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Sink concedes, Scott celebtrates

by Dara Kam | November 3rd, 2010

Democrat Alex Sink is now conceding the governor’s race to Rick Scott.

After a long night, Scott’s campaign staff and supporters are gathered in a ballroom celebrating Sink’s long-awaited concession speech and anticipating Scott’s arrival.

Late results from Palm Beach County left the state without a clear winner last night, but after most of the returns are in Sink appeared to have at least 30,000 fewer votes than needed to trigger an automatic recount.

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3 Responses to “Sink concedes, Scott celebtrates”

  1. After all the organized liberal attacks the people are smart enough to recognize the truth Says:

    In history not many people have ever survived the massive attacks against Rick Scott to come out on top! Rick Scott began his run for Governor with more sights focused on him than any candidate I can remember in 50 years!
    Last night former state rep Dick Batchelor remarked that Scott had 14 felony indictments and is still under investigation without blinking an eye, which is a total lie! “Sink should have won!” I supposed that is the democrap theory to “it was her turn” like Jim Greer’s statement the day he annointed Bill McCollum the only authorized GOP candidate for governor of Florida! Rick Scott should be taking office with his eyes wide open! If he didn’t learn who his enemies are by all these battles he wasted 73 million dollars! That money should have bought this man one hell of an education! Now of course they all come to kiss his butt and tell him its all politics and we were always on your side! Even the FDLE and Florida law enforcement concocted lies about his stance on their retirement funds and such! Rick I know you are good people and I know you will do the best you can for Florida, Please just don’t get sucked in by all these new friends you have suddenly got! Many of them are just waiting to destroy you so they can say they knew all along you were a crook!

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  3. angela Says:

    Bravo Scott!!!! You did it!!!!!

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