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State House dismisses challenge to Rep. Bernard’s residency

by George Bennett | November 16th, 2010

TALLAHASSEE — On an overwhelming voice vote, the Florida House just dismissed a challenge to state Rep. Mack Bernard’s residency and allowed him to be seated. Bernard, a Democrat, is a former Delray Beach city commissioner who is registered to vote in West Palm Beach. Bernard, who won a special election in 2009, was reelected this month with 78 percent this month over Republican Albert Key.

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4 Responses to “State House dismisses challenge to Rep. Bernard’s residency”

  1. Riviera resident Says:

    Mack Bernard is not qualified to run a 1-pump gas station. Like most haitians he is a liar and a scam artist who is using every thing and everybody in America to advance his haitian agenda of illegal immigration and turning America into a little haiti.

  2. Fix it Says:

    Someone needs to start an amendment that INSISTS that to represent an area the person LIVES in that area.

    No more ambiguity or vagueness to allow some to run in area THEY DON’T RESIDE IN!

  3. westof palms Says:

    Riviera, you remind me of the lunatics in my party who claim that Obama in not American. You’re all idiots! For the first time in a very long time this area has a knowledgeable and competent representative. Riviera is used to uneducated, loud, and “ignant” leaders who pacify them with lip service and zero substance…don’t believe me?…attend their city council meeting (i’ve seen it on youtube). I’m white and find it hilarious that the only competent black people able to get stuff done are the highly educated and/or the immigrants (Haitians/Caribbean and Africans). Riviera, have you seen your area?…amazingly, becoming little Haiti might be a step up.

  4. Riviera resident Says:

    @westofpalms – My street in Riviera is fantastic. Haitians are “highly educated”? If you really think that you are an idiot. Have you ever spoken to Mack? He is a moron who can’t speak in complete sentances. We don’t want any haitians in Riviera and don’t need them – go to Sunrise Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale or Dixie in Delray and you’ll see what the filthy haitians have done to those areas. Riviera is a great city and getting better – as long as the stinky haitians stay out of here we’ll be fine.

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