to read and COMPREHEND wacko!

  28. Neil Says:

    She is just too controversial.

    West, himself, will be picked apart in the media. The man will not get a chance.

    Take note, black community.

  29. ted Says:

    Who really cares what Rachel maddow says, nobody watches her except liberal politically active lesbians. How many are there around of that? Enough for a national spotlight?

  30. LOL@Libs Says:

    Anyone denouncing West is a racist! Well…. that’s the excuse used against Tea Party people re: Obama, right?

    Does Maddow or any Libtard bots remember Ted Rall’s rant on taking up arms against conservatives just a few days ago? Or is their memory just too far gone from the brainwashing?

  31. Galileo Says:

    @Citizen X

    Name calling is all you have. Just as the smear tactics were that Klein attempted against West during the campaign.

    Didnt work then and it aint working now. What in the world are you talking about with this overthrowing the Country BS? Wackos you say? This is a case of the POT calling the Kettle Black.

    What we have here folks is the Authoritarian Party is afraid of West, just as they are afraid of Palin. Its called a changing of the guard .. they dont like the fact that People of Color and members of the Female race are drifting towards the right direction. So they have to smear them. Call them wackos, make stuff up.. because they lose bigtime in the arena of IDea’s. All they have is using Authority to force thei crap down peoples throats when they arnt working. T

  32. shirlee knott Says:

    searching the “internets” for intelligent life. Oh Scottie… When I heard JK was going to shoot me, I thought, “Over my dead body.”

    So, you shoot me means next time around they shoot you? Not a good idea. I live in District 22, I have accepted the election results, but was shocked by what JK said. So I went hunting in my own way. To do what I could to keep her out of DC. She was not elected. If she is a reflection of AW’s thought process, woe be unto us. The Good does not always prevail.

    happy trails…..

  33. frances snoot Says:

    “If Joe Citizen shows up at a Townhall meeting and has the sheer audacity not to nod meekly along with his lords and masters in the Democratic Party, he’s tarred as a thug, an extremist, a Nazi, a birther, and as part of a mob. Essentially, the Democrats are dividing Americans into two camps: people who agree with liberal Democrats 100% on everything and “the enemy.” It’s like the entire Democratic Party has suddenly turned into a John Murtha, who can’t even hide his contempt for his own district anymore.”John Hawkins

    Democratic party has turned against its constituency. They are seeded with green party members.

  34. shirlee knott Says:

    I live in the district, I took the threat personally. As of now, it is my right to complain or move.


  35. Citizen X Says:

    @ Galileo

    For your information Galileo there was no name calling on my part, I was merely stating facts. “Wacko” means crazy and the GOP earned the nickname “Party of NO” for obstructing everything in Washington without providing pactical solutions in exchange. If you bother to read history you will know it was the Party of NO who first came up with the idea of single payer health care system but once the Democrats embraced it, they backed out of it.

    This particular article is about someone threatening to use “bullets” if she doesn’t get her way in the elections. This Galileo is big time WACKO whether you want to admit it or not. When have you heard the Liberals advocating the overthrow of this government because they didn’t like the outcome?

    Now go read some history and COMPREHEND what you read so you can have something substantive to post!

  36. frances snoot Says:

    Rachel Maddow never protects the poor against indiscriminate World Bank Group policy.

  37. Galileo Says:

    @Citizen X
    Thanks for the History lesson, learning the meaning of wacko was especially enlightening. Also, thanks whole heatedly for pointing me in the direction of such a high powered intellectual website like the Huffington Post. I know by visiting this High Integrity Unbiased News Source It will raise my political acumen. I would also like to commend you on your historical accuracy regarding the GOP .. yes it was the party of NO (which I whole heatedly support when defending our great nation of the onslaught of slime ball liberal socialist policies) that introduced the Nation to the Idea of Universal Health Care ..oh wait that was Truman… hmm . ..

    Yes Im sure you are truly worried that Joyce Kaufman is going to chase you down, firing off her pistols in a manic rage. Another sorry example of the members of the Authoritarian Party, they will do and say anything …

  38. Citizen X Says:

    @ Galileo

    You may not like the media the story is printed on but how about a “Fair & Balance” report from GOP trusted media?

    Now that you can admit that the individual mandate in Obamacare was a GOP hatched idea, which they now ardently oppose, maybe now you can admit that your Party of NO is full of hypocrisy and will sell their soul to the devil just to attain power.

    Again I ask you to please post something “substantive”. Or do I need to explain what SUBSTANTIVE means?

    Oh yes one more thing…Would you be kind enough to explain the GOP’s about face on the individual mandate? This requires a “substantive” response.

  39. mike Says:

    Good news. The T-baggers have already started pushing their self-destruct buttons. I hope they do it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  40. Rehotic vsFACTS Says:

    @ Gaileo _ Malcoum X, give the innocent viewer a break from your rehotic boredom, save this thread, keep it real & short

  41. Rehotic vsFACTS Says:

    My Bad, I meant JD, GaIleo, is clear & precise, go ahead, talk amoungst yourselfs

  42. frances snoot Says:

    Maybe all will stop fighting when ‘shared values’ are crammed down our ‘substantive’ collective throats?

  43. American1st Says:

    The only ones ‘screaming’ here are the extremists. Bless Rachael and Keith. They’re right on the money and funny to boot. Being a ‘Firebrand’ begs for quinching. It’s only good for advertizing. Stick to being a commentator the facts. Argue the issues. There’s absolutely no need to be armed and packin, leave your guns at home. A uniform does not a hero make. These folks obiously need to get out, party out and learn to smell the roses.
    It’s great to be an American!

  44. madmama Says:

    To you “Lefties/Dumbocrats” in South Florida…this country is going down hill fast and it isn’t because of conservatives. I grew up in a Dem family…then grew up, opened my eyes, and switched parties. I can’t understand how liberals/dems think…do you people seriously want invaders from every part of the world swarming over the border? then being rewarded for it? Is it wrong to advocate personal responsibility? Is it wrong to have TWO parents in a committed relationship mentoring their children? It is wrong to love the greatest country in the world (I have traveled all over the world so I DO know that it is) and show their love for it? It is wrong to think that government isn’t the answer to everyone’s problems? Is it wrong to live within my means and expect the government to do the same? Is it wrong to want a society where there is actually ‘freedom of speech’..not only the kind you agree with? Is now a bad thing to have financial success? You all forget that SOMEONE has to pay the bills. The very people you demonize are the ones footing them! This bru ha ha with Joyce Kaufmann just shows how despicable you people are. The tide is rising and it ain’t good for your side. South Florida is quickly becoming a third world country…go to Lake Worth or Miami and see what awaits us all. I for one will not stand by idly and watch my children’s futures be frittered away by progressive, liberal idiots who live in a dream world. The fact is, you liberals can’t handle the truth.
    And the truth is….we conservatives are taking this country back! Wait till 2012. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  45. Oxy Limbaugh Says:

    The GOP has been in charge of the state of Floriduh for a long time. That is how we got to where we are. How’s that workin’ for ya??

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