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State Dem party leader Thurman should step down, senator says

by Dara Kam | November 3rd, 2010

After getting trounced in the Florida House and Senate races and a GOP sweep of the Cabinet, state Sen. Jeremy Ring is demanding that Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman resign.

“With the momentum of all the losses on the Democratic sides, there needs to be new leadership. Karen Thurman needs to resign. Immediately,” Ring, D-Margate, said of the Florida Democratic Party chairwoman early today.

Republicans swept the Cabinet seats and won a veto-proof majority in both the state Senate and ultimately recaptured the governor’s seat after Palm Beach County’s election returns left Rick Scott’s victory in the lurch overnight.

Ring, a moderate Democrat who frequently votes with Republicans, said the “election activities of the Republicans trumping the Democrats” at polling places he visited on Election Day demonstrate that his party is in a shambles.

“Whether it was hundreds of more signs and volunteers and palm cards and all the precincts covered, I didn’t see any coordinated effort on the Democratic side yesterday,” Ring said.

Ring was among several prominent Democrats who tried to oust Thurman when she was reelected as chairwoman two years ago.

Those efforts failed because no replacement could be found, Ring said.

He blamed Thurman for that.

“Part of any leader’s job is not to only raise money and recruit candidates but they should recruit their successor…part of her job is to have a succession plan. Clearly there isn’t one,” he said.

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4 Responses to “State Dem party leader Thurman should step down, senator says”

  1. South Floridian Says:

    The choice for Florida Democratic State Chairperson should be an easy one if the person I have in mind accepts the position. Mitch Ceasar is the longtime Chair of the Broward County Democratic Party. Broward County under his leadership has remained the most Democratic County in the State and maybe the nation. He has the experience andpreviously served as State Democratic Chair until evil forces within the party pushed him out.GO MITCH!!!

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  3. unreal Says:

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    I am surprised Sink got as close as she did considering her campaign went into meltdown mode after the last debate and the supposed cheating thing.

    Thankfully she conceded and PBC didn’t throw a huge monkey wrench into the election that would have caused recounts and lawsuits.

    Take care Alex. Sorry you didn’t win, but a nasty post election fight wouldn’t help the state.

  4. Broward Dem Says:

    Kudos to you Jeremy Ring for finally exposing that the Florida Democratic Party (and Mitch Ceasar in Broward) does not do its job to get democrats elected. These self serving lobbyists running the state and county parties line their own pockets while doing virtually nothing to get democrats elected.

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